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by | April 1, 2013 | Erotic Lure Newsletter

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Insatiable Satyrs and Naughty Nymphomaniacs,

Welcome to the April edition of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association. As is typical for this time of year, we’re in for an extremely wet period. This is especially true if you join me on our monthly tour of ERWA’s lubricious delights.

I usually head to the Erotica Gallery first, to see what sort of mischief my fellow authors have been up to. This month’s offerings are both abundant and exceptionally varied, with seven stories, four quickies (1200 words or under), twelve flashers (200 words) and a quartet of gorgeous poems.

From romance to raunch to sweet regret, Our authors work to keep you wet.
Sorry – reading poetry always triggers a temptation to rhyme…

Do you write erotic fiction or verse? Want a chance to see your work featured in the Gallery? Join the ERWA Storytime list, an online crit group where you can share your sensual or smutty visions with a sympathetic and skilled audience, and perhaps, find yourself published on our pages.For more information on our email discussion lists, go here:

Experience the many moods of Eros:

Perhaps our talented contributors can’t completely satisfy your literary lusts. Fortunately, our Books for Sensual Readers section features dozens of fabulous anthologies and novels to help you scratch that persistent itch. Browsing this month’s stellar selection, I honed in on LA DOLCE VITA: CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN EROTICA BY WOMEN, translated and edited by Maxim Jakubowski. We don’t often get to read erotic tales from non-English sources; this book is a breath of fresh air. Fans of femdom erotica won’t want to miss UNDER HER THUMB, edited by the illustrious D.L. King – a serious afficionado of the genre, as anyone who has read her Melinoe series can attest. GAIJIN, Remittance Girl’s eloquent, disturbing novella, is now available in ebook form from Burning Book Press. Elise Hepner exploits the erotic possibilities of the Snow White story – seven men! – in her romance NOT SO PURE.

If you’re looking for new gay titles, check out Jay Kirkpatrick’s science fiction erotic romance, FREEDOM, about a pair of empaths struggling against the constraints of an oppressive future society. My pick for lesbian fiction is Delilah Devlin’s SHE SHIFTERS, a Sapphic recasting of a sub-genre too long monopolized by alpha males. And if you’re in the mood for a mystery, pick up a copy of my re-released erotic thriller EXPOSURE – which started life as a short story in the ERWA Gallery!

Please remember to click on our links to Amazon or Barnes and Noble if you’re tempted to buy – books, video, toys, or whatever. Every penny you spend at our affiliate sites supports ERWA. We’ve been feeding your fantasies for sixteen years now. Help us keep up the – um – good work!

Reading is sexy – especially here at ERWA:

Speaking of movies, we’ve got some fabulous films in the Adult Movies section picked out for you this month. Topping the bill is Dana Vespoli’s dramatic fetish-packed odyssey “Forsaken”. A young woman awakens in the forest, bloodied, amnesiac and alone. Who is she?  Her bizarre search for the truth leads her into extremes of passion and degradation.

Also of note is “Female Fantasies”, a delicious compendium of wildly sensual triple-X encounters instantiating women’s favorite wet dreams. Come wander in this not-so-secret garden. In the pure porn category, I recommend “Secretary’s Day 6”, a playful, explicit paean to those unsung ladies of typing and dictation that’s guaranteed to please the working stiff. And if you appreciate the classics, don’t miss the 1976 debut of busty blonde Carol Connors, in the vampiric flick “The Bride’s Initiation”.

As usual, our video affiliates are ready (and eager!) to fulfill your cinematic desires. All you have to do is choose – not a trivial feat given all the flicks we feature!

Movies to maximize the moisture:

Nothing goes better with a sexy film than a saucy sex toy, and, as usual, we’ve got you covered in that department. From Kegel balls to anal beads, the monthly Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column fills you in (so to speak) with the latest buzz on top erotic implements. This month, we also feature an informative column on how to use cock rings to maximize both safety and pleasure. And before we head over to the next stop on our tour, allow me to call your attention to all the archived articles in the Sex Toy Playground section. Got questions about penis pumps, lubricants, strap-ons, spanking? Get the facts from the experts.

Visit the Playground, to swing and slide:

Inside the Erotic Mind this month, our denizens discuss the question of impotency. It happens to every man at some point; how should you react? We’ve got four fascinating pages of answers to that question, but as one guy puts it, “When all else fails, use your head.”Want to share your thoughts? Just click the Participate link.

Don’t be shy!You’re always welcome Inside the Erotic Mind:

Finally, if you’re one of us perves who are brave enough to bare our fantasies to the world at large, visit our Author Resources page. We’ve added lots of new calls for submissions recently. Maxim Jakubowski is editing the Mammoth Book of Erotic Romance and Dominance. Lucy Felthouse and Kevin Mitnick want urban lesbian fiction for Smut in the City – Sapphic Edition, while LadyLit Publishing wants lesbian erotica for Anything She Wants. Shane Allison is seeking true gay erotic stories for his Men on the Make collection. There’s also a call from Harlequin for “Cosmo Red Hot Reads”, novella length fiction featuring twenty-something “Cosmo Girls”.

We publish every new call on the ERWA blog as soon as it arrives. Meanwhile, a dozen seasoned authors blog each month on topics ranging from the formal structure of stories to the future of erotica. Follow the blog, or subscribe by email, and you can be the first to read monthly columns by sex-writing superstars like M. Christian, Remittance Girl, K.D. Grace and Ashley Lister. Speaking of Master Ashley, he has a new non-fiction book out entitled HOW TO WRITE EROTIC FICTION AND SEX SCENES – a practical, non-nonsense tutorial to help you get through the hard parts to the good parts. Available at Amazon & Amazon UK.

Take the publishing plunge:

Our April Web Gem is Dreamspinner Press , winner of the 2013 EPIC eBook Award, publisher of quality M/M romance novels, novellas, short stories, and anthologies.

Launched in May 2007, Dreamspinner Press‘ focus is on romance, supernatural passion, out-of-this-world lovers, kinky explorations, and heated dreams–a little taste to whet your appetite for romantic homoerotica. We hope you take a little time to be enchanted, romanced, and loved by enjoying the publications of Dreamspinner Press.

Authors: Dreamspinner Press seeks gay male romance stories in all genres. We encourage tales that cross genres; for example, a science-fiction mystery or romantic fantasy. Stories can stand alone or be part of a well-developed series. Submission details at:

So, are you as damp as I am? To be honest, after reviewing all the ERWA attractions, I need a cold shower – and not just because I live in the tropics! Think I’ll ask at least one of my lovers to join me…

See you next month – the lusty month of May!

Sinfully yours,

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Adrienne Benedicks

I'm still a bit surprised to find myself administrator of a community that dwells in the sensual and the erotic. Who would have thought all those dirty books residing under my bed would lead to this? I have to say it is wonderfully liberating to realize the only dirty things under my bed are the dust bunnies; that my passion for things erotic is simply a healthy interest in sexuality. There's nothing quite like a community of like-minded people to light the way. I graduated from University with a degree in anthropology and live with my professor husband. However, the New Yorker in me is still alive and kicking. We have three kids: a professor, a financier, and instructional designer. Things are more comfortable now that they don't have to answer the classic elementary school question, "What does your mommy do?" In 1996, with the help and encouragement of several women, I founded the Erotica Readers & Writers Association. It's a continuing pleasure to mingle with the passionate souls of ERWA.


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