Dark Garden

Director: Michael Ninn
Producer: VCA Pictures

AVN 1999 Winner — Best Video

Empire Review: Unlike most porns, Dark Garden manages to effectively combine hot sex scenes with a good feature. While not quite as good as Ninn’s truly fantastic Shock, this film noirish paranoid thriller is, well, thrilling. The techno soundtrack rocks. The visuals are great from the opening credits on (the credits remind me of the credits in Seven). This is porn genius at work, far above any other porn I have ever seen. It is visually inventive, and the sex is inventive as well. You will find nothing formulaic here. There are eight sex scenes, all of them good. It’s a bit incoherent, but it works like a sexual fantasy. The period detail is striking. This is as good as any Hollywood mainstream film. Both the décor and outfits, especially the women’s, are really cool. Filmed in 1999.

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