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As a writer, I have learned that no matter how skilled I am or how many times I read the manuscript, I can’t do final edits of my own work. Other writers have expressed the same inability to distance themselves from their work in order to find all the errors. That’s why it is so important to have an editor look over the final manuscript. I understand how difficult it can be to afford a good editor, so I have decided to make my prices affordable without compromising quality.

1. Copy editing: This combines proofreading with some content edits like overused words, awkward sentences, and inconsistencies. One round.

2. Content edits & Proofreading: This is more extensive editing for passive voice, point of view, head-hopping, show vs. tell, tenses, overused words, awkward sentences, plot holes, inconsistencies, pacing, plus grammar, punctuation, typos, and spelling. I do one read through for editing and one for proofreading.

3. Customized edit. If you want something different than the options listed above, let me know what you want. I can work with you to give you your desired edit at an affordable price.

My pricing is based on the length of the manuscript and on how much time it will take me to complete the edit. If you would like to see what I can do to help you polish your story, send me 10 pages for a free edit and quote to kelleyheckart@gmail.com. Once we agree to work together, the first payment is due. (See Payment Options below.)

There may be an additional fee for rush jobs.

Questions are welcome during post edits.

Payment options
I accept payment by Paypal (zorthon2004@yahoo.com). I require half the payment up front, and the final payment is due upon completion of edits. Send inquiries and manuscripts to kelleyheckart@gmail.com.

My Process
I will not rewrite your manuscript or trample on your “voice.” I work with you to polish your story. Using track changes in MS Word, I will offer suggestions for you to accept or reject. I use the current Chicago Manual of Style as my reference.

My Experience
I am a multi-published author and have edited for a small press publisher.

Plus, I am detail-oriented and have a talent for finding obscure errors. One of my authors nicknamed me Eagle Eyes.

I will edit just about any genre of fiction, including erotica or gay romance. My main experience is in paranormal/fantasy romance and settings in ancient Greece, Roman Britain, and Dark Age Scotland.

Beta Reading Service
Price: .0025 per word

Using track changes, I will give you feedback on your overall story. This isn’t an edit, but if I notice any typos or grammatical errors, I will flag them for you. Since I’m focusing on the content of your story, you will still need to have someone do a thorough copy edit.

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