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by | October 2, 2011 | Erotic Lure Newsletter

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Acolytes of the Amorous,

October is upon us, the traditional time for chills, thrills, and pleasures from beyond the mortal realm. Here at the Erotica Readers & Writers Association we’ve concocted a potent brew of sensual delights spiked with just the tiniest taste of terror, to set your heart racing and your imagination roaming. Walk with me through the shadowy, cobweb-draped corridors of our October edition as I reveal the profane spectacles we’ve assembled for your entertainment.

In the Erotica Gallery we celebrate the occult season with our usual October theme, La Petite Mort. Lisette Ashton, our featured author, shares three of her sexy, scary tales, including an excerpt from her hilarious vampire sextravaganza ONCE BITTEN. Our talented Storytime members have contributed their own visions of tentacled monsters, vampire sluts, werewolves and ghosts, wrapped up with enough flesh and fluids to make your blood run hot rather than cold. We have flashers and poems, too, juicy morsels of lascivious enchantment offered for your delectation.

Lose yourself in our lust-haunted forest of dreams:

Our Books For Sensual Readers section this month features M. Christian’s creepy and compelling new novel, FINGER’S BREADTH, as well as Vinnie Tesla’s outrageous opus, THE EROTOFLUIDIC AGE – a sort of cross between Mary Shelley and R. Crumb. Kristina Wright offers more tales of science and engineering run wild in her new steampunk anthology STEAMLUST. Tristan Taormino’s collection of trans and  genderqueer erotica TAKE ME THERE is twisted by intention, while Lynne Connolly’s paranormal erotic romance SHIFTING HEAT gives readers yet another seductive monster. In Josh Lanyon’s gay mystery ALL SHE WROTE, a murderer stalks six authors trapped in a snowbound New England country house. Ronica Black’s lesbian D/s tale CONQUEST deals with a power that only feels supernatural. In our art and photography pages, I happened on LA PETITE MORT, Will Santillo’s stunning collection of images showing women masturbating to orgasm. And I recommend Susie Bright’s memoir BIG SEX LITTLE DEATH for a seasonally appropriate dose of non-fiction.

All these tomes and scores more await you on our virtual bookshelves. Be sure that you use our convenient links to Amazon or Barnes & Noble should you desire to add any of these volumes to your personal library. Otherwise our resident witches will whip up an appropriately unpleasant curse.

Search the erotic arcana:

If you want to work some magic in the bedroom, consult the experts in the ERWA Sex Toy Playground  This month, Good Vibrations provides advice on how to choose a sexual lubricant while Mr. and Mrs. Toy review the Liberator BonBon Toy Mount. Our regular the Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column highlights the latest developments in the field of amorous instruments. As an ERWA reader, you can take advantage of discounts from affiliates such as Adam & Eve, Babeland and Good Vibrations. Just use our instant coupon codes when you order.

Bring your skeletons out of the closet and make ’em dance:

The Best Adult Movies pages are crawling with stuff to make you shiver and shake. Headlining the October offerings is “Halloween XXX”, a porn parody of the popular horror series that fortunately offers more flesh than blood. My personal choice this month is “Runaway”, featuring Capri Anderson, a red head to die for. “Asa Akira is Insatiable Volume 2” stands out in the total smut category, featuring a long list of sexual acts that included acronyms even I had to look up.

For treats and the occasional trick, check out our movies:

Inside the Erotic Mind this month, you’ll find pages of surprising, entertaining and arousing commentary on the question of what men and women think about during the act of sex. You’re welcome to add your own thoughts. Just click the link labeled “Participate”.

Share your forbidden fantasies:

All play and no work and there wouldn’t be any erotica for you to read. In the Author Resources section, our columnists continue to toil away, expounding on the mysteries of publishing success. This month Donna George Storey talks about why working with a critique partner is like sex, offers tips for both giving and receiving crits, and manages to work in a scrumptious sounding recipe for oven-roasted Brussel sprouts. William Gaius continues his detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Print-on-Demand book. Ashley Lister is back, asserting “Nil Bastardum Carborundum” – that is, don’t let the bastards get you down. He’s talking about the multitudinous forces that influence us writers to just give up. I particularly resonated with his comments about “status envy”. Don’t miss it.

Of course, you can’t publish if you don’t submit. As usual, ERWA keeps you informed of publishing venues and opportunities with our regularly updated list of calls for submissions. New this month is the announcement that the folks responsible for the highly regarded Oysters and Chocolate web site are starting a new imprint, OC Press. Other calls include Tinder James’ anthology “Stretched” (sex that’s a little over the top but not entirely implausible”), Mitzi Szereto’s “Kingdoms of Desire” (sword and sorcery), and Richard Labonte’s “Showing Off, Getting Off” (gay exhibitionism). Rachel Kramer Bussel has several open anthology calls, while Joan Price is seeking erotic stories about seniors. Ravenous Romance and Naughty Nights also have calls for new collections. That’s just the beginning. Whether you’re trying to sell your short stories, novellas, novels, non-fiction or erotic art, make ERWA your first stop for information and inspiration.

Transform your publishing visions into realities:

Our featured Web Gem for October, just in time for trick or treat, is I remember how my siblings and I used to look forward to the bounty distributed by our neighbors every Halloween., the “virtual corner candy store”, features thousands of different candy lines, including a wide variety of all-natural and organic products. I’ll bet they even have those licorice whips I used to love so much. (Yeah, I was precocious.) Browse their mouth-watering pages today at:

I will leave you here, at the threshold to even greater thrills. Feel free to explore on your own. I’ve got to work on what I’m going to wear for the annual ERWA Halloween Ball. I’d been thinking about  masquerading this year as a succubus — but then it occurred to me that nobody would realize I was in costume. Wishing you a Halloween steeped in magick.


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