Just Copyeditors

Website: http://www.just-copyeditors.com
Email: editor@just-copyeditors.com

Highly experienced, responsive and 1-1 copyeditor!

Services beyond the usual, in that I not only run corrections edits, but I also offer ‘enhanced editing’ where I make suggestions for added copy that will add zing to the client’s work!

Almost all clients choose the enhanced edit over standard copyediting, and I am proud to say I have amassed a veritable mountain of 5* reviews and never had a single complaint.

Main features of my services:

  • enhanced copyedits as well as standard;
  • British or U.S. English;
  • take credit cards or debit cards so easy to make payments work for you;
  • hugely responsive to clients — you are NEVER left wondering! Contactable 24/7;
  • a pride in flawless work!
  • no barriers. All subjects happily edited and I’m a good author (bestseller!) if you need me to help add bits or tweak what you drafted. Good at editing steamy work of all varieties!
  • happy to take work when it’s completed or in tranches — whatever works for the client is great by me;
  • rates negotiable, special deal of $0.003/word for clients who approach through this website! 🙂
    Just mention ‘erotica-readers.com’ when you ask me for a quote!
  • free editing trials of 5k words.

Much more… just check out the website and drop a line. Always contact me by direct email as I am not a regular forum user — my head is invariably down in a script!


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