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by | December 2, 2012 | Erotic Lure Newsletter

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Festive Fetishists,

Since I’m certain every one of you has been very, very good throughout 2012, we’re giving you an early holiday gift – a super-sized, super-sexy edition of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association website. Here at ERWA, naughty and nice go hand in hand (sometimes with other body parts involved). Follow me as I lead you on a quick trip through our wild winter wonderland, where you can sample some of the less traditional but unquestionably delightful joys of the season.

The Erotica Gallery is bulging like Santa’s sack (no, that’s NOT what I meant), piled high with literary treats to spice up your December. We welcome renowned GLBT mystery author Greg Herren as our special guest. Greg is sharing three of his steamy gay tales. Don’t be confused by the different by-lines, which represent Greg in his various incarnations.

Four other guest authors, including yours truly, have contributed holiday stories in every shade of the rainbow. Then the Storytime crew takes over, stuffing your stocking with everything from festively filthy humor to hot, sweet holiday love. Don’t miss the flashers; you’ll be amazed by what our authors can do to you in a mere two hundred words!

Reading to ring your bells:

I’m sure you’ve all finished your seasonal gift-buying, but just in case I’m wrong, prance on over to the Books for Sensual Readers section for dozens of fabulous gift ideas. Like variety? Anthologies have something for everyone’s taste. Check out the new collection DUTY AND DESIRE: MILITARY EROTIC ROMANCE, edited by Kristina Wright (a military spouse as well as a talented author and editor). Then there’s Violet Blue’s anthology of women’s fantasies, LIPS LIKE SUGAR, or FANTASTIC EROTICA: THE BEST OF CIRCLET PRESS 2008 – 2012, edited by Cecilia Tan and Bethany Zaiatz. And who could resist the holiday-themed collection from Storm Moon Press, entitled MILK AND COOKIES AND HANDCUFFS?

Looking for something longer? Sample my unabashedly kinky (but romantic) erotic novel NASTY BUSINESS, or Blakely Bennet’s D/s romance MY BODY – HIS, or Rupert James’ edgy tale STEPSISTERS. The resurrected Black Lace Books has reprinted Eden Bradley’s luscious tale of dominance and submission, THE DARK GARDEN. Sean Michaels’ gay erotic romance BENT features some very twisted characters, and Ronica Black’s THE MIDNIGHT ROOM offers a sensual peak into F/f BDSM.

Do you detect a theme here? You’ve got to make allowances for who’s doing the choosing! Actually, we feature plenty of books that don’t involve bondage, discipline, spanking or similar subject matter. Browse the various links in our sidebar to find anthologies, erotic romance, vintage erotica, classics, sexy self-help, gay and lesbian fiction, and lots more.

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you to use our affiliate links to purchase the books you select. Anything you buy after clicking through to Amazon or Amazon UK benefits ERWA, not just erotic items – even that blender for your mom or the latest video game for your kids.

Stimulate your mind (and other parts of your anatomy):

And what if there’s someone on your list who doesn’t like to read? How about a hot Adult Movie or two? This month we feature John Stagliano’s stunning opus “Voracious”, an intense, transgressive work of erotic art. Your next door neighbors might enjoy “Voila”, where a meeting with the brazen bisexual brunette of the title shakes the world of a young couple in love, or maybe the playful, sensual all-female flick “The Office Girls 3”. For the more hard-core of your acquaintances, check our Dirty Smutty Porn category. I recommend “Job Swap”, a set of sizzling vignettes sharing the premise of a surprise substitute for the regular personal trainer, pizza delivery guy, etc., etc…

Just the thing to get you moving after a big holiday dinner:

You’re probably not going to buy a sex toy for anyone on your gift list (but then again, I might be wrong). But what about you? Don’t you deserve a present or two? This month in the Sex Toy Playground we have entertaining, honest reviews from Mr. and Mrs. Toy and Kyra Saunders, as well as our regular Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column featuring the latest and greatest erotic implements. My eye was drawn to the Verspanken Male Masturbator (lovely colors!) – though I have to admit that I really can’t figure out how it works! Might be fun to experiment, though…

Find yourself a plaything:

Inside the Erotic Mind, our members explore the ever-popular questions of what do men and women, respectively, want in a partner. You may be surprised by the answers (and their variety). To add your own opinions, just click on the Participate link. (The “men” and “women” topics are separate threads. You’re welcome to contribute to both.)

Imagination knows no limits:

Authors, I haven’t forgotten you. I know what you want for the holidays: a best-seller! Visit the ERWA Author Resources pages for help making that dream come true. This month Donna George Storey winds up her “Cooking Up a Storey” series with an exhortation – “Let’s keep on changing the world – one dirty story at a time” – and a lavishly illustrated recipe for holiday cookie mice. (You’ve got to take a look, even if you don’t bake!) My Naughty Bits series also concludes this month with a look at the scary future, my take on what future technology holds for authors and readers.

Meanwhile, for lots more articles on writing, marketing, craft and culture, visit the ERWA blog. Nearly a dozen renowned erotic authors serve as regular contributors. Bookmark the blog and visit it often.

The Calls for Submissions listings change almost daily. Recently added new items include Mitzi Szereto’s call for zombie erotica, GLBT anthologies from Storm Moon Press, a call for gay time travel stories from Rob Rosen, and, believe it or not, a call for scholarly articles about the future of erotic romance post-Fifty-Shades from the Journal of Popular Romance Studies.

Find a home for your opus:

Our featured Web Gem this month is Stiff Rain Press. I know the talented folks behind this relatively new imprint, which offers a home for erotica featuring taboo subjects.  Stiff Rain Press is a publisher of erotic literature written by adults, for adults, featuring adults. While some might not agree with the artistic merits of Erotica, we, like many before us, simply wish to present our art without censorship. Our authors work very hard to provide high-quality, well-written erotic literature that is both titillating and notable, and it is our sincerest pleasure to present these compelling stories that will leave our readers wanting more.

Please visit Stiff Rain Press for more information about our authors and their upcoming SRP releases.

Well, all good things must come to an end, including 2012 – and this newsletter. I wish you a holiday season full of wonder, joy and pleasure, and I look forward to seeing you all in February, with more arousing fiction, authorly advice, and groan-inducing double entendres.

Celebrate – however you please!

Naughtily yours,

All’s fair in lust and business
NASTY BUSINESS  – BDSM erotica from Lisabet Sarai

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I'm still a bit surprised to find myself administrator of a community that dwells in the sensual and the erotic. Who would have thought all those dirty books residing under my bed would lead to this? I have to say it is wonderfully liberating to realize the only dirty things under my bed are the dust bunnies; that my passion for things erotic is simply a healthy interest in sexuality. There's nothing quite like a community of like-minded people to light the way. I graduated from University with a degree in anthropology and live with my professor husband. However, the New Yorker in me is still alive and kicking. We have three kids: a professor, a financier, and instructional designer. Things are more comfortable now that they don't have to answer the classic elementary school question, "What does your mommy do?" In 1996, with the help and encouragement of several women, I founded the Erotica Readers & Writers Association. It's a continuing pleasure to mingle with the passionate souls of ERWA.


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