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Hi! My name is Frauke and I own Croco Designs.

Croco Designs is a full-service design and branding company. I do everything from cover art design, book formatting, customized websites, and newsletters, to content management, social media, and promo designs. Now you can give your career a boost by making sure your online presence is perfectly poised to catch readers’ attention, increase your fan base, and keep you in the forefront of everyone’s mind while you work on the next story. Let me help you express yourself!

Erotic Romance & Erotica Cover Art Portfolio:
(Click the ER (= Erotic Romance & Erotica) tab to view only cover samples of that genre).

Print Covers:

Website Design:

Reasons Why You Should Work with Me

I love books and nothing thrills me more than working with those who create stories that let me forget everything around me and that steal my sleep and I don’t even mind! I am a fan girl at heart! Seriously, who needs [enter the name of your favorite male celebrity eye candy here] if one can have Roarke, Gideon or Remy all night long?

I speak author lingo. I know all about blurbs and ISBNs as well as plotters and pantsers.

No need to explain the business to me, especially the craziness that sometimes goes hand in hand with it like unexpected cover or title changes and other crises I never hope happen to you but that I have experience of dealing with fast and professionally.

I am there when you need me and that since 2007. I don’t plan to go out of business tomorrow or any day soon. I plan to be a partner you can count on during your writing career. I’m at your side even on holidays or at weekends when there are emergencies. I’m always just an email away.

I also know when to step back. You don’t have to host with me nor do I insist on maintaining your site. I am here when you need me, but if you don’t, when I’m proud that I sent you on your way wearing one of my beautiful designs.

And because I love authors so much, I also have answers to your author group needs. I have experiences in designing and maintaining multi author blogs, online chapter homes and event sites.

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