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Up and Coming: Five Studios to Watch in 2018

Compliments of Val Williams from Gamelink

Year in and year out, there are a few monumental studios that can be counted on to keep supplying us with the best porn around – like living in a great neighborhood in New York, it can be easy to forget that the city has so much more to offer than the things you see every day. Porn is full of people who come and go – sometimes both at the same time, so you might miss out if you’re not paying attention. Well, pay attention: here are some new studios in the neighborhood, and you might just see something you like.


Kayden Kross and Stoya, two of porn’s most delightful performers, have gotten together to make something wonderful. No, not a scene or even a movie – it’s a whole studio. TrenchcoatX is a new porn house dedicated to “high quality product, fair prices for the consumer, and fair pay for the people who work for us.” In practice, so far that means it’s Kayden Kross directing a startling variety of “curated porn”, from the hilarious “How to Blowjob” to the exquisitely intimate “Sun-Lit” to the mysterious and exotic “Sacrosanct”. if you’re looking for something thoughtful and different, check out TrenchcoatX!

How to Blow! Job


Gender X

As transsexual movies become more and more popular, studios dedicated to trans content are becoming commensurately more successful. One of the newest ones is Gender-X, whose catalog right now includes only a few titles but looks to be gaining steam quickly. Information on the studio is hard to come by – you can imagine how many results a Google search for Gender X turns up – but it appears to be an offshoot of Zero Tolerance, and a lot of the movies are helmed by veteran director Jim Powers, which means they’re going to have a sense of humor and not take themselves too seriously, which is great in porn. We’re looking forward to a lot more good work from these people!


Lesbian X

Do you remember Mason? If you don’t, you should check up on Mason as soon as you can. One of porn’s premier directors, Mason is responsible for well over two hundred movies. A lot of them are anal, but don’t pigeonhole her (no, that’s not a euphemism) – Mason is pretty versatile. As proof, check out LesbianX, billed as “a unique site that brings you real and authentic girl-on-girl sex in gonzo style porn.” Their content ranges from “soft and erotic kissing to hardcore fucking and finger banging,” and judging from what we know about Mason, it’s going to be full of great content. Mason always gets the best out of her performers, and a whole studio dedicated to her take on girl/girl is going to be fantastic.



If you like beautiful porn – and who doesn’t, really? – you can’t miss out on X-Art. Although X-Art has been around for a while, they’re newish to Gamelink, and we’re very glad to have them aboard. Thy’re dedicated to producing content that looks good and makes you feel like the people involved are enjoying what they’re doing. The studio began as a collaboration between real-estate agent Colette Pellisier and erotic photographer Brigham Field, who felt like porn, to put it bluntly, could use some class – “aesthetic hardcore pornography with performers who represent ideals”, in their words. Well, they’ve succeeded. Check out X-Art for some gorgeous hardcore.

Pure Taboo

Pure Taboo

You may remember Bree Mills as the director of some of your favorite lesbian porn, but if we’ve learned one thing this year, it’s that you can’t expect porn directors to stay in a box. Bree, having already directed some pretty hardcore stuff – “Indirect Relations” being the most notable example – has stated in the manifesto for Pure Taboo that she wants to leave viewers equally aroused and shocked by tackling “aspects of society’s least accepted but most intriguing sexual circumstances: Inappropiate family relations, compulsions, teen virgins, sexual perversions, and the hidden corners of our psyche.” Sounds good to us!

Sacrosanct: It’s a Mystery

Movie Review by Val Williams from Gamelink


“Sacrosanct” seems to aim for and mostly hit a sweet spot between hardcore and erotica – there’s plenty of penetration and genitalia, lots of sloppy cocksucking and as many fluids and as much noise as you could hope for, but also the kind of lighting and music that let you feel like you’re watching something that could be called art in the right world. Atmospheric without being oppressive and alluding to mysticism without any specific iconography, Sacrosanct gives you a good show without tangling you up in any plot that might not be exactly what you’re looking for.

Director Kayden Kross has put together a very watchable porn movie. In the first scene, Katrina Jade entertains the attentions of Tommy Gunn and Charles Dera, moaning and shrieking in a manner befitting a human sacrifice, which she might be after the fucking she gets in a sacrificial pool featuring a throne occupied by a bearded, robed guy who doesn’t really participate in the action except for some light groping while she rests on his lap waiting for the dick. Charles and Tommy occupy her from both ends in a ritual that is clearly very pleasing to the supplicants, if not whatever god it’s aimed at. I don’t know what her eventual fate is, but she goes to it well satisfied.


A rain-soaked and lightning-thrashed city is the scene for Honey Gold‘s adventure, in which the tattooed Asian girl engages in some dialogue about sleeping with strangers, fear, and the rawness of experience before biting Mick Blue and setting him on a path of fuckery and lust. Remember, we’re not given any plot or context here, so it’s all mystery and atmosphere. The apartment they get busy in reminds me of JF Sebastian’s place from Blade Runner, even if nothing else does. Honey and Mick make the most of the dim light in a passionate tryst that is compellingly restrained.

Angela White looks like she’s being shown around the seedy part of town; wherever they are, she’s delighted and maybe a little scared. There are naked people exposing themselves all over in this building, including Mick Blue and somebody I don’t recognize, and a naked blonde who really wants to engage with them. Manuel Ferrara has other plans for Angela, though, and he takes her in the garage where he can have her all to himself. For a while, anyway. He’s got some rough stuff in mind, but she likes what she’s getting. He slaps her tits, tears off her clothes, and forces her to her knees for a rough throat fucking before a hard pounding against a car.


The final surprise is four more cocks showing up so she can finish off with a crowded blowbang, more fucking, and a very sticky face. Manuel is a very lucky Ferrara – after his stunning outing with Angela White, Kayden Kross and Jillian Janson have a special treat for him. He gets to sit in a chair and let them do all the work. The two sleek blondes put on a show – more than one, actually, as they do both solo and tandem work – teasing his cock while playing with each other and letting him stroke it while they show him what lesbians do in that world (or if not lesbians, at least bi girls who like a man watching them) before finishing him off with a skillful and eager blowjob.

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