Director: Michael Ninn
Studio: Ninn Worx

2006 AVN Winner: Best Art Direction – Video

Catherine is one of the big adult releases for the fall of 2005, and one can only hope that its surreal, but spectacular, vision doesn’t get lost in the hype of other, less original, adult features starring more recognizable talent. Catherine stars sexy redhead Audrey Hollander in the title role…a woman living in the present who must fight off the demons going on inside her head (represented by visions that seem to take place in the past) before she is driven to do something terrible. Is she suffering from multiple personality disorder? Is she remembering a past life? Is this reviewer totally off-base on his interpretation of director Michael Ninn’s work? Who’s to say? Part of Catherine‘s appeal is that much is left up to the mind of the viewer — which will likely lead to different viewers drawing different conclusions…which may be exactly what Ninn’s intentions are with his film.

A lot of adult directors like to say their work is “artistic,” but Catherine is truly a movie that can stake a claim to that term. It’s not only one of the best DVDs of 2005, but it’s one of the best movies Michael Ninn has done in years.

Available at: Adult DVD Empire | SmutNetwork

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