Blow by Blow


Lynne held up a digital recorder. Tom nodded, and she started it.

“Tom, thanks for agreeing to this interview.”

“Great to meet you again.”

“As the creative songwriting genius for the rock group Dark Circle, how do you see your new album?”

“It owes far more to the group’s performance than my writing.”

“You’re too modest, as usual. Can I ask about your inspiration for ‘Blow By Blow’, the next single?”

“Trump, like his wall, will fall from repeated blows from those standing up for the real America.”

Lynne grinned. “So nothing to do with journalist Claire Hardy claiming she blew all your bandmates on your last tour?”

“Sounds like the usual tittle-tattle about a rock group on tour to me.”

She leaned forward. “And the chart-topping single ‘Banging on the Wall’?”

“The Berlin Wall fell when enough people hit it.”

“Nothing to do with a bed thumping against the wall during frantic love-making?”

He leaned forward and turned the recorder off. “Not for public consumption.”


He grimaced. “Come off it. You know me better.”

She bit her lip. “I hoped you wouldn’t, not with her.”

“So, what next?”

She kissed him. “Can I start on top this time?”

© 2017 Ian D Smith. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

About the Author Ian Smith

I’m a professional scientist with a career spent primarily in health care. I live in the south-west of England with my wife and our modest menagerie, currently two horses, two dogs and three guinea pigs. My wife wants to keep chickens too.

My career has involved writing really exciting and stimulating scientific papers, technical reports and dissertations… Okay, important and worthwhile, but not “me”. I started writing general interest factual articles and features, as well as preparing and giving public talks. These allow my butterfly mind and insatiable curiosity to go off and play nicely together.

Then my curiosity turned towards fiction. My first efforts were dire, of course, but I hope I’m starting to get the idea a bit now. I’ve had several short stories published in anthologies, as well as three novellas. Supportive and encouraging feedback from other contributors to the ERWA “storytime” mailing list has been a huge help.

I’ve always read for relaxation and now I write as a creative hobby. I hope some readers enjoy my efforts.

Joining in the Sunday “flashers” with ERWA has been great fun and exposed me to a wide variety of work by other authors. Their examples and feedback continually help my writing to develop. I felt very flattered when approached about taking a turn as the flasher gallery editor.

And yes, I’d rather like to keep chickens too. Just a bit tricky in a small urban garden with two hyperactive terriers…

My third novella, “From The Top (Merely Players 3)” has just been published by Fireborn.

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