The Lustful Wife

The Lustful Wife
An Adam & Eve TV Exclusive
General DVD & VOD release is 9/3/2019

The Lustful Wife by Selena KittKay Brandt’s next book-based movie is here! Based on the bestselling erotic novel by Selena Kitt, The Lustful Wife, is a sexy adventure starring Penny Pax and Bridgette B!

What would you do, if you found out your husband was secretly calling into phone sex lines? Confront him? Throw him out? Divorce him?

Nope! Instead of getting angry, curious Tara decides to start listening in on John’s steamy conversations. She can’t help herself, because her laconic husband has never shared a fantasy with his wife during their entire marriage. But it turns out he’s been leading a double life, telling other women what he really wants in the bedroom!

When a frustrated Tara turns to her best friend, Kelly, for advice, her much more adventurous partner-in-crime hatches a plan to bring John and Tara together. Once the trap is set, using Kelly as bait, the two women spring it on one unsuspecting man whose fantasies are about to become a very sexy reality.

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