Movie Book Review

The Office: A XXX Parody

Since the dawn of the adult industry, spoofing mainstream television shows and movies has been a sure-fire way to sell product, even if the results were often not very good. However, New Sensations' take on the hit NBC (and the original BBC) series The Office isn't a...

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This Ain’t The Partridge Family

I suppose there's a certain amount of laziness to porn that is just ripping off old mainstream television series, but when it's done as well as it is in This Ain't The Partridge Family, it's hard to complain. This is yet another spoof by Director Will Ryder, who has...

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The Fold, Polly Frost, co-writer & co-producer

Ordinarily I spend my time reviewing books. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm busy being a student at the moment (if there isn't an oxymoron lurking in that statement) and I have the day-to-day minutiae of making coffee, not smoking cigarettes and all the other...

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