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Heaven or Hell

I feel like I start every review from Wicked with something like, “I really like what Wicked has been doing with features lately.” The thing is, I really mean it. It’s not a cliché. They’ve got the format down just right, where they mix sex with entertainment perfectly in a way that manages to be sexual, sensual, and still friendly for couples looking for something new.

Heaven or Hell features the lovely Alektra Blue as someone who has recently passed on, much to my disappointment. Good thing this is fiction. But will she be heading up or heading down? We get the story along the way, a humorous ride with a lot of fun.

First we have trailers for other films, though, always something to watch where Wicked is concerned. The first is for Mikayla’s Mind, another film I reviewed a little while back. Entertaining stuff, and while Mikayla Mendez almost has her presentation style down perfectly, there is still just a bit more room for improvement. It’s entertaining fun, regardless. The other trailer is for My First MILF, a production that seems to be a little light on the finishing touches, or they were having an off day when they made the trailer. It looks funny, but I’m not convinced.

Luckily, the menu options for Heaven or Hell already show a kind of attention to detail that should make for an excellent flick. After the usual Dolby Digital introductions (a nice touch for a general audience), we get Alektra unwrapping presents for her birthday, and although the lines aren’t delivered perfectly, they are pretty darn funny. They don’t waste too much time getting to the sex, either. Alektra has his pants off within the first two minutes of the film, and bear in mind that this includes the time for the credits. The next fifteen or so minutes are pretty much non-stop fun with the yummy-bodied brunette. They run through some pretty standard positions, though do so well, and Alektra takes the money shot square in the mouth.

So Alektra goes for a bike ride, and I love that the preview this by putting the bike in the first scene as one of her presents. The intimate that she gets hit by a truck, though I was amused that she held a hand up and screamed, then put a hand back down on the handlebar. Amusing, that. Alektra’s line delivery in this part gets to be a bit painful, sadly, but I am finding the way they describe purgatory as quite humourous.

Nicole Sheridan is a welcome, sensual break from the acting, though, The experienced blonde puts in a solid scene as you would expect. All the normal positions and finished with a big facial. Kind of delicious, though it was strange that the background music featured what sounded like sex sounds, so that there was moaning in the air while Nicole had cum on her face. It just didn’t work.

Ann Marie Rios is quite tasty as well. Too bad she can’t hear anymore, thanks to the entire wall of speakers her boyfriend put together. Do girls really go for sound system guys? Ah well, she does have the tasty skirt and stockings thing going on. The skirt goes away a bit too soon, but thankfully the stockings stay. The lighting gets to be a little bit too soft, but all the way around their performance was enjoyable. They didn’t hide the condom toss too well this time, but Ann Marie is really enthusiastic about taking the facial. Very hot ending here.

I’m not a hard guy to please, I don’t think. Putting Audrey Bitoni into the film I’m watching is a very easy way for me to be pleased. She’s doing the professor/student thing with Randy Spears, and just the thought of it makes me very happy I work in education. Great work from both of them, with every position being just perfectly captured. Great scene, especially with the mouth shot Audrey takes in the end.

What a fun film all the way around. The acting might not be spectacular, but there wasn’t a bad scene in it, and it’s light-hearted enough to work for just about any audience. Wicked has this comedy thing down to a science, and as long as they can keep producing like this, they’ll keep getting my money.

Adult DVD Empire
May-June 2009

Heaven or Hell
(Wicked Pictures, 2009; Jonathan Morgan)
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