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Christal Clear can edit and proofread a wide variety of documents, novels and poetry. Christal Clear Proofreading is here to ensure that your writing is of the highest possible standard, even if English is not your first language.


Our service and prices are below: Equivalent prices also available USD and Euro.

Basic Proofreading/ from £4.50 per 500 words (Minimum cost £10.00)

…to ensure your written English (vocabulary, grammar, spelling, punctuation) is the best that it can be. Your draft is checked and any mistakes are corrected. This is perfect for authors who want their story / novella /article to be error free in these areas.

Intermediate Proofreading/ from £6.00 per 500 words(Minimum cost £12.00)

….is Basic Proofreading plus we will correct sentence structure, terminology and jargon, timelines and semantics. This is ideal for clients who may have concerns about their use of language and fluency.

Advanced Proofreading/ from £7.50 per 500 words (Minimum cost £15.00)

…is Intermediate Proofreading plus we will also ensure that the style, formatting, accuracy, content and presentation of your work are of a consistently excellent quality so it is easy to understand and progresses logically. This may be of use to writers for whom English is not their first language.

We will proofread any 2 pages of your document FREE OF CHARGE and return them with your quotation.

PLEASE SEND YOUR PAGES NOW as a word document attachment.

Also let us know your full word count and a phone contact.

And your latest completion date.

For further information, please visit our website,

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