When Hope Was Lost


“I’m not gonna do it!”

“Please, Hope—”

“Not a chance, Mom!”

“We need rent.”

“Tell me you didn’t—”

“Went drinkin’. Had to pay my friends back—”

“How much this time?”

“Three hundred or we’re on the street by morning.”


“‘It’s just a blow job.”

“Are you serious?”

“Close your eyes, open your mouth ‘n’ suck. That’s all you gotta do. I’m beggin’, baby. We’re gonna be homeless and I’m so sick—”

“Maybe you shoulda thought about that before you drank my paycheck away!”

“Hush! I’m still your Mother—”

“Stop! Years I’ve lived in this shithole trying to keep you alive, watching you drink, drug ‘n’ gamble my hard-earned money away. I can’t do it anymore.”

“The john’s waiting outside. He’s not a bad guy. Says his wife’s disabled. Please, Hope. It’ll be over fast.”

“How’d I let you fuck up my entire life?”


“How’d I let you break me?”

“Don’t cry—”

“I do this, I’m finished with you, understand?”

“You can’t leave. What’ll happen to me?”

“Not my problem. You send him in, I’m gone.”


“You decide.”

“Promise you’ll gimme the money first?”

“Do me a fuckin’ favour and get out. I got cock I gotta suck…”

© 2017 Mairead Devereux. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

About the Author Mairead Devereux

Mairead Devereux lives in Toronto, ON. with her three fur-kids. Long walks with the dogs allow for the imagining of sexy flights of fancy, as her four-legged companions are somewhat lacking in conversational skill. She is currently working on her first novels of erotic fantasy, The Archetype Trilogy.

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