ELF’s Editing Services

Website: https://musingsbyelf.wordpress.com/
Email: elewkf1@yahoo.com

Need help polishing your words before you publish? Struggling with writing your blurb? Help is here at your fingertips. I delight in assisting authors who are looking for someone with an eagle eye to assess their manuscripts for continuity, content, and flow. Having worked for several publishers, I am used to complying with style guide requirements but I am flexible enough to retain the author’s voice while removing awkward grammatical errors and correcting pesky typographical mistakes. I have the honor of working with several prolific published authors and the majority of my freelance work is with those I have worked before. My goal is to help your work shine. If you are interested in my assistance, please consult my website for more information on my services and references. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful and productive day!

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