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In the long list of unforgettable John Holmes classics,Eruptionmay be his finest work. Notorious for his gigantic member, people often overlook his sincere and talented acting ability.

Hired by a devious sexpot played by Leslie Bovee, Holmes kills her husband for the life insurance policy that will make them both rich. The murder goes off with out a hitch, but when a persistent investigator causes trouble, the Hawaiian islands grow increasingly treacherous.

Eruptionis a glimpse into the art of John Holmes. His extreme facials and convincing acting matched with a big budget film noir story make for one of the greatest XXX films of all time. That’s right … a MOVIE! Complete with scripts, multiple cameras, on-location shots (in Hawaii, no less), and all the sex necessary to qualify as porn. Holmes even does his own stunts, scaling walls and repelling down ropes. By today’s standards the sex scenes are short – but that’s because there’s a story to tell! Bovee doesn’t need to fuck Homes on the beach (think From Here to Eternity) for 45 minutes. We get the idea when they’re done in a more realistic 10-15 minutes and on their treacherous way. Another big difference from today’s POV style is the au natural hairstyles. Beards, backs and crotches all sport flowing locks. A perfect choice for partners to enjoy. Filmed in 1977 ” —Steve Pone, AVN January ’09

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