Big Booty POV: Good Enough for Me

Movie Review by Val Williams from Gamelink

Big Booty POVYou know I love Joanna Angel, right? I mean her personally, but also stuff from Burning Angel, because the girls in Burning Angel movies are the kinds of girls I like to look at, and because Burning Angel movies are usually funny and when they’re not funny, they’re still sexy. But here’s the thing – when you love something, you have to be aware of its flaws as well as its strengths, and you have to be able to call those out when it’s necessary to do so. So although Joanna Angel does not love me back, I am going to do my duty and mention that while “Big Booty POV” is a fine movie and upholds all the finest traditions of the Burning Angel gonzo canon, the booties just aren’t that big – they’re juicy and bouncy and fuckable, but not that big – and the POV is at best temporary. The thing is, that’s all fine by me, but those of you looking for giant asses and total immersion may be a little disappointed. I’m not, though – I like the longer angles that come later on in the scenes.

When you get up and close with Big Booty POV

Jada Stevens can’t wait to get busy on the cock she’s visiting, and she slobbers on it for a little while before climbing aboard and taking it up her hungry pussy. Slinky Jada has her blonde hair cut short in a pixie cut, and she’s wearing a slave collar, so she looks the part of the punky, subby slut; she’s quickly becoming one of my favorites for the enthusiasm she puts into sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass (although she doesn’t do anal here). At the end, she kneels and double-fists the cock until she takes a load in the mouth. Well, mostly in the mouth.

There are a lot of things to like about Ivy LeBelle – she’s got a fantastic body, for one, with big full tits and a ripe ass whose curves match the boobs perfectly. She’s also a talker, and it’s not the standard porn prattle – she’s quiet and seductive and sultry, and she doesn’t go straight to the screaming when she’s getting fucked in either ass or pussy. She offers up a choice of holes when she’s ready, and her man takes pussy first but then her ass later, and both are rewarding. They run through the usual positions, but even though the action is standard, the results are not, including the fact that when the popshot comes, it’s on her ass, not her face.

Caroline Cortez might have thought she was showing up for an interview for a stripping job, but it becomes clear very quickly that she’s basically signing on to be a whore; luckily, she’s okay with that – when Steve Holmes if she’s going to mind being groped, she says absolutely not, and soon she’s stripped off her very skimpy outfit to show him her big tits and shaved pussy, spread her legs, and started masturbating; moments after that, she’s sucking Steve’s cock and begging to get fucked. He obliges and gives it to her in doggy, cowgirl, RCG and missionary until she can’t take any more and he shoots in her mouth.

Wishing for Big Booty POV to Never End…

Mandy Muse has just finished her shift at the strip joint and needs a massage; she shows up at the massage parlor in her work clothes, but removes her heels for the massage. Will Havoc is careful not to get oil on her lingerie (well, he starts off being careful, but pretty soon, it’s obvious that fluids on the clothes are going to be the least of their concerns. Will spends a lot of time on her ass – as would you, be honest – but being that close to the pussy distracts him from real massage, and he starts working her cunt in a decidedly non-therapeutic way. Mandy’s ass, by the way, looks to be the meatiest and biggest of the bunch; as if to compensate, though, the scene turns away from POV the earliest. Will unloads on her ass and has her clean up his cock with her tongue.

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