A Few Wild Times

Gerry took a deep breath. “Wow, that was fuckin’ brill.” Stephanie wriggled her hips, teasing him before his cock softened. “You were pretty good for an old guy.” He grinned. “Hey, I ain’t that old, darling.” She leaned down and kissed him. “Old enough to be my dad.”... read more

Real Life Loving

It wasn’t quite the date night I’d been anticipating. Laurel lay curled into herself, in obvious discomfort. Instead of a lacy negligée, she wore a voluminous tee-shirt and white Jockey briefs. After dimming the lights, I crept carefully into bed behind her. Cupping... read more

System Malfunction

Lara felt hands run all over her body. Lips and tongues nuzzled her neck, teased her breasts and nipples. She felt hot breath on her pussy lips and moved her legs apart. She arched her back as a tongue found her clit, then gasped as she felt a hot, hard cock ease into... read more

The Power of Words

“Oh, my God! Honey! What’s wrong?” “Huh-huh-huh … just … let me … catch my breath.” “I’m calling Dr. Ryan.” “No! It’s … I’m okay.” “But … did I hurt you?... read more

When Hope Was Lost

“I’m not gonna do it!” “Please, Hope—” “Not a chance, Mom!” “We need rent.” “Tell me you didn’t—” “Went drinkin’. Had to pay my friends back—” “How much this time?” “Three hundred or we’re on the street by morning.” “Shit!” “‘It’s just a blow job.” “Are you serious?”... read more

Great Opportunity

Graham spooned Amy, one arm around her. “That was great,” he murmured. Commemorating a business deal by shagging your assistant in a bland hotel bedroom. “Good.” “You’re quiet.” “Tired, and things on my mind. Argued with my... read more

The Valley

She stroked his hand with a lightness borne of reverence. “Know what I’ve been thinking about?” she smiled. “The day you proposed. How humid it was at the Gorge. Wading through the cool water and into your arms was absolute bliss. There you were, looking so handsome,... read more

Seven on the End

“Seven on the end is free.” Desk clerk Sal handed over the key. I lay on the bed. The ghosts came to call. Pink eyed Molly shot the red eyed priest. Blue eyed Janie lost her cherry to green eyed Joe. The dry eyed florist banged the sad eyed clown, turned to the wall... read more


“Have you finished reading the—? “Almost. You want the—?” “Already read them. I’m going upstairs. Would you like—?” “Only if you’re getting one.” “Wanna do something?” “I am doing something.” “I mean something else?” “Like what?” “I don’t know.” “Well, think about it... read more

Blow by Blow

Lynne held up a digital recorder. Tom nodded, and she started it. “Tom, thanks for agreeing to this interview.” “Great to meet you again.” “As the creative songwriting genius for the rock group Dark Circle, how do you see your new album?” “It owes far more to the... read more
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