Contract with a Werewolf

“Is it done?” “Done.” “You ate my wife?” “I did – and may I add, she was quite tasty.” “Hmm, well she put on a few pounds the past few years. I suppose you’ll need some time to digest her.” “Beg your pardon?” “Nothing, just, when it’s time for you to pass – well, you... read more

Slave to Love

It always happened by the silvery light of the slow moon. First, Catriona felt the tug in her womb. The calling, as she’d come to understand it, was the trigger. A herald of all that was to follow. She ran from her cottage and into the yard, carelessly tossing aside... read more

Reality Check

“No! NO!” “Logan, wake up! Honey, wake up!” “Whoa… Holy shit…” “Are you okay?” “Oh, God. Anna. Wow… I had a terrible dream. A nightmare. Fuck.” “You kicked the sheets off the bed. And you were saying something, I couldn’t really make out what, right before you woke... read more

Stanley’s Resolve

Stanley examined his face in the mirror. I must get rid of these pimples. Then maybe Stanley could have some friends. Even a chance with his blonde cheerleader fantasy, Maryanne. The prettiest girl in school. Built. Like. Hell. But Maryanne already has a boyfriend.... read more


“It’s unassailable. The honour guard watches day and night, always heedful…” “It’ll not be without risk, but she’s penetrable.”Le chevalier de Sémence1was cocksure.If anyone could pull off such a frontal thrust, it was surely him. “Mark my words. Soon Sémence... read more


Damned forced overtime, he thought. Why can’t the cheap bastards see that they need to hire at least three more people? The ride home sucked too. Wearily he closed the door behind him and turned to see his wife – in a bordello-red chemise – loping in full, long-legged... read more


We were in that really filthy part of the fuck, when I felt like a steel pole being forged by the Goddess herself, and Dawn was rocking under me with each thrust, emitting sounds that would make lesser men, and women, cream their jeans instantaneously. Sure that... read more

Upon the Shoals of Anticipation

He was done, and done in. He had tried to get a jump on the yard work before the heat and humidity climbed, but now it felt like steam was rising off his head. He had long since stripped his shirt and stood clad only in damp, khaki shorts; a sheen of sweat made his... read more


Tenderloined by Valentine Bonnaire I took one look at you and I felt my mojo rise. That’s what everybody knows about Californians isn’t it? You can’t expect any kind of tenderness from the kings and queens of the one-night stand can you? Not really.... read more

Filling Usha

Usha holds the head of the large white vibrator against her plump labia and waits until I give the signal. She knows I never fuck her until after I have seen her come at least once. She is naked on the bed, facing me, legs spread, weight on her elbows. The vibrator is... read more
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