System Malfunction


Lara felt hands run all over her body. Lips and tongues nuzzled her neck, teased her breasts and nipples. She felt hot breath on her pussy lips and moved her legs apart.

She arched her back as a tongue found her clit, then gasped as she felt a hot, hard cock ease into her, then steadily slide in and out. Surprising, but so fucking good.

She was rolled onto her front, with a firm, warm body underneath her. The tongue still worked on her clit and the cock carried on pumping, steadily filling and stretching her to perfection. Oh yes, don’t fucking stop.

She felt another cock pressed against her backside, then it slid into her, hard and hot. The two cocks thrust faster and faster, and the tongue pressed even more firmly against her clit.

Her orgasm was sudden and intense, then the feelings faded away.

“So, direct neural stimulation works?” Gemma asked.

“Yeah,” Lara panted. “But it malfunctioned.”

“From your reaction, this prototype Fantasy Simulatron can malfunction on me anyday.”

“It’s only programmed with one fantasy.”


“That wasn’t the one I just experienced.”

Gemma sighed. “This old lab building’s unpopular for a reason. Everyone reckons it’s haunted.”

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About the Author Ian Smith

I’m a professional scientist with a career spent primarily in health care. I live in the south-west of England with my wife and our modest menagerie, currently two horses, two dogs and three guinea pigs. My wife wants to keep chickens too.

My career has involved writing really exciting and stimulating scientific papers, technical reports and dissertations… Okay, important and worthwhile, but not “me”. I started writing general interest factual articles and features, as well as preparing and giving public talks. These allow my butterfly mind and insatiable curiosity to go off and play nicely together.

Then my curiosity turned towards fiction. My first efforts were dire, of course, but I hope I’m starting to get the idea a bit now. I’ve had several short stories published in anthologies, as well as three novellas. Supportive and encouraging feedback from other contributors to the ERWA “storytime” mailing list has been a huge help.

I’ve always read for relaxation and now I write as a creative hobby. I hope some readers enjoy my efforts.

Joining in the Sunday “flashers” with ERWA has been great fun and exposed me to a wide variety of work by other authors. Their examples and feedback continually help my writing to develop. I felt very flattered when approached about taking a turn as the flasher gallery editor.

And yes, I’d rather like to keep chickens too. Just a bit tricky in a small urban garden with two hyperactive terriers…

My third novella, “From The Top (Merely Players 3)” has just been published by Fireborn.

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