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by | March 3, 2012 | Erotic Lure Newsletter

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Bootylicious Babes and Backdoor Boyfriends,

Welcome to the March edition of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association. I chose the salutation above because we seem to have an anal erotic thread running through the site this month. Not that I mind, of course. Anyone who’s read my stories knows how I feel about rear-entry revels. (I recently noticed, with a bit of embarrassment, that there’s a butt plug in every one of my novels!)

In the Sex Toy Playground, to start with, we have Alicia Guinn’s great article “How to Bend Over Your Boyfriend”. Ms. Guinn writes with authority about the myths and truths concerning anal sex, offering step by step instructions for novices that had me, at least, squirming in my chair. Mr. and Mrs. Toy continue the theme with their rave review of the Spare Parts Deuce Male Harness, a machine-washable dildo harness that allows double penetration by the male – but which does double duty when a lady wants to wear it. Our regular Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column includes a couple of devices oriented toward anal exploration (and discount coupons from many of our affiliates). Of course, if butt sex isn’t your bag, you’ll find lots of other pleasure-enhancing artifacts in our Toy pages.

Shouldn’t you take some time out to play?

I just found out that “pegging” is slang for a female anally penetrating a male. Talk about life-long learning…! In the Adult Movies section, we’re featuring Tristan Taormino’s “Expert Guide to Pegging” – simultaneously educational and arousing.  And speaking of Ms. Taormino, she’s also in the spotlight over in the Books for Sensual Readers section, with her new compendium THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO KINK: BDSM, ROLE PLAY AND THE EROTIC EDGE. I’ve put it on my wish list – as I said, you can always learn something new!

The Movies pages offer many more delights, in particular two very different films directed by Nica Noelle. “A Mother’s Love” deals with the explosive attraction between a devoted mother and her grown-up son’s best friend. The more hard core “Office Affairs: The Office Flirt” offers up a high-powered female executive who takes on the re-education of an inappropriately flirtatious subordinate. I also zeroed in on “The Bodyguard”, the tale of an international mob boss who hires a female bodyguard to keep his sexually insatiable daughter out of trouble – with predictably steamy results. I’m sure you know already that if you’re intrigued by these films, or any others of the dozens we feature, you should use our links to purchase them. Not only will you be supporting ERWA, we’ve also arranged for you to get the very best prices from our partners.

Lights! Camera! And some serious action!

Personally, although I enjoy a lusty adult film (especially if it includes anal sex), I’m a word girl at heart. When I open a new edition of ERWA, the Erotica Gallery is always my first stop. This month, ERWA is honored to have the legendary Maxim Jakubowski as our featured author. His astounding bio is almost as fascinating as the three atmospheric erotic vignettes he’s supplied, set in New Orleans, Venice and Greenwich Village.

In addition to Maxim’s contributions, the March Gallery features an amazing variety of fiction authored by both long-time members and newcomers. From a pimp reincarnated as a vengeful snowman to a high-spirited hillbilly romp featuring plenty of (you guessed it) anal sex – from wistful gay desire to an invitation from the Devil – well, you really never know what you’ll find in the ERWA Galleries, but you can be sure it won’t be the same old erotica cliches. We’ve got poetry, too, brave and beautiful attempts to capture the elusive experience of Eros.

Indulge yourself in the best erotic writing on the Web:

The Gallery always whets my appetite for more erotic tales. Fortunately, our Books for Sensual Readers pages have what it takes to satisfy me. Pick up a copy of OBSESSED, Rachel Kramer Bussel’s new anthology focusing on female desire. Reviewer Ashley Lister guarantees you wont’ be disappointed. Then there’s Maria Isabel Pita’s CROOK & FLAIL, a tale of Egypt, BDSM and passion that survives beyond the grave. Belinda McBride’s gay romance AN UNCOMMON WHORE is sexy, escapist fun, featuring a ruthless pirate captain and a male prostitute with a secret. D.L. King presents a new anthology of butch-femme erotica entitled THE HARDER SHE COMES. And I’ve just got to read Nicholson Baker’s outrageous HOUSE OF HOLES, a bizarre visit to a pleasure resort where the rules of logic, physics and common sense are all suspended.

I found all these fantastic titles in a quick dash through the “featured books” page. Dig deeper and you’ll discover a treasure trove of erotic literature (not to mention art, photography and adult comics). Like what you see? You know what to do, right? (Hint: it involves our links to Amazon and Amazon UK.)

Find pleasure between the pages:

In the March Authors Resources pages, William Gaius is back after a few months’ hiatus. His excellent article on the art and science of choosing a pseudonym should be required reading for both novice and experienced authors, since his guidelines mostly apply to selecting character names as well. Witty and wise Ashley Lister talks about “The Joy of Deadlines”, vowing that he’ll never again leave a commitment to the last minute. Meanwhile, my series Naughty Bits continues with a simple, common-sense tutorial on HTML and web basics for authors. The World Wide Web is not nearly as complicated as you might think.

Our Guidelines and Submissions pages continue to grow. Open calls include “Hungry for Love”, a Coming Together charity anthology of zombie erotic fiction edited by Sommer Marsden to benefit diabetes research. D.L. King is seeking fem-dom erotica for “Under Her Thumb” while Shane Allison wants gay frat-boy stories for “Hot Pledges”. Kathleen Warnock is seeking stories for “Best Lesbian Erotica” and Blushing Books specializes in spanking stories of all sorts. Other opportunities include Carina Press’ call for science fiction novellas (not necessarily romantic or erotic) and Sizzler Editions’ open submissions for Sex in London and Sex in New York collections.

This is just a brief sampling from the ERWA list of publishing opportunities. You’ll find places to sell everything from romance to raunch, from flash fiction to full-length novels. ERWA is THE authority on the erotica market.

Refine your skills and kickstart your writing career:

Inside the Erotic Mind, our fearless erotic explorers discuss the controversial nature of relationships with large age differences. Cougar? Dirty old man? MILF? Cradle robber? You’ll be surprised by some of the commentary. Want to share your own thoughts? Just click on “Participate.”

ERWA is focusing on erotic romance during the first quarter of 2012. As part of our celebration, we’re hosting several chats with erotic romance pros. Kristina Wright dazzled chatters a few days ago. On Saturday March 17th, veteran Lynne Connolly will host another live chat. If you have questions about the genre, or just want to meet a lively and entertaining author, join in the conversation. 

For details, see the ERWA blog:

Speaking of the ERWA  blog, have you been by there lately? We’ve had some fabulous posts by our new stable of regular contributors: Ashley Lister, M. Christian, Remittance Girl, Craig Sorensen, Donna George Storey, Kathleen Bradean, Lucy Felthouse, Jean Roberta, Kristina Wright, and yours truly. We’ve had posts about marital sex, censorship, the experience of being an author, the process of assembling an anthology, using chocolate to improve your writing and your sex life… Book mark us and visit us often.

Now you don’t have to go into ERWA withdrawal between our monthly updates!

Well, that wraps up this month’s Erotic Lure. I hope you’ve enjoyed our quick romp through the virtual corridors of the web’s best free adult website. Perhaps this month, we’ve inspired you to explore some new – um – passageways. I can tell you from personal experience, you won’t regret it!

Lubriciously yours,

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Adrienne Benedicks

I'm still a bit surprised to find myself administrator of a community that dwells in the sensual and the erotic. Who would have thought all those dirty books residing under my bed would lead to this? I have to say it is wonderfully liberating to realize the only dirty things under my bed are the dust bunnies; that my passion for things erotic is simply a healthy interest in sexuality. There's nothing quite like a community of like-minded people to light the way. I graduated from University with a degree in anthropology and live with my professor husband. However, the New Yorker in me is still alive and kicking. We have three kids: a professor, a financier, and instructional designer. Things are more comfortable now that they don't have to answer the classic elementary school question, "What does your mommy do?" In 1996, with the help and encouragement of several women, I founded the Erotica Readers & Writers Association. It's a continuing pleasure to mingle with the passionate souls of ERWA.


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