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Five to Keep Your Eyes On – Gamelink’s Top 5 New Stars for the New Year

By Val Williams from Gamelink

It’s a new era for porn and for porn stars — girls have all kinds odd opportunities to succeed in arenas far away from the big studios of the last few decades. Social media stars can make their fortunes without ever doing a hardcore scene for a studio; they can Instagram, they can tweet or tumbl or cam their way to fame in the blink of an eye. The girls who do still do hardcore, though – well, we love those girls, and we like watching the rise of a career as a girl gets better known and works her way through the hierarchy of porn. We can’t always tell who’s going to be a star, but we can tell you who we like, so here are five girls whose looks we like and hope to see plenty more of.

Gianna Dior

1. Gianna Dior

Gianna Dior is a down-home Alabama girl, but she looks exotic, and while it might be the blend of Italian and Native American heritage that makes her look so interesting, Gianna’s lush 32D tits and gorgeous face go a long way to being pretty compelling all on their own. Gianna hasn’t done any interracial or anal or any of the “taboo” stuff that new girls either leap into or stay away from until they can really cash in on it, but to watch her getting off – whether she’s being fucked by a man or a woman, or even just going after herself with a Magic Wand – is to see a sexual animal in her prime. We don’t know where her career will go from here, but we sure do like where she is now!

Jayde Symz

2. Jayde Symz

It took Jayde Symz a little while to settle down on a name – she appeared in several movies as Britney Blue and no fewer than three different versions of the name Lacey Channing, and there’s no guarantee she won’t try a few more – but once you see her, you won’t forget her, no matter what name she’s using. At 5’2″ and 99 pounds, she’d be easy to miss in a crowd, but when she’s right there in front of you, you can’t ignore those gorgeous eyes and that pretty face. The sexy 32B-26-33 body is a plus too, as is the perfect, round ass and…well, we could go on, but you might be better off just going to have a look for yourself!

Eliza Ibarra

3. Eliza Ibarra

Sweet-faced Eliza Ibarra is just about to turn 22, but she still looks like she could be a barely-legal new girl on the block. With more than 70 titles and scenes to her credit, though, she’s far from inexperienced. This Latina squirter, with her sexy natural 34-25-37 body and perfect little B-cup tits, is the ideal babysitter or student or blushing bride. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next year!

Kali Roses

4. Kali Roses

Kali Roses looks the part of the sweet, innocent little blonde, but she’s just not that innocent. With 60 scenes and titles to her credit, Kali has mostly worked with other girls in lesbian porn, but even so, she has ridden her share of cocks (and cocks of all colors, to her credit!). So you can watch for Kali with her face buried in another girl’s pussy, or you can watch for her with her ass in the air taking a huge cock – as long as you watch for her!

Isabella Nice

5. Isabella Nice

Isabella Nice is a huge sensation for someone who only stands a bare five feet tall. Even knowing about her sexy little 32B-26-32 body might not get you past how cute and adorable she is, but once you see her bound and gagged and getting fucked by a gang of huge cocks, or when you see her bouncing up and down on a huge black cock and begging for more, you’ll realize what a dirty little girl she is. Anal, interracial, double anal, double penetrations, lesbian sex – Isabella Nice does it all!

Stewardess Roulette – All the Hot “Flight Attendants” You Can Handle

Movie Review by Val Williams from Gamelink

The Flight Attendants

Every stewardess in “The Flight Attendants” makes me want to get on a plane and go to France. We have a girl here in the office who goes on a European vacation every year, and if these are the kinds of women you meet on Air France, or whatever carriers take you to France, I’m going to pack up my bags and head out right away Marc Dorcel makes the Continent very appealing.

Cassie Del Isla‘s brand new to air hostessing, and she’s a little nervous about her first day in the air. It turns out that she’s about to meet a whole new cast of sexy characters. Her head’s spinning, but she manages to catch the eye of a hunky pilot who takes the new stewardess up to his room for a spectacular sendoff. She may be new to the skies, but she sucks cock like a seasoned veteran!

Speaking of seasoned veterans, Lorenzo the co-pilot knows his way around a stewardess. When he takes Anny Aurora, who is studying for her pilot’s license, up to the cockpit so she can get familiar with the instruments. She’s handled his joystick before – fuck, you know what? I’m not going to keep that shit up. Terrible puns are the easy road, and I’m better than that. Truth is, Anny’s a hot blonde, and Lorenzo is a horny bastard, and he takes her up to the cockpit pretending he’s going to show her how to fly, but he switches gears pretty quickly and starts putting the moves on her. She goes for it, and soon they’re getting their juices all over the flight deck.

The Flight Attendants Scene

Each stewardess gets 24 hours off in London, and while Mariska frets about what her husband’s up to, Nikky Dream spends her time with a sexy passenger who gives her his number. They repair to a hotel room and she shows him all the tricks she’s learned in her years of flying – all that experience has left her with really impressive skills and some big appetites. She loves sucking cock, and getting fucked in every position – doggy, missionary, cowgirl, and everything else you can think of. On top of that, she loves a big cock in her ass, and she’s a real treat for a London boy with some time to spare.

When Anny, Cassie, and Valentina Nappi get stuck in New York, the vice=-president of the airline just happens to there with his private jet, which s full of champagne, good food, and – eventually – naked stewardesses who are full of champagne and good food. Pretty soon, all three are dancing for the VP, who gets to fuck each stewardess while the others are eating each others’ pussies. It’s a four-way stewardess orgy!

Fucking Francois! Mariska, the stewardess supervisor, has been getting hints that her husband is cheating, or leaving, or something – she keeps finding notes in his pockets, and he’s emptied out the refrigerator and he never returns her calls. Francois, frankly, is a dick. Axel the air steward is not a dick, and he is desperately trying to be nice to Mariska, but she’s kind of cranky and it takes a while before she realizes that if she’s not getting what she wants from Francois, she can get it from Axel. When he sends the girls off to get some alone time with Mariska, she finally caves in and lets him do his best to chase her sorrows away.


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