Coming Home

Director: Brad Armstrong
Studio: Wicked Pictures

2008 AVN Awards:
Best Actor: Brad Armstrong / Best Supporting Actor: Barrett Blade

Multi-award winning writer/director Brad Armstrong brings you this year’s most anticipated adult drama. An unforgettable 3-hour epic ripped from today’s headlines, Coming Home is extraordinary movie making. This is Wicked’s strongest feature in years, and one of those rarities in the adult industry: a movie actually about something. Written, directed by and starring Brad Armstrong in the lead role, Coming Home tells the story of Brian Parsons, an Army reservist who gets called back to duty and sees his home life shattered as a result. Whether he intended to or not, Armstrong’s movie makes a rather poignant statement about the unforeseen effects the Iraq War is having and can have on young soldiers’ lives, and while Coming Home by no means takes any political sides, it does address one issue that mainstream media has yet touched upon: what happens to the guys that do make it back home?

“Don’t be surprised if Brad Armstrong winds up winning at AVN for both best actor and best director on this one. In fact, you can tell ’em you heard it here first!” —Spooky (Adult DVD Empire)

Available at: Adult DVD Empire | SmutNetwork

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