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“I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It #9”: Well, Of Course You Did

Movie Review by Val Williams from Gamelink

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It #9I know exactly how the girls in “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It 9” feel. I’ve kissed some girls and I’ve definitely liked it, so I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on what they’re going through. Of course, these girls claim never to have done it before – each scene is supposed to represent a first time experience, but if you ask me – and I am an expert on first time lesbian encounters – I’d say they’re at the very least fudging a little.

Kenzie Reeves has never kissed a girl, but when she Sasha Heart Aaliyah Love‘s window (and if we are to believe that Kenzie is not just flat-out spying in people’s windows, then we have to accept that Aaliyah is a crazy exhibitionist, because for her to be visible from the street is outrageous) she can’t resist the urge to strip down and come in to join the sexy little blonde in the shower. Anyone else would get arrested, but Aaliyah was apparently hoping for exactly that (come to think of it, that seems like a decent strategy for picking up girls) and the two get into a wet, slippery lesbian love-fest in the steamy shower. Aaliyah buries her face between Kenzie’s spread cheeks and fingers ehr ass while she licks that pussy, and both of them come over and over again as the blonde peeping tom gets her first taste of girl.

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It #9

Sasha Heart has never thought before of seducing a student before, but Jane Wilde is special. She’s blonde, cute, and her pronunciation is getting better. I don’t know how Sasha ended up teaching whatever she’s teaching on a bed in the middle of the day, but I guess in a community where the showers are visible from the street, there are different standards for education. Jane doesn’t mind when Sasha starts fondling her, and the first kiss comes pretty quickly. It’s gentle and sweet at first, but they’re screaming, coming, slapping pussy, and riding face in a flash. Jane expected to be learning today, but I doubt she thought her education would be this thorough. She and Sasha end up masturbating side by side and exploding together.

If you remember the old classic Swedish Erotica titles, the next scene may hold a hint of nostalgia for you. The bit of narration at the beginning will remind you of the way porn in the ’70s and ’80s used voiceovers for setups; this one is pretty simple – a French exchange student has been invited out for a tanning session in the sun by her friend, and she wonders idly if they might end up having lesbian sex (a perfectly natural thing to wonder). The girls, by the way, rejoice in the names Pristine Edge and Luna Rival Luna’s the French one), which is frankly good enough for me. I don’t even need lesbian sex, with names like that. I mean, they still do it, so don’t worry about that. Some of the stuff they do doesn’t look all that realistic, but then what do you expect from Luna Rival and Pristine Edge? At least they’re hot. Watch them scissor!

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It #9

I’ve had this daydream myself; sharp-faced redhead Lauren Phillips drops by her friend Krissy Lynn‘s place for brunch one day and finds the busty brunette busily busily fingering herself on the couch. Many of us, faced with a pal indulging in what my roommate used to call “gentleman time” (yes, even for ladies), would retreat quietly to return another day, leaving our friend to complete the business in peace. Lauren and I, though, are of different mettle. Lauren and I know that if you masturbate with the door unlocked, you are for all intents and purposes announcing that not only are you okay with being interrupted, you are actively courting assistance. So Lauren follows the same course I would, and starts groping Krissy’s big fake tits from behind. Krissy is of course delighted, and soon everyone is naked, with fingers, tongues, pussies and tits all working overtime in the service of lesbian pleasure. The two make out, 69, come on each other’s fingers, and grind their pussies together for a screaming climax.


Girlsway’s “Fantasy Factory – Wastelands”: Not a Waste

Movie Review by Val Williams from Gamelink

Fantasy Factory – Wastelands

The warning on the trailer at the beginning of “Wastelands” says it’s approved for Lesbian Porn Fans Only, and it has a very daunting red background. It looks very official, and at first I was going to skip it because I’m neither a lesbian who is a fan of porn nor a fan of lesbian porn, so it seemed safest to skip it; I didn’t want to get in trouble. Then I noticed, though, that the warning had been issued by the Girlsway Association of GG Lovers, Inc., which I am pretty sure is not a real regulatory body, and also my boss pointed out helpfully that she would fire me if I didn’t review it. So here we go. The warning also says the film advertised has been rated XXX Hot for, and I quote: Strong Sexuality, Graphic Nudity, Pervasive Language and Lots of Pleasure Bots.

“Wastelands” is an exploration of what the “Terminator” franchise would have looked like if Skynet had been horny instead of mad. It’s very dramatic and scary, and all the women in it are acting the living shit out of it. The AI sex dolls are studiously confused and aggressively fucky, and the real girls are all grim and tight-jawed and appropriately wastelandy. If you watched “Blade Runner” and thought to yourself “you know, this would be a lot better if these replicants were all horny lesbians instead of despairing and angst-wracked but also somehow empty-souled nihilist robots, or if you watched Westworld and thought to yourself “Man, I wish I were watching porn instead of Westworld,” then you’re in luck – Girlsway has made exactly the movie you wanted to see. They also very nearly made the TV series you want to see, because “Wastelands” is not far off five hours long, with sex scenes that are both long and frequent. I bring up “Westworld” because in addition to its musings on AI and the potential for disaster implied in a free-roaming horny lesbian robot population, “Wastelands” spends some time discussing the philosophy of free will and what free will means for consent issues, a discussion that neither Blade Runner nor the Terminator movies spend much time on.


From a surprisingly well-stocked whorehouse out in the titular wastelands to a desert blanket fuck-picnic to the “Girlsway Corporation’s” offices, the horny women of the near Girlsway future do not miss an opportunity to get their business on in every possible location and circumstance. Those women include Cherie DeVille as both Eldon Tyrell and Niander Wallace, or the evil corporate mogul who designs, owns and produces the sex robots and seeks to control them for profit, Kenna James as Roy Batty and Maeve Millay, the sexy robot whose dawning self-awareness leads her and us into contemplations of the implications of consciousness, consent, and free-will, and Abigail Mac as Rick Deckard and K, the hired gun tracking down the corporation’s lost and dangerous property (she also plays Luv, because she is less compassionate than either of those other guys.

I’m not sure exactly what role to compare April O’Neil‘s to, since she doesn’t fit into any of them exactly, but I guess she’s most like William, a naive bystander who gets involved with and falls in love with a robot; in that was she is also a little like Rick Deckard, but she’s more emotional than he was, and a little more concerned with issues of consent. On top of these, and under them sometimes, Girlsway also gives us Angela White, Alexis Fawx, Carter Cruise, Charlotte Sartre, Dana DeArmond, Chloe Foster, Eliza Jane, Jenna Sativa, Jill Kassidy, Kristen Scott, Sasha Heart, Serena Blair, Shyla Jennings, Whitney Wright, Chloe Cherry, Jane Wilde and Milana May in various roles minor and major, so even if you don’t care about philosophy, or science, there are plenty of hot lesbians to look at.

You can take Girlsway’s philosophizing and musing in “Wastelands” with a grain of salt, and generally, that is the best way to treat pretensions to intellectualism in porn, but it is worth noting that the very last thing the movie offers us is a dedication to “ALL the sex workers in our society, be they performers, escorts, cam girls, strippers…or Pleasure Bots”; the last bit detracts from the gravity of the sentiment a little, but do keep in mind that in spite of recent trends, ours is not a world that allows women – even fully human women – all the autonomy and freedom that it should. “Wastelands isn’t really a philosophical debate as much as it is a statement of an opinion, but that opinion is objectively correct.


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