Real Housewives of South Beach

Cast: Joslyn James, Valerie Fox, Jewel Jensen, Emanuelle London
Director: Dana Dane
Studio: Pleasure Dynasty Films

Pleasure Dynasty is proving to be a formidable force in the parody market. The Florida-based upstart has already impressed with its hot and clever takes on Martin Scorsees’s Taxi Driver and Antonie Fuqua’s Training Day. Now it’s ready to spoof reality TV. The target: The Real Housewives of Miama. The Bravo reality series about rich trophy housewives and bitchy business women living in Miami, is rich for parody and gets a proper send-up from director Dana Dane, working from a very funny script by Dick Chibbles.

The Real Housewives of South Beach introduces us to six very wealthy and very crafty women. Christy (Bebe Mends), for example, is in real estate … sort of. She describes herself as a “self-made woman” and “successful house keeper.” She explains, “After five divorces, I’ve kept every house.” Having acquired her fortune, Christy has no need for men, but does keep a staff of male servants around for entertaining company, such as her BFF Marysol (Joslyn James), who samples the black butler (Jack Fantasy) during a visit.

Even better than the real thing! —Guy Smith XBIZ Premiere

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