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Movie Review by P. Weasels from Gamelink

You can say what you want about the French, but they make pretty porn, and their women are unstoppable. Marc Dorcel in particular has made a career out of documenting the depravities of Paris’s young women, aided and abetted by the roguish older men who can’t withstand their charms and do everything they can to make sure those pussies ansd assholes are open to all comers. Here are our five bestselling Marc Dorcel titles, just in case you needed shot of classy anal fucking to wake you up.

My Daughter is a Whore

1. My Daughter is a Whore

Despite her young age, Lea knows no limits. At just 19, Lea is already an expert in pleasure and a master of the art of seduction – as soon as her father’s back is turned, she throws herself at complete strangers and shows them the extent of her lustful talents. It is impossible to resist the advances of this young woman obsessed by pleasure. Lea’s mother Chloe before her was just such a whore, caught in the act of adultery by her husband. Double penetrated by two strangers right in the middle of the living room, Chloe had let loose her nymphomania in broad daylight. Now, while Lea’s father has in no way recovered from this trauma, it is clear that Lea’s following in her mother’s footsteps. Chefs, removal men, or married men met by chance at a motorway rest stop – as soon as Lea makes eye contact with a man, her urges take over. Whether it’s stolen blowjobs in the toilets, lesbian caresses, wild fucks at the back of a restaurant kitchen, or three-ways right in the middle of the living room with two strangers, Lea always wants more sex, orgasms and cum.

French Maid Service

French Maid Service - My Maid and Me

2. French Maid Service – My Maid and Me

Finding qualified staff who are ready to do anything to please their employers can be really hard, but Cherry Kiss is lucky – her maids all have what it takes to satisfy her. Nikita Bellucci is certainly the most submissive of them all – when her boss asks her to fondle her and let her play with her wet pussy, the pretty brunette can only oblige. Kristof, one of the few male employees, spies on them, masturbating before having his dick sucked by Nesty, another very obedient maid. Aisha Angel, a pretty blonde, has to share the gardener’s cock with her boss in a hardcore trio. Gina Gerson and Kristof take advantage of their time off to share a very intimate anal moment. Nikita ends her day with two guests who didn’t expect such high quality “room service”, as she opens all her holes for them in an intense double penetration before turning their threesome into a foursome with Kristof.

Diary of a Student

3. Diary of a Student

Sexy Mina Sauvage, an 18-year-old student, takes life as it comes, like any young woman her age. Every evening, after her economics class, she goes to her acting class at her local theatre with the secret dream of becoming a professional actress. During a private party on a barge, Nikita, her roommate and best friend, meets Roman, Mina’s favorite Director. What if this encounter was the opportunity Mina had been waiting for? Also starring Alexa Tomas, Fira Ventura, Mya Lorenn, and Nikita Bellucci.

Revenge of a Daughter

4. Revenge of a Daughter

After a heated argument with his new wife, famous Luxembourgish banker Marc Seragano leaves home to meet his mistress, Nikita, to enjoy some of the most perverse S&M sex games. After he is found dead, all fingers point to the dominatrix. His young and charming daughter, Cara, vows to find out the truth about what happened, no matter what price she has to pay. Convinced of Nikita’s innocence, Cara asks her for help to find the real killers. The shadow of a secret organisation hangs over their investigation. The two young women gradually descend into hell, offering their gorgeous bodies to unscrupulous men in exchange for information, agreeing to do whatever it takes to win the trust of this clandestine organisation. From blow jobs in the roughest parts of town to gang bangs in luxurious properties, Cara and Nikita will lead you to the Manor, where the most sinful sexual initiation ceremonies take place…

Megan Escort Deluxe

5. Megan Escort Deluxe

The very specific activities of high end escorts allow them to travel all over the world with all expenses paid for by their rich clients. Five young women have decided to make a living by giving pleasure to all the men they meet. Although they all have different looks, these young women all have one thing in common: an immoderate taste for sex and lust. Megan, a young American, has flown all the way to Paris to meet two wealthy businessmen who wanted to have a good time between meetings. Ready to fulfill all their fantasies, Megan will meet them in a magnificent Parisian loft and will give them her body for a long and deep double penetration. Julie, a beautiful girl from Belgium, has an appointment with Kristof and two of his friends for a very special bachelor party. Dressed in her sexiest lingerie, Julie will prove to them that they made the right decision by hiring her.

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