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The Office: A XXX Parody

Since the dawn of the adult industry, spoofing mainstream television shows and movies has been a sure-fire way to sell product, even if the results were often not very good. However, New Sensations’ take on the hit NBC (and the original BBC) series The Office isn’t a lame knockoff. In fact, it’s one of the best adult spoofs I’ve seen in years.

Before we get to the outstanding work done by the cast, a nod of the cap to writer and director Lee Roy Myers, who not only does a great job of bringing the look of The Office to the adult medium, but seems to have a pretty good understanding of the characters as well. Ashlynn Brooke plays the “Michael Scott” character here (named “Michelle”), James Deen and Jenna Haze have the “Jim” and “Pam” roles, while Mark Wood (in a bit of casting genius, since he’s a dead ringer for mainstream actor Paul Lieberstein) is cast as Toby, the head of the HR department.

Of course, the fact that this is a spoof of a show that takes place in an office means that those who have a fetish for workplace-themed sex are going to love what they get on this DVD. The movie opens with a wonderful pairing between Jenna Haze and James Deen that oozes with eroticism. They work each other into a frenzy first, with James rubbing Jenna’s pussy while she gives him a handjob – and it isn’t long before they’re engaged in some full-blown fucking. There are a number of great pop-shots in the movie, including the one we get here, as James jerks down into Jenna’s mouth and all over her face.

The Office contains two lesbian scenes, and both of them feature some great strap-on action. The first happens when Ashlynn’s superior, played by Stephanie Swift, arrives to chastise Ashlynn over some offensive sexual comments she’s made in the work place. Ashlynn decides to make it up to Stephanie by seducing her, and Stephanie is soon spread eagle on Ashlynn’s desk and having her pussy eaten out and fingered. After using a pink rabbit vibe on Stephanie, Ashlynn puts on a flesh-colored strap on and fucks her in the standing doggy position, pulling out at one point to make Steph drop to her knees and suck it like it was a real cock. After some more strap-on fun in the missionary position, it’s Stephanies’ turn to please Ashlynn, going down on her, using the rabbit vibe on her, and then putting on the strap-on to give it to Ms. Brooke on top of the desk in the missionary position.

Dane Cross’ character is supposed to be like the American Office‘s Dwight, but I think he’s a little more like the BBC Office‘s Gareth. After annoying James Deen’s character with some stapler antics, he finds himself in one of the building’s break rooms having fun with blonde-haired Codi Carmichael. Codi comes into the room wearing an outfit that looks more like one for a schoolgirl than an office worker – not that I’m complaining. She does strip down for the sex, but some fetish fans may be happy to hear she leaves her heels on throughout the entire session. This scene concludes with Dane jerking onto her tits.

Ashlynn decides to have a staff meeting to discuss sexual harassment, and decides to bring in a local stripper (played by Gianna) to show everyone an example. After Gianna dances and gives one employee a lap dance, Faye Reagan jumps up and decides she’s going to show Gianna how it’s really done. In front of everyone, the two girls start making out, and this scene includes more strap-on fun as Faye dons one and gives it to Gianna missionary style, throat fucks her with the dildo, and even tit fucks her with it. If every office in America had meetings like this one, we’d all be a lot more productive!

There’s not much set-up to the next sex scene, but it is a hot threesome that involves redheaded Dahlia Denyle and studs Rocco Reed and Ralph Long. The guys take turns fucking her in multiple positions on her office desk, and she’s usually giving head to the other guy while getting her pussy pumped. Dahlia also gets a face full of cum at the conclusion, as the guys jerk off onto her face one at a time.

Mark Wood’s character is pissed because he wasn’t asked to come to the sexual harassment meeting, so Ashlynn once again has the job of making an employee feel better, this time with an assist from fan favorite Alexis Texas. This scene takes place in Ashlynn’s office, as we finally get to see her take cock, although Alexis probably spends more minutes getting penetrated in this segment than Ashlynn does. The only disappointment is that Mark decides to pop onto Alexis’ ass instead of another part of her body, and Ashlynn doesn’t even attempt to lick up any of the jizz. It’s a small criticism of an otherwise very entertaining release.

The Office arrives on DVD in a 2-disc release, with the first disc only containing the movie, which is presented in sharp anamorphic widescreen with 2.0 Dolby sound. Disc 2 houses all of the bonus materials, including a 12 minute Behind The Scenes; a bonus POV scene from My Fantasy Girls featuring Mikayla Mendez; 8-minutes worth of outtakes; and 16-minutes worth of interview material with Ashlynn, Alexis, Stephanine, and Codi. All of these materials have been anamorphically enhanced for widescreen TVs.

Rounding out the bonus materials are anamorphic trailers for Ashlynn Goes To College 3 and Hearts & Minds II; photo galleries for all the girls plus one devoted to production photos; plus DVD-ROM materials that include a digital copy of the movie for use on one’s iPod, PC, or mobile device.

It may still be early in 2009, but The Office just might be the best adult comedy we’ll see this year, and one of the best releases too.

Adult DVD Empire
April 2009

The Office: A XXX Parody
(New Sensations; Lee Roy Myers; 2009)
Available at Adult DVD Empire

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This Ain’t The Partridge Family

I suppose there’s a certain amount of laziness to porn that is just ripping off old mainstream television series, but when it’s done as well as it is in This Ain’t The Partridge Family, it’s hard to complain. This is yet another spoof by Director Will Ryder, who has already brought fans two Not The Bradys flicks, as well as one based on Bewitched. This time around, he takes on America’s most famous fictional family band, and the results are a whole lot of fun.

Nick Manning stars as Keith Partridge, and it looks like Keith is so depressed with his current love life that he hasn’t written any new tunes in a while. Danny Partridge (played by Sinclair) has ordered a magic elixir that he hopes will help get Keith out of his funk…but as it turns out, the elixir’s scent makes all who smell it sexual maniacs.

Danny is the first one to test out the drug, and it allows him to be ravished by Kristina Rose in the family’s garage (where they practice band sets). The two go at each other on the floor, and after a 69 and penetration in the reverse cowgirl, doggy and missionary positions, Kristina sits on his face so he can tongue her asshole. After some additional reverse cowgirl, he pulls out and jerks his load up onto her pussy.

Danny takes the remainder of the elixir and pours it into his mom’s perfume bottle, leading his sister Laurie (Tori Black) to be the next family member to try it out. Laurie sneaks a millionaire playboy (Eric Swiss) into the family living room at the end of a date, and is soon having sex with him on the couch. Fans of Tori’s should love this scene, which allows her to keep on some sexy knee-high white boots throughout the action, and concludes with a nice facial blast.

The family’s experience with the magic elixir continues throughout the film as band manager Ruben (James Bartholet, in a non-sex performance) catches Chris Partridge in the garage getting a blowjob from Sarah Jessie, and later young Tracy Partridge (Faye Reagan) takes on pizza delivery boy Dane Cross in Ruben’s office building. Even mom Shirley Partridge (Payton Leigh) gets into some action when she seduces grocery bag boy Ralph (Kris Slater) on the lawn in front of the family home.

All through the film, Keith is worried about using the elixir himself since he fears it might have a side effect that would cause him to loose his hair. But he finally gives in when Shawna Lenee, Madison Scott and Jaclyn Case show up at the house, looking to make out with Danny. Keith hurriedly sprays some of the elixir on himself, causing the three ladies to go mad with lust. The final sex scene proves to be a combination of straight and lesbian sex, as Nick Manning takes turns fucking the girls in various positions, with girl/girl fun going on between the two he’s not currently occupied with. When he’s ready to cum, Nick singles out Shawna as the recipient of his sperm, and shoots a healthy load all over her face.

This Hustler release comes via a 2-disc set, with Disc 1 containing an anamorphic widescreen transfer of the movie, along with 2.0 Dolby sound. Disc 2 houses all of the bonus materials, including a 23-minute behind the scenes segment; a 4 ½-minute featurette on the movie’s music; an impressive (32 minutes!) slide show; 3 ½-minutes worth of deleted scenes; two music videos (taken from the movie); and a pair of bonus scenes – one with Tori Black from Barely Legal 79, and the other with Faye Reagan from Barely Legal 81.

Fans of the original TV series and those who just love well-made spoofs are almost sure to enjoy this Hustler title. It’s smart, sexy, and at times, quite funny. If you’ve enjoyed Will Ryder’s other spoofs, rest assured that This Ain’t The Partridge Family equally delivers the goods.

Adult DVD Empire
February 2009

This Ain’t The Partridge Family
(Hustler, 2008; Will Ryder)
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The Fold, Polly Frost, co-writer & co-producer

Ordinarily I spend my time reviewing books. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m busy being a student at the moment (if there isn’t an oxymoron lurking in that statement) and I have the day-to-day minutiae of making coffee, not smoking cigarettes and all the other stuff that fills my day from pre-dawn until post-dusk. But, usually, I review books and not movies.

However, to cut a long story short, I recently found myself talking with writer, journalist and playwright Polly Frost. Polly Frost is the author of Deep Inside, a celebrated anthology of erotic fiction that breaks boundaries, pushes envelopes and deserves its high level of critical acclaim. Since the success of Deep Inside, Polly has been working with Matt Lambert and Ray Sawhill on the production of The Fold.

According to the preliminary publicity, The Fold is “Part sci-fi, part sex comedy, part art movie, The Fold interweaves stories involving a time-travelling geek with Aspergers Syndrome, an investigation by a Gaming Babes Magazine reporter, a sex-cult guru, a right-wing CEO determined to remake history, and a New Jersey hot-tub salesman for whom things mysteriously start to go the right way.

Ordinarily I find sex and comedy go together as well as custard and herring. If I want my partner to have a good laugh I can simply take my clothes off. Whenever I see other people trying to amuse me with comical sexual antics I either cringe, wince or politely ask my mother to stop trying to impress me in such a reductive manner. Additionally, whenever I read about something that is blending genres I invariably grimace and claim the urgent need to file my eyeballs.

But somehow The Fold moves above those usual drawbacks. The humour is bold throughout. The blend of sci-fi and sex comedy come together in a way that seems designed for the exciting new medium of the web serial. The science isn’t so technical that a Luddite like myself can’t grasp what’s happening. And the homage to stylistic genres of art movies is cleverly compiled and adds another level of enjoyment to the whole experience.

The Fold is already becoming cult viewing that needs to be seen. Within a week of its release the main download server had crashed due to the high volume of traffic. Now that problem has been resolved it’s definitely worth checking out. The eroticism is constant although the adult content is more akin to soft-core pornography than hard-core imagery. The acting is of a consistently high calibre and the cast look as though they’re having a lot of fun with this intelligent and insightful script.

More can be found at

Ashley Lister
September 2008

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