Dinner Party (1994)

Cast: Jenna Jameson, Asia Carrera, Kylie Ireland, Misty Rain, Steve Drake
Director: Cameron Grant
Studio: Ultimate Pictures

1995 — AVN — Best All-Girl Sex Scene

Dinner Party was designed for couples and Cameron Grant did a terrific job of tying both the story and scenes together to bring this epic world of fantasy together. Steve Drake hosts a very intimate and elegant dinner party for three couples. The gathering of these couples, who do not know each other, is set in a very expensive, rich and elegant mansion. So that they can get to know each other better host Drake has each couple reveal a sexual fantasy. When they are revealed eyebrows are raised and surprises abound among these couples.

The sex scenes are some of the hottest to be put on film and the performers take each scene to the edge and over the top. It is also nice to see a performer in their very beginning (Jenna Jameson who is billed as Daisy) or Asia Carrera as her natural self before enhancements or Kylie Ireland before all the tats. With all of the fantasies revealed in this elegant setting the final scene is a wild orgy that takes place between the three invited couples. It is a fitting end to a very explosive film that will have couples totally and completely turned on and thinking of their own fantasies they have held on to.

The settings and production values have a very rich feel, the cinematography is impeccable with some great close up and wide angle shots that capture the moment. Grant’s direction is fluid from start to finish and the performances by the cast, whether delivering lines or sexually are delivered in top notch classic form. There is no question that not only is “Dinner Party” one of the best from the 1990’s, but one of the best to come along since the porn boom began in the early 70’s and why it is a true porn classic. —Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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