Cast: Lily Carter, Lily LaBeau, Manuel Ferrarar, Alex Knight, and more
Director: Graham Travis
Studio: Elegant Angel

2013 AVN Winner for Movie of the Year, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Drama, Best Editing, Best Screenplay,

Wasteland stars Lily Carter and Lily LaBeau in the lead roles, and is written and directed by Graham Travis. The movie tells the story of Anna and Jacky, old school friends who have not seen each other in many years. They are reunited on one passionate, emotional, and sexually adventurous night in Los Angeles. Featuring powerful performances by the lead actresses, and breathtaking cinematography. Wasteland is a unique adult movie that blends a deep and heartfelt storyline with intense and unforgettable hardcore sex scenes.

“Now, before I say anything more, I must assert: Wasteland is exquisite – part beautiful and joyous, part heartbreaking and painful, and thoroughly complex and intense. The story is a deeply emotional exploration of less-that-savory friendship dynamics, social pressures, and sadomasochistic relationships. Lily Carter and Lily LaBeau are perfection, and Graham Travis has shown that Portrait Of A Call Girl (2011) was no fluke. This film made me cry. . . .

Yes, Wasteland is an excellent film in of itself. But the fact that it incorporates hardcore sex into the process of telling a difficult, intense, and not unfamiliar story – a story that I don’t think could have been conveyed effectively otherwise – shows the wide and uplifting possibilities for film… and for porn.” —Dr. Chauntelle, Industry Review

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