Queer Fiction

The Adventure of the Gentlemen Travelers

Pittsburgh March 5, 1894 Dearest Cousin Beatrice, I hope my letter finds you well and that spring is as beautiful in Yorkshire as summer was when I last visited you there. The weather here in Pittsburgh is still dreary but we have had a few blue skies. Thank you so... read more

Maid for a Queen

Soft light from the chandelier was reflected in the large ornate mirror upon the wall at the end of the long dining table. That light also gave silver highlights to Madam’s blue-rinsed hair and glittered on the mass of jewellery she wore. It shone dully on the... read more

Pretty Boy

I saw him leaning against the wall on Bourbon street. He was a pretty boy, young and insecure; I could tell by the way his eyes shifted around him and how he would nervously move his weight back and forth from one foot to another. He had positioned himself so that he... read more

Taste of Jessica

Remember how you used to draw hearts in your notebook at school when lessons got boring? I used to watch from my seat next to you in the classroom. “I love Philip,” you’d write and draw a halo of hearts around his name. “I love Paul,” and... read more

Put Them On

Kirk, our sculpted star topman, fucked Gunner’s mouth while Jon, a tanned, lithe surfer, pounded Gunner’s ass. It was a staple scene in any porn. The diving board under them bounced with Jon’s thrusts. Gunner’s big hands gripped the sides of... read more

My Indentured Servant

My eyeballs were so hot with rage that I saw the two women through a red blur. “I need my fucking money today, Tara!” I yelled. “You said you’d have it.” I was angrier at myself than at her. My own gullibility felt as unbearable as... read more

The Magic Lesbian

Callie Sauer slammed her hand down on the dark, polished wood hard enough to topple an empty beer bottle. “I want the damned bar, Joe. Name your price.” “The bar’s not for sale, Callie.” I said, absently wiping a shot glass as I scanned... read more

The Memoir

Chip pushed the notebook across the table. “It’s not what I expected, Jan. Not at all.” “What do you mean?” His sister’s blue eyes, so much like his own, narrowed as she opened the worn leather cover and scanned the first page.... read more

Tyler’s Love

Eddie’s asshole, slick with lube, fit nicely around Tyler’s cock. Every muscle was constricted and tight, massaging Tyler’s dick better than hands or mouth ever could. “You’ve got a nice asshole, you know that?” Eddie tried to... read more

Note To Self

Note to Self: You’ve been set up on a blind date with your ex. Your dating life is officially shot to hell. “Danielle?” “Kizzy?” We stare at each other for an uncomfortable minute. It’d taken me six long months to get over our... read more
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