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Hot Movies For Her was created by women that worked for the parent company, Hot Movies. Their mission is to utilize thousands of movies from Hot Movies’ enormous adult video catalog to create an adult site for womenthat is fun, welcoming, and informative. While adult sites for women tend to offer a limited variety of content, the women of Hot Movies For Her realize that women have unlimited curiosity and preferences in adult entertainment—and the hunt is on for the best in quality and variety. It’s a never ending job, but the ladies of Hot Movies For Her are accomplished in digging deep into the annals (… bet you thought I said anals) of porn for top quality and surprising variety of female-friendly adult movies.

There are 2 main sections of the Hot Movies For Her site, the blog and the video-on-demand theaters. The blog is free, and features much more than the Audacia Raytypical Cosmo style sex tips. Hot Movies For Her touches on many topics, including lesbian and gender identity issues. Two of the writers are straight, and two are lesbian, including J.D. Bauchery, who is the resident “sexpert”. These four ladies write about everything from “George Clooney is Single – He’s Mine Now!” to the latest in GLBT rights and sex scandals, as well as interviews with top stars and female producers. Provocative insight into the porn industry comes from two guest columnist: Nica Noelle, a seasoned lesbian performer and director/producer of the popular Sweetheart Video studio, and Audacia Ray, a former sex-worker/advocate/writer and award nominated director. Sex toy reviews, erotic fiction, and updates on new movies and studios are featured, as well as movie reviews and columnists’ movie picks with some juicy details of their favorite parts!

On the video side, Hot Movies For Her has different “theaters” based on a variety of genres (straight, lesbian, gay, queer/F2M transsexual), but they don’t limit their selections—they know everyone has varied tastes—and decided they will not limit viewing to a narrow field of female-friendly titles, but broaden horizons to include a well-rounded choice of female-friendly adult movies.

The best part about Hot Movies For Her is its discrete online viewing (no embarrassing video store trips or DVDs lying around), and there are no monthly or recurring fees. All new users get 10 minutes free when they sign up, and have the option to purchase more in the future. Users are charged only for purchased minutes, and unwatched minutes never expire. There’s no pressure to watch just because the month is paid for.

One of the challenges of running a women’s site is that women as a gender are not single-minded, but very different. If a person is born with a vagina doesn’t mean she’ll fit the mold of what society thinks a typical “women” is. The women of Hot Movies For Her put a great deal of effort into finding adult entertainment that will interest a variety of women, and that makes everyone feel welcome.

As a special bonus for Erotica Readers & Writers Association, Hot Movies For Her is offering an extra 10 free minutes, for a total of 20 free minutes when you sign up through this link, (or any link in this article).

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