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by | February 3, 2011 | Erotic Lure Newsletter

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai
February 2011

Dear Acolytes of Eros,

It’s February and romance is in the air. Time for kisses and kink, chocolates and chains, roses and restraints… Okay, perhaps your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day is more traditional (or vanilla) than mine, but no one can deny that underneath the hearts and flowers, Valentine’s is about shared tender moments, intense emotional connections, and getting some tail. Here at the Erotica Readers & Writers Association, our Valentine’s celebrations tend more to the explicit.

Breaking with convention, I begin this month’s tour in the Sex Toy Playground, where our friends from Good Vibrations offer a wonderful article on flirting and foreplay called “How to Set the Mood”. Sensuality and romance tend to get pushed into the background by all the worrisome details of our daily lives. The column provides a wealth of suggestions for bringing them back into the spotlight.

Also in the Playground, we feature a review of Chippendale’s Diva, a device that Mr. and Mrs. Toy praise as being perfect for couples, and our regular round-up of the latest and greatest erotic instruments, Sex Toy Scuttlebutt. For February, Good Vibrations, Babeland and Adam & Eve are all offering discounts for ERWA customers. Check out the Scuttlebutt for details.

Toys keep you young (and horny):

From the Playground, I’ll just slide on over (using recently purchased lube) to the ERWA screening room, otherwise known as our Adult Movies section. Headlining here you’ll find the erotic extravaganza “Body Heat”, praised by our reviewer as the best pornographic film he’s ever seen, in terms of acting, plot and cinematography as well as sex. Also of note is the thought- (and arousal-) provoking “Sanatorium”, a tale of a prostitute’s quest to free herself from the crazy-making hypocrisy of society. Looking for something a little lighter? Check out “Cheaters’ Retreat”, where troubled couples come to consult a sexy, unconventional relationship guru. And if you’re really not interested in any plot at all, just steamy, delicious sex, you can’t go wrong with “Buttwoman vs. Slutwoman”. It’s difficult to know who to root for!

We’ve got deals for you here, too, from Adam & Eve, Adult DVD Empire, SmutNetwork, and our new affiliate Hot Movies. Why not pick a flick or two for Cupid’s day? It’s a lot cheaper than a candlelight dinner in a fancy restaurant.

For those who like to watch:

I enjoy sexy films, but (as you might expect from an author), the written word is even more likely to turn me on. The February theme in the ERWA Galleries is, appropriately, “Sensual Romance”. Among our theme offerings you’ll find a reluctant partner, a damaged biker, a historical tryst and an unusual shape-shifting hero. Don’t stop with the theme stories, though. We have several titillating tales that will definitely get you in the mood for amorous adventure. And if you’re still not satisfied, you can rummage through the conveniently categorized ERWA Treasure Chest to find exactly the sort of story you crave: queer, kinky or sensual, long or short.

Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac:

Exhibitionism and voyeurism rule in this month’s Books for Sensual Readers section. Alison Tyler and Rachel Kramer Bussel team up to offer the sensational collection HIDE AND SEEK, while Christopher Pierce serves up gay stories on the same theme in the I LIKE TO WATCH anthology. BEST LESBIAN ROMANCE 2011, edited by Radclyffe, is an obvious Valentine’s choice, but Kannan Feng’s M/M BDSM fantasy THE LORD OF MISRULE is equally romantic in its own way. Fans of erotic romance may enjoy Kate Pearce’s SIMPLY FORBIDDEN, a Regency featuring a heroine who’s anything but innocent, or Lynne Connolly’s evocative tale of art and love, UNBROKEN. Looking for some fun non-fiction? Check out Rachel Greenwald’s HAVE HIM AT HELLO, a book based on confessions from one thousand guys about what makes them fall in love. My pick in the arts and photography category is AMERICA SWINGS, Naomi Harris’ compendium of photos taken (with permission) at thirty eight swinger’s gatherings across the U.S.

All these titles and many more can be yours with a click of a mouse. Whenever you use our affiliate links, you support ERWA and its mission: to provide the highest quality adult content on the web (i.e. to turn you on!)

Browse our virtual shelves:

Authors! We haven’t forgotten you! This month in the Authors Resources section we begin a new series by the articulate and entertaining William Gaius, entitled “Kill Electrons, Not Trees”. William will focus on topics related to the digital revolution in publishing. Don’t miss it!

Ashley Lister’s The Write Stuff column this month is entitled “Not Writing Erotica” and includes some cringe-worthy examples of what NOT to do in your writing. (If you have an allergy to bared, bouncing breasts, you might want to skip this article…)

Have you visited the Writers Room lately? This compendium of advice and discussion covers topics from Agents to Villains. If you like what you see, consider joining the ERWA Writers email list (from which the Writers Room discussions derive), a great source of information as well as support.

Starting this month, we’ve integrated the Calls for Submissions lists into the Author Resources page. The number of publishing opportunities available is mind-boggling. You’ll find at least a half-dozen calls for “Best of” anthologies, as well as collections focused on dark mythology and Father’s Day. M. Christian and A. Rosselini are putting together a collection on sex and food, entitled A LOVERS’ FEAST, while C.B. Potts needs stories for MELT IN YOUR MOUTH: CHOCOLATE, BOYS AND BED. What could be more appropriate for Valentine’s Day? ERWA offers the most comprehensive guide to erotic publishing opportunities on the web, updated several times a month.

Kick start your writing career:

Inside the Erotic Mind this February, our members discuss “taking care of business” – masturbating in the (possibly sleeping) presence of your partner. How do you feel about this? How does your partner feel? You’ll find a wide range of opinions. Add your own by clicking on the Participate link.

Shed your inhibitions and share your secrets:

Our featured February Web Gem is For fans of audio erotica, Hot Talking is a fun website that offers hours of quality stories and albums for your listening pleasure. If you’re really adventurous, you can compose your own fantasy and your favorite voice on Hot Talking will professionally record and mix it for you. Very cool!

Hot Talking is always on the lookout for new voice talent and the process of selling on Hot Talking could not be easier. Just register your voice profile and start selling. The payout model is similar to iTunes and Amazon without all the content restrictions. It’s really a great place to buy and sell audio erotica. Their story listings are always growing so you are certain to find something that interests you at Hot Talking:

Well, if I haven’t managed to get you in the mood for Cupid’s day, I don’t know what will! My personal Valentine’s plans involve champagne, caviar and hot wax. I’ll leave the details to your imagination.

Whatever the amorous adventures in which you choose to indulge this month, may your love be requited and your pleasure immeasurable!

Romantically yours,

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