Erotic Fiction

War Wounds

August They sat in a darkened corner of the deck, away from the party, sharing a toke. A warm breeze off the lake swept away lingering tendrils of smoke. Someone was plunking away on a guitar, singing softly. Fragrant candles in colourful bowls on the railings flared... read more


“Look at her; I knew she was a lush. You can tell from her skin.” “What’re you talking about? Her skin’s perfect.” “You think? Maybe she’s thinking her severance wasn’t enough. Well, if she hangs around ’til... read more

The Way, the Truth and the Lifer

Mike tucked himself into the shadowed alcove between the two washroom doors, holding his breath as a pair of orderlies marched past his hidey hole and down towards the day rooms. Only when he could no longer hear the squeak of rubber soles on lino did he peek round... read more

God or the Devil

All I knew at the time and then it was like there was no time or that my whole life was squeezed into the lifespan of a thunderclap or a single hollow click-song of a cicada like the ones that used to descend on my grandparents’ farm where later in that old barn... read more

The Right Man

The rain splashed across Cathy’s windscreen faster than her wipers could clear it, the continuous impact vibrating through her fingers. They clenched around the wheel as she navigated yet another blind corner, the right-hand bend a blur of muddy verge and road. With... read more

Unjust Rewards

Maggie strolled into the office, smiling at Carol as she passed through reception. Jake was already at his desk. “Hey, Jake. How come you’re in so early?” “In court this morning.” He looked up from his notes and smiled. “Nice shoes.” There was no subtlety about the... read more

L’heure Bleue

“This is what I want you to know,” Sophia began. “I was able to love afterwards.” She had seen him in the web after years, in the way that the web had connected everything now, so that there would never be any escape from the past again.... read more

You Get What You Pay For

“What’s the matter, Gleason? Never seen a woman fucked out of her senses before?” The man with the bulging briefcase had stepped – actually sidestepped – into the pool of light in the center of what was once a sunken dance floor. He... read more

You Like It Like That, Don’t You?

Dennis replaced the telephone receiver. “The boss wants to see me right away. Why is the boss after me?” He asked, turning for answers from Lee and Dean, whose desks were nearest his. “I haven’t done anything wrong.” “You’d... read more

You Rang Madam?

“You rang madam?” “Yes Hudson, I rang.” “What is it madam?” She stood, hands resting on the back of the sofa, her back to the window. “Come over here and lift my dress up at the back.” “Madam!” his voice... read more
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