“The Real Me”: Creepy Just Works for Pure Taboo

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Movie Review by jberthelsen from Gamelink

The Real MeI’ve gotten to the point where I really look forward to Pure Taboo movies these days. They try, in a way that a lot of movies and companies, and stars – don’t nowadays. They even succeed sometimes. They manage to put together movies that look good and have a certain fillip to their atmosphere. From the get-go, titles like “The Real Me” carry an ominous air that, at the very least, speak well of the sound designers working at Pure Taboo.

The air is always ominous, though. Not that I’m going to compliment a studio for setting a tone and then complain about the tone, but I do like some variation in my porn. Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, there’s lots of variation to be had in other movies coming from other studios. Porn isn’t known for its innovation and creativity, so you have to take it and delebrate it where you find it.

Gia Derza plays a just-out-of-high-school girl looking to make an online connection; she hooks up with a nice-sounding dude who compliments her, doesn’t rush her, and says all the right things. Women, if you’re reading this, remember: never fall in love with someone you’ve never met. When the day comes for the big date, she’s nervous as a cat, and she has good reason to be. Usually, it’s my policy not to spoil a movie when it takes the time to set up a mystery, but The Real Me never really tries to hide its big reveal,a nd you know where this is going anyway – a lot of Pure Taboo’s output is about sex that’s uncomfortable or unwelcome for one or the other of the parties involved, and “The Real Me” is no exception.

The Real Me

The real trick lies in holding your attention when the twist has been unveiled, in making sure the atmosphere stays compelling once you’ve seen the wires. That is what Pure Taboo does best. Don’t get me wrong – the sex is good, if kind of standard. The slightly reluctant blowjob Gia Derza gives Dick Chibbles is sloppy and a little uncomfortable, and the reverse blackmail that leaves the delightfully buxom and satisfyingly bitchy Natasha Nice bouncing and jiggling under Mickey Mod isn’t out of the ordinary, but Natasha really works the emotion it takes to get her naked.

Of course Gia’s getting catfished. Of course her online dude is the “creepy teacher named Mr. Hughes who seems to have a weird attitude about sex”; of course he’s going to blackmail her, of course she’s going to end up fucking him. Of course Natasha’s going to get caught trying to rob Mickey, and of course “I’ll do anything if you don’t call the cops” turns into “What? I’ll never fuck you!” turns into “Fine, let’s get it over with” turns into “Fuck me harder.” These things are not in doubt. Pure Taboo tells you on the boxcover that that’s what is happening. The sex is what pulls you in, but the tension, the discomfort, the emotion – that’s what keeps you.


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