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Inside Kay Brandt: Part 1 – Writing Erotic Romance

Interview with Kay Brandt
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Step inside the world of Kay Brandt in HotMovies’ new vlog series featuring the award-winning director and best-selling author as she gives you a closer look into her life behind the camera. This series will focus on her transition from best-selling erotica author to one of the biggest directors in adult entertainment. Take a look Inside Kay Brandt:

And be sure not to miss Unfolding and Safe Landings from director Kay Brandt. Unfolding is based on an erotic novel by Selena Kitt and adapted for screen by Kay, telling the story of a married coupled broadening their sexual boundaries and it’s one of Kay’s most successful titles on HotMovies to date, shooting to the #1 most-popular title on the site. Safe Landings is based on one of Kay’s most popular erotic novels and tells the story of two plane crash survivors who begin a steamy love affair that is as intense as it is inescapable!

Safe Landings
Babysitting the Baumgartners
Adventures with the Baumgartners

Bondage Exploration in the Home: “Bound for Sex 3”

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Movie Review by Val Williams from Gamelink

Bound for Sex #3

“Bound for Sex 3”, the newest foray into bondage lite from the good people at Digital Sin, is a fine addition to the canon. Featuring one legit superstar and three legit hotties, “Bound for Sex 3” gives you just enough bondage and domination to feel like you’re getting into something kind of kinky while still leaving bondage snobs room to sneer at you for being a timid noob. Don’t listen to those dicks, though. Just like wine snobs and comic book snobs, they’re more interested in feeling special than they are in making the world fun for everyone. Start here with green cling-wrap and see where it takes you. Just don’t forget your safe words.

Logan Pierce, who is moderately credible as a dom if you’ve never seen him in anything before, has designed a new piece of furniture specifically for domination (he is slightly more believable as a furniture designer). The piece he has designed is a divan, so he is kind of reinventing the wheel there, but what he does with Abella Danger is, if not strictly new, at least adventurous by the standards of most divans. Abella, sporting blonde hair today, rhapsodizes over Logan’s cock as he chokes her, fucks her and gradually unbuckles her from a complicated-looking leather-and-chrome garment that looks like it took way more designing than the divan until he can spread her open, then put her on her knees and come all over her face. We have all seen Abella take far more abuse than this, but it’s nice to know she can still appreciate the subtle things.

Bound for Sex

James Deen, who has somehow made a quiet comeback work while looking more and more like Old Jerry Seinfeld, has his work cut out for him with Jane Wilde, a pretty brunette with a little-girl voice and a big-girl body. She calls him daddy as he whips her with an handful of wadded-up clingfilm and they both act like he’s using barbed wire. Maybe she’s newer to bondage than Abella, but she’s been around the block a few times, and she’s used to big cocks, as she proves when James makes room in her Saran Wrap dress to pump it inside her tight pussy. Once he starts fucking, as per the general aesthetic of the movie, the bondage kind of goes by the wayside, but with a girl as cute as Jane, you can’t complain especially when she’s as happy to take a facial as Jane is.

Leather and buckles and clingwrap are all fine and dandy, but your serious bondage people swear by rope, and Charles Dera is apparently more serious than Logan or James were. He’s really, really good at looking and sounding like he’s a very experienced BDSM aficionado, enough so that you can forgive him for not being very good at whipping Aaliyah Hadid with his belt. I am pretty sure he wasn’t the one who tied her up, but he is handy enough at taking the ropes off her before getting down to the business of fucking. Once famous for being able to come twice in a given scene, and then sightly less famous for the vigor of his Ron-Jeremy-esque mustache, Charles is now building himself a reputation for growling like Batman, but Aaliyah will remember him as the guy who covered her face in jizz and then said “I’ll be in my study” as he walked away.

Alone among today’s contestants is the couple of Ramon Nomar and Autumn Falls; where everyone else is depending on household items and flashy items of clothing to establish their bondage cred, Ramon and Autumn are giving some real time to the pain aspect of BDSM (if a little less to the bondage part). Ramon has a real crop, which he uses to smack Autumn’s spread pussy lips and exposed clit; he has a real flogger, which he uses to redden her back as she sucks his cock and squeezes her big, soft natural tits around it, and he has a pair of leather wrist restraints which he puts on her and then does nothing else with, really. After all, how can you get a good handjob from a girl who can’t use her hands? This is also, I’m sure, why she isn’t wearing a gag. Ramon fucks her hard, comes on her pussy and thighs, flogs her tits a little more, and walks away, leaving her holding the flogger in her mouth like a dog with a bone.

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