The Smiths

Cast: Kayden Kross, Jennifer White, Manuel Ferrara, Riley Steele, Tommy Gunn
Director: Robby D.
Studio: Digital Playground

The eye-candy in The Smiths is absolutely astonishing. There are many memorable moments of the girls in non-hardcore action which are worthy of an Andrew Blake production: the opening close-up of Kortney Kane’s ass wrapped up in an skimpy black dress, followed up later by the far shots of her endlessly long legs strutting in heels as she enters a bathroom stall, were images which struck me like a bolt of lightning generating 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. Equally easy on the eyes were the covergirl close-ups of Kayden’s gorgeous face when she first appears in the picture, as well as the medium shots of Riley Steele dressed up in red lingerie.

For a sequence which will really grab your attention, skip over to the fifty-four minute mark, for a montage of strobing images backed up by a pulsating score as Kayden prepares for her affair with Tommy Gunn. It’s a strikingly creative visual moment, and climactically reveals a hidden secret kept by Miss Kross. I’ve always been impressed with the film-like texture of Mr. D’s pictures, and The Smiths maintains the same standards in video and audio quality. To describe it is one thing, but to experience it on a widescreen monitor is another.

My only complaint about this production? I wish it were longer. It’s ninety-minute running time is perfect for the tightly edited vignettes and expository sequences, but I wanted to see more of Kayden, Riley and Kortney, with or without clothes. The girls look that good.

I don’t want to overhype The Smiths, because clearly, those wanting nothing less than gynecological close-ups of double anal penetration, bukkake climaxes, and CGI extravaganzas will be left wondering what all the raving is about. But for others who appreciate creativity as well as quality, The Smiths is a winner inside and out. —Diesel, Adult DVD Empire

Available at: Adult DVD Empire

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