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“…all of […Pam Rosenthal’s books…] are interested in questions of conventions and their bounndaries. How far can the characters go, given their place in society? And how far can the book go, given its publication in the genre? Where is that dangerous edge that is going too far, and what is more exciting (for the characters and perhaps even for the author) than pushing up against it?”

A writer couldn’t wish for a more thoughtful, provocative mention than that, could she?

And while I wait on the edge of my seat for those same readers (online at to post their promised “controversial review” of THE EDGE OF IMPROPRIETY, let me invite you to a celebration of this newest of my historical romance novels.

Date: Friday Night, November 21
Time: 6-8 pm
Place: The Center for Sex and Culture,
1519 Mission Street between 11th and S. Van Ness,
San Francisco, CA

There’ll be eating and schmoozing at 6. And at 7 I’ll talk a little about how Molly Weatherfield, mild-mannered San Francisco writer of comic BDSM, found her real-name-Pam-Rosenthal self, writing erotic historical romance novels at the boundary of the huge happy-ever-after American romance fiction industry.

Of course I’ll also be reading from EDGE and signing copies — and reading and signing Molly Weatherfield’s stuff too. All this after an intro by Center co-founder Carol Queen: writer, educator, sexologist; and radiant, radical source of inspiration to Pam, Molly, and many many others.

If you read Pam’s books, come to learn a little about Molly Weatherfield. If you read Molly, check out Pam. And either way, do yourself the great favor of meeting Carol Queen and finding out about the work of the Center for Sex and Culture.

Hope to see you November 21 – at the Edge and at the Center too.

Pam Rosenthal,

Hot Chilli Erotica

Hot Chilli Erotica


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