Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning

Cast: Devon Lee, India Summer, Marcus London, Tony de Sergio, Tommy Gunn and more
Director: Marcus London
Studio: Wicked Pictures

After almost a year of anxiously awaiting this epic, action packed, thrill ride of sex and violence in anearlier world, it is finally here. Be sure that the wait has been worth it in every way as this spectacular production will elevate porn to a new level of excellence. Every phase of this story is swelled in total detail from the casting of the main characters, plus all of the supporting cast (30 in all), to the violent, edgy, intense, riveting action sequences to the hard edged, lustful, passionate sex scenes. It is the kind of adult film that awards are made from.

The story line is dramatic, tense and filled with both a passion to live and a passion for sex. It is filled with honor as well as deceit and betrayal. The story revolves around Spartacus getting taken by his enemies and brought to the arena and forced to fight to the death. He survives the brutal battle and is sold to the Ludis of Babtaitus where he is surrounded by even more violence and a thirst for sex. He becomes paired with another slave who becomes an ally to Spartacus. While they are expected to please the beauticious Lucretia, the two slaves are forced into training to fight against an unbeaten giant by the name of Androcolese. If they both can beat this behemoth they can gain their freedom but will they come out winners against these stacked odds?

The settings, the costuming, lighting, special effects in this spectacle are absolutely spot on making this film an extremely believable view with plenty of edge of your seat scenes delivered in mainstream fashion by the cast. The action fight scenes are incredibly choreographed and packed with tense realism. Then there are the bevy of sex scenes that are splashed throughout this film. The scenes are explosive, filled with all the passion, lust and intensity that is called for and more. The camera captures the sex encounters in an exceptional way to make you feel you are right there feeling every movement and hearing every moan.

Overall, Spartacus MMXII: The Beginning is a well conceived, well directed, one of a kind action drama to see. As this film moves along it will be very hard, sex scenes asides, to realize that you are watching a adult porn film and not a mainstream production. Kudos go to director and star Marcus London, and the behind the scenes crew for the exceptional production values. To the entire cast, major kudos for performances that rank among the best ever in porn with a perfectly chosen ensemble cast. Come awards time, this long awaited spectacle will be a worthy and heavy duty nominated film from all of the awards factions within the industry. —Review by Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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