Five Hot Stories For Her

Cast: Julia Taylor, Lady Mai, Alan Roiter, Eduardo Romo, Claudia Clair
Director: Erika Lust
Studio: Erika Lust Films

Best Script Barcelona Erotic Film Festival (2007)
Best Film for Women Erotic E-Line Awards, Berlin (2007)
Film of the Year Feminist Porn Awards, Toronto (2008)

Written and directed especially for women and couples, Five Hot Stories for Her is Erikas first feature-length work. A compilation of five modern, intelligent, erotic vignettes, this was the film that put Erika on the map as a new leader in adult films for women, and served as a direct challenge to the mainstream industry. With some of the finest storytelling in explicit film, Five Hot Stories for Her rightfully launched Erikas career into the spotlight and is still one of the cornerstone classics of good porn.

In, a soccer player cheats on his wife, who in turn plans exquisite revenge. Something About Nadia interweaves three womens infatuations with the beguiling Nadia, who works in an erotic boutique. Married With Children is a playful story with an intensely satisfying S&M scene between a married couple. Two gay lovers have their final sexual encounter in Breakup Sex. And finally, in Erikas sensational debut short film, The Good Girl, completes the quintet.

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