All About Anna

Director: Jessica Nilsson
Studio: Innocent Pictures

Called “Scandinavian erotica by women for women and couples,” the film is making a huge splash in the adult industry. The movie is a successful attempt at creating a new type of erotic film, based on real life rather than on the wish-fulfilling fantasies that characterize traditional sex movies. The film’s sex scenes never come out of nowhere but are part of defining the characters and their relationships.

This sex-positive and women-focused art house film explores real life love and sex in a refreshingly natural manner without losing any of its erotic energy. This is a great title for folks who are new to porn and want to see a film that focuses on romance and relationships with lots of kissing and great production values. The plot centers around the lovely Anna and her relationships with all scenes shot in Copenhagen and Paris. This sexy romp also won several Scandinavian Porn awards including Best Couples Film, Best Actor (Thomas Raft), and Best Selling Scandinavian Star of 2006 (Gry Bay).

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