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Rajasthani Moonby Lisabet Sarai

Totally Bound, 2013

Chapter Seven

Rajasthani MoonCecily strained against the ropes that held her fast. Loops of rough hemp bit into her flesh, preventing anything but the most miniscule movements. Her nude body had been draped over one of the red-leather-covered ottomans scattered around the opulent apartment. The low stool was broad enough to support her chest and belly but left her arse jutting out into space. Her legs had been spread wide. Then her wrists and ankles had been secured to iron loops embedded in the floor.

The ungainly arrangement exposed her most delicate parts to anyone who cared to look. A cool evening breeze filtered in through the latticed windows, raising the tiny hairs on her arms and tickling her moist quim like invisible fingers. I must not allow myself to become aroused, Cecily reminded herself. I must remain lucid, rational, alert to any information that might bring me advantage.Alas, the dampness painting her inner thighs suggested she was already losing that battle.

The indignity of her position enraged her—that they should treat Her Majesty’s envoy in such a way! Still, it couldn’t help but focus her own attention upon her sex. Her lower lips fluttered and her clit pulsed as she imagined, despite herself, the lewd picture she must present.

To add insult to injury, it had been Sarita who had bound her thus—at the Rajah’s instruction, presumably. The lady had not been gentle as she’d stripped away the finery she’d so recently bestowed, forced Cecily’s legs apart, and circled her limbs with the scratchy cord. Her roughness had made Cecily suspect that Sarita was anything but pleased by her assignment.

It had required every ounce of Cecily’s self-control to resist temptation and not fight back. A well-placed silat melayu punch or a ninjitsu kick would have rendered the haughty young woman helpless for long enough that Cecily might have slipped out of the room. Where could she go, though, naked and constrained as she was by the fiendish collar? Besides, Bhuni and an equally massive colleague stood guard outside the Rajah’s quarters.

Now Sarita lounged on a carved ebony settee across the room, reading and pointedly ignoring Cecily’s squirming and sighs. Apparently she’d been ordered to remain with the captive, at least until the Rajah arrived.

He seemed to be taking his time. Cecily’s nose itched. Her over-extended muscles were starting to cramp. Her arousal faded, vanquished by boredom and physical discomfort. Still, there was no sign of the elegant ruler.

At long last, the door rattled and then swung open. Sarita leapt from her seat, crossed the richly-patterned carpet, and sank to her knees in front of the entering Rajah.

“My Lord, I have done as you commanded. The spy awaits you.”

Amir took in Cecily’s shameful state in one astute glance. Amusement was evident in both his voice and his expression. “Excellent work, Sarita. I could hardly have done better myself.” He raised his favourite to her feet and bestowed a kiss upon her lips. She pressed her lithe body against his in an attempt to prolong the embrace, but he gently put her aside and strolled over to confront Cecily.

“She looks extremely fetching in bondage, just as I’d expected.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Cecily glimpsed the other woman’s deepening scowl.

“How are you feeling, Miss Harrowsmith?”

The mockery in his tone was not enough to prevent a surge of renewed lust, which she struggled to suppress. “I presume that’s a rhetorical question, Your Highness,” she replied after a moment. God, but his eyes are hypnotic! “Given that I’m stark naked and trussed up like a turkey about to be roasted.”

“Not entirely rhetorical.” The handsome Rajah circled around to inspect her from the rear. “It seems to me that you’re distinctly damp.” With a chuckle, he swept a finger down the length of her cleft, gathering her moisture. Her inner muscles clenched as sparks struck her clit. When he smeared her juices across her bum, she wanted to sink through the floor. “Based on the available evidence, I’d say that being bound excites you.”

“Nonsense—” she began. Her attempts at a cool, sarcastic response were interrupted by the ferocious slap he landed on her arse. “Ow! Oh…” The sting from his spank vanished, overwhelmed by the delicious sensation of his fingers playing in her cunny. “Oh…ah…”

“And it’s clear that, like many of your compatriots, you find corporal punishment arousing.”

“No—ow! That’s ridiculous…Ow! Ah! Ow!”

He alternated sharp blows to her buttocks with exquisite explorations of her cunt.

“Fondness for punishment is one of the many intriguing cultural phenomena I encountered during my sojourn in your dank country.” He circled her back hole with a slick finger, then probed gently. “I suppose that being exposed to those notions at a tender age might have shaped my own predilections in that regard.”

She tightened her sphincter, trying to keep him out, without success. Guilty pleasure rushed through her as he wiggled his digit just inside the entrance. “Oh—you…uh—you spent time in England? Ah…” Though he pulled out, the effects of his lewd touch continued to ripple through her body. Her sex gaped, hungry, dripping with excitement she couldn’t hide. If only he’d stop chattering and simply take her…

“I was schooled there. Pratan as well. My father believed in the value of knowing one’s enemy.”

“I’m not— We’re not—oh!—your enemy, Your Highness. Ow!”

The Rajah had pinched one of the welts raised by his brother’s whipping. “Hmm. We’ll see. Speaking of Pratan, it looks as though he did quite a job on you yesterday. Perhaps I should refrain from inflicting any further damage on your delectable bottom at present.”

Cecily bit back a moan of disappointment. She hung her head, appalled by her reaction. Her hair tumbled around her face, hiding her shame.

“Fear not, sweet Cecily. I have other ideas about what to do with you—equally nasty and painful, I guarantee.” He gave both her butt cheeks a solid squeeze, waking echoes of her previous beatings, then moved away.

She heard a lock click on some chest or cabinet behind her. He must be seeking some new instrument of punishment or humiliation. She shuddered, from fear or anticipation, or perhaps both at once.

“Where is Pratan?” she ventured as the noise of his rummaging continued. At the moment, she would have felt safer in the company of the bandit.

“He’s—um—indisposed at the moment. That is why I was delayed. Ah, here we are! Don’t worry. I fully intend to share you with my brother.”

Share? Each man was fearsome in his own right. But together …

She pushed the thought away. Focus. Be strong.

“My Lord, may I leave?”

Heavens! Cecily had completely forgotten that Sarita was present, watching the entire scene. Her cheeks burnt anew.

“Oh, I don’t know. I thought that perhaps you’d like to participate in our little games.”

“No, sir—truly…”

Let her go, Cecily begged silently. Please just let her go.

“You don’t want to put these clamps on her labia? Or work this wooden phallus into her rear hole?”

This was almost too much for Cecily’s all-too-vivid imagination. Her swollen clit throbbed. Her sex muscles clenched around hungry emptiness. If either of them touches me, she thought, I ‘ll explode.

“My Lord, please…” Sarita sounded desperate.

“I thought I might make Miss Harrowsmith lick your cunny. Wouldn’t you like that?”

Oh my God, no! And yet a sidelong glance at the lovely courtesan almost sent Cecily over the edge.

“I am your obedient servant, sir…” the girl began.

Amir laughed and swept Sarita into his arms once more, mollifying her with an energetic kiss. “Never mind. I won’t force you do something that so clearly displeases you. Not tonight, at least!”

“Thank you, my Lord…” Sarita pressed her lips to the back of his hand in obvious relief. “I am very grateful…”

“Go then! Off to the women’s quarters with you!” He swatted her diminutive rear on her way out. “I’ll call if I want you.”

She turned upon the threshold to give him a deep bow. “As you command, my Lord. Thank you again.” The door closed behind her.

“Thank you,” murmured Cecily, her raging heartbeat starting to slow down.

“You don’t find my Sarita desirable?”Amir faced her, drawing back the curtain of her hair and fixing her with his compelling gaze.

“She’s lovely but…” Cecily was uncertain how to continue. She didn’t want to offend him unnecessarily. Her future depended on his goodwill.

“But she doesn’t seem very fond of you, does she? Well, who could blame her? All she wants is to give herself to me, body and soul, but I’ve chosen you as my companion for tonight instead.”

He lifted Cecily’s tangled locks to drape them over her shoulders. When his fingers grazed her back, tiny shivers of delight raced along her skin. His half-smile told her that he’d noticed.

“Shall we continue, then?” That question, at least, seemed rhetorical, since he disappeared without waiting for an answer.

When he returned to her field of view, he carried a cylindrical device as long as his forearm, fashioned of the same greyish metal as the robotic shackles. An oval of glass adorned one end of the tube. The other fit comfortably in his hand.

Amir brought the glass close to her bare shoulder. Something sizzled like water falling on a heated skillet, then a burning needle pierced her flesh.

Cecily jerked in her bonds, as much from surprise as from the sudden sting. “Ow!”

The air smelt sharp, metallic. Grinning, Amir let the globe hover near her upper arm. This time, she saw the spark that leapt from the glass to her tingling skin.

“What in heaven…?”

“A little invention of mine, adapting the principles of our stun guns, which I believe you’ve seen, to more pleasurable purposes.” Another bolt crackled across the gap between the device and her naked flesh. Yes, the shock hurt, but now that she’d got over her surprise, she found the prickling sensation that followed quite enjoyable.

“Of course, the effects are more dramatic when my electrostimulator is applied to more, um, sensitive areas. And if you know anything about electricity, you’ll understand that moisture enhances conductivity, intensifying the sensations considerably.”

“You can’t mean…?” Cecily shuddered at what he was implying, even as her juices welled up and trickled down her thighs.

“I’ve been told that agents of the Empire are trained to endure almost any level of pain. I’m quite curious to evaluate that story myself.”

He vanished, busying himself behind her. “First, though, we need the clamps.”

“No, please…!” A surge of pleasure stopped her. Amir had plunged his fingers deep into her hungry channel. He stroked her inner walls, generating pulsing waves of delight. Something brushed across her clit, a touch so light it was barely there, yet enough to make her whole being knot into pre-climactic tension. There it was again, the faintest trace of his finger or thumb, not quite enough to send her into release, but almost, almost…

Cecily arched back, trying without success to rub herself against those teasing fingers. Her bonds forbade even this slight movement. Amir was in complete control of her body. He could do whatever he wanted.

The realisation should have dismayed her. Instead, she felt a perverse thrill. A finger grazed her bud, more firmly than before. Climax coiled in her belly, drawing tighter with each breath. He refused to set it free. So be it. She closed her eyes, focusing on the storm of sensation raging in her sex.

He caught her clit between two fingers and squeezed. Before she could come, he released his hold. Cecily groaned in frustration. He tugged on her sex lips and her clit pulsed in time. If only he’d concentrate on that swollen, needy nub, instead of playing with her in this way!

Something hard and cold bit into the soft flesh of her labia. Agony arced through her world like a meteor streaking across the night sky. At the same time, relentless fingers clamped down on her clitoris.

A scream tore itself from her throat. Her climax ripped through her, swirling ribbons of sensation exploding from her shuddering cunt. As she shook in her bonds, barely conscious, she felt the jaws of a second clamp seize her, and she came again.

“You are not nearly as self-controlled and stoic as I would have expected,” Amir commented as she trembled with the aftershocks of her crisis. “Perhaps your reputation has been inflated by rumour.” He flicked at one of the dangling clamps. She bit her lip as pain raced through her, determined not to cry out, but she couldn’t halt the juices trickling from her twitching quim.

“Still, I’m personally delighted to find you are so responsive—to both pain and pleasure.” Wetness spilled along the crevice between her buttocks and the scent of almonds surrounded her. “That will make the interrogation much more entertaining, at least for me.” Once she was slippery with the aromatic oil, he worked his fingers into her back passage, despite her clench-muscled attempts to keep him out.

The sweet, dirty feel of him stretching her sphincter sent quivering waves through her belly. With all her amorous experience, she’d never received a man’s member in that most private orifice, though she’d been probed and teased enough to be familiar with the exquisite pleasures that channel could afford. I can bear it, she told herself. As long as he keeps away from my clit …

He removed his fingers, leaving her open and gaping. She swallowed her moan of disappointment. The next thing she knew, something monstrous and unyielding pressed against her loosened entrance. “No!” she cried. “Please…” Too late. The artificial phallus he’d mentioned to Sarita slid into Cecily’s hind hole, facilitated both by the oil and her own copious lubrication. She’d expected pain, the tearing of flesh as the polished wooden artefact breached her defences. That she could have handled. Instead, the infernal toy entered with embarrassing ease, settling in her depths and triggering a wonderful, obscene sense of fullness. “Oh my God,” she gasped, as Amir wriggled the shaft and ripples of sensation wound their way down to her core. “Oh…”

She tried to relax. She was determined not to surrender to another climax at Amir’s hands, no matter what he did.

Amir chuckled. “Like that, my lovely?”

“I, uh, doubt that it matters…ah—what I like. Ow!” He wriggled the rod, impaling her while pulling on the clamps. Agony mingled with shameful delight.

“Well, I like it, I must say. I like to see the ropes compressing your soft, ripe limbs and the clamps biting into your cunt lips. I like the lewd way the phallus juts from your delectable arse. You’re making me very hard, Miss Harrowsmith.”

He circled around the hassock to show her his cock, which he’d extracted through a gap in his garments. The rod of flesh reared up from his groin, ruddy as a pillar of flame against the white satin of his trousers. He ran his slender, jewelled fingers up and down its length, smearing the liquid that pearled at the tip until the taut skin gleamed in the torchlight. He looked utterly delicious. Cecily couldn’t stop herself from swallowing the saliva that gathered at the sight of him.

Of course he noticed. “I’d like nothing better than to bury myself in your mouth. But first you must tell me the truth about your mission.”

He disappeared from her view, a relief of sorts since she didn’t have to look at that tempting cock. Air moved behind her, tickling her damp, spread thighs. She heard the crackle of his electric implement an instant before lightning struck.

“Aye! Aw! What in bloody hell…?” She’d been stung by a monstrous bee, in the sensitive crease just below her butt cheek. Sharp pain radiated from the point of contact, fading to a throbbing heat as it curled around to settle in her cunt.

“Talk, Cecily.” Another sizzle, another vicious spark, this time catching the moist, swollen tissues of her lower lips.

“Ow!” He smoothed the glass dome down over her mons to her aching clit. “No, no! Not there, please… Aaah!” The current stabbed her, tearing her apart. She shattered, screaming, jerking in her bonds, as a raw-edged orgasm welled up from her punished flesh. “Oh God, God…” He shocked her again, letting the sparks jump to the metal clamps embedded in her labia. Agony stitched through her and yet she found herself flying off once more into climax.

“Tell me what your blasted Queen wants with us, and I’ll stop.”

“No, no, I can’t…”Cecily whimpered, limp and drained, twinges of irresistible pleasure still rippling through her body. The dreaded crackling came again. She tensed, tightening around the intrusion in her rear, expecting another jolt. The sound died away. Pain and pleasure flickered through her in alternating waves.

She closed her eyes, exhausted by conflicting sensations. Something round and silky-smooth prodded her lips. Without thought, she opened, and Amir’s hot cock slid inside.

Cecily could have sworn she was incapable of further arousal. Yet the sensation of his rigid bulk sliding over her tongue rekindled her. New moisture flowed from her exposed pussy. Her battered clit throbbed anew.

She sucked gratefully, tonguing the head, flicking at the ridge beneath, using all her considerable skills to wring delighted moans from her royal partner.

“Ah—Cecily—in this regard, at least you live up to your reputation…Ah!” Amir tangled his fingers in her hair, seizing her head and taking control. She did not fight him, but simply opened wider to give him access.

The Rajah fucked her mouth with single-minded ferocity. Again and again he buried himself in her wet heat, filling her mouth with solid, salty flesh. The damp satin of his pantaloons brushed her cheeks. His earthy musk rose through the fine fabric, teasing her nostrils. He was gloriously, wonderfully hard, like stone wrapped in velvet. Her neglected pussy tightened as she imagined that lovely hardness burrowing between her thighs. He thrust deeper, grunting as his rhythm grew ragged. She tilted her head, allowing him to take whatever he wanted.

There was no pain now, only the sweet knowledge that he was close to spending, brought to the crisis point by her agile mouth. Over the years, more than one of her foes had succumbed to this sort of delectable oral torture. Perhaps she could charm him into removing the fiendish poisoned collar. Maybe he’d come to trust her, and share the secret of Rajasthan’s astonishing prosperity…

Tension rippled along his considerable length. Amir dug his nails into her scalp and ground his pelvis against her bruised lips. His cock spasmed. Gout after gout of cum spilled over her tongue. She swallowed every drop.

He leaned for a while against her bound body, as if he didn’t have the strength to stand. She pursed her lips around his softening cock, lapping at the smooth, salty skin. The smell of him, the taste—made her hungry again, though he’d wrung so many orgasms from her she was sure she couldn’t bear another.

As if he’d heard her thoughts, he stirred. She allowed his drooping member to slip from her mouth. It slid out of sight inside his clothing. He grinned down at her. “That was quite delightful, madam. You almost make me forget my purpose.”

“Untie me, Your Highness.” Cecily pitched her voice sweet and low. “Please. I could provide you with a great deal more pleasure if my arms and legs were free.”

“But as I’ve already explained, it gives me the greatest of pleasure to see you bound. However, if you’ll reveal the details of your assignment, I might relent.”

Cecily was silent.

“Perhaps some persuasion of another sort would be more effective.”The Rajah pulled his tunic over his head, revealing a well-muscled chest dusted with black fur that set up a new ache in her cunny. When he stepped out of his trousers, Cecily could not contain her gasp of amazement. He was hard again.

“You have a most salubrious effect on my manhood, Miss Harrowsmith. I do believe I’m prepared to fuck you already. Would you enjoy that?” Circling behind her, he ran a fingertip along her soaked cleft, ending with a flick to her clit. Pleasure sizzled through her. She trembled, struggling for control.

He leaned close to her ear, adopting a conspiratorial tone. “It seems that you would. I’ll be most happy to oblige, too. And you don’t even need to confess anything. Instead, I’ll offer you some of my theories. You just need to confirm or deny them.”

That tempting cock of his bobbed in front of her face. A bead of pre-cum glistened at the tip. Despite herself, she licked her lips. His rich, mocking laugh sent a thrill straight to her core.

“I’ll take that as an acceptance. Let’s get started. I suppose I should remove these, as picturesque as they are.” He was behind her again, fiddling with the clamps. “This may hurt a bit. Be brave, Cecily.”

When the steel jaws released their grip, blood surged into her tender flesh. White hot pain shot through her. The world went black and stars danced in front of her eyes. If not for the bonds, she would have collapsed.

Amir patted her ass as the pain finally faded. “That’s a good girl. Now the other one.”

Knowing what to expect just made it worse. She took shallow breaths, waiting for the agony to subside. The Rajah made soothing noises of approval.

“You may find that you’re more sensitive now, after the clamps,” he told her. “Though you’re already so responsive, that’s a bit hard for me to imagine.”

She felt his slick knob positioned at her entrance. “Ready, Miss Harrowsmith?” Without waiting for her reply, he drove his rod into her drenched cunny.

Oh, God in Heaven, that ‘s glorious!He fit perfectly, stretching and filling her without the slightest sense of discomfort. In the aftermath of the clamps, her lower lips prickled and ached, but with him inside her, those sensations somehow transmuted to a weird sort of pleasure. He was still for long moments, allowing her to acclimate to his bulk. Then he began to move, each thrust grazing her swollen clit.

“Ooh—oh—ooh…” The force of his thrusts stirred the rod plugging her arse, setting up a circuit of sensation that raced to her clit and back. Steady, unhurried, Amir ploughed her eager pussy, forcing little moans from her unwilling lips with each stroke. Yes. Oh yes …It felt so good, she almost forgot he was her opponent, perverse and perilous.

“Now, Cecily.” Amir pulled partway out, then slid back into her depths. “I think you’re here to sabotage our power plants. Am I right?” Drawing back, he reached between her legs to tweak her clit.

“Ah! No, no—ah! Oh, please…!” Crazy with lust, Cecily hardly knew what she was saying. She strained against the ropes that held her immobile, trying to arch back and increase the friction between them.

“Did you come to assassinate me, then? I heard that the Empire already eliminated two uncooperative princes…”

“No, of course not! That’s slanderous—ah, God, more, please! More!”

He plunged in and out, twisting his hips somehow so that his cock corkscrewed inside her. In all her carnal encounters, she’d never felt anything like it, pleasure beyond description.

A climax loomed, hovering over her like a massive wave, ready to crash down and drown her. She was close, so close, every slide of the Rajah’s wondrous cock dragging her nearer to the edge. The sensations grew more and more acute, her entire body tingling. She couldn’t take any more. It was too much, too much…

“Our technology, then. You want to steal our secrets. You want to know how we’ve survived without Her Majesty’s precious viridium. Right? Answer me, Cecily! Tell me the truth!”

Amir pounded her in time with his questions, again and again and yet again. She closed her eyes and let him take her. His mellow, coaxing voice—his unrelenting cock—these were her only realities.

“Yes,” she breathed. “Yes, yes…”

The wave crested and broke, hauling her down into a maelstrom of sensation. She drifted, helpless, battered by unbearable delight, her bound body jerking uncontrollably. She was utterly and completely lost.

The Rajah continued to fuck her as she twitched beneath him. When he came at last, with a shout of triumph, Cecily tried not to give in to a new crisis. She failed.

Shameful pleasure welled up and swept her away.

About Lisabet Sarai

Lisabet Sarai became addicted to words at an early age. She began reading when she was four. She wrote her first story at five years old and her first poem at seven. Since then, she has written plays, tutorials, scholarly articles, marketing brochures, software specifications, self-help books, press releases, a five-hundred page dissertation, and lots of erotica and erotic romance – more than fifty single author titles including eight full length novels, plus dozens of short stories in various collections. Her credits include contributions to the Lambda winner Where the Girls Are and the IPPIE Best Erotic Book of 2011, Carnal Machines. Her gay scifi erotic romance Quarantine won a Rainbow Awards 2012 Honorable Mention. She has also edited a number of acclaimed erotica anthologies. Currently she is responsible for the charity erotica imprint Coming Together Presents, which as of December 2014 has published six volumes by top erotic authors, supporting causes such as Amnesty International, Planned Parenthood, and the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America.

Lisabet has more degrees than anyone would ever need, from prestigious educational institutions who would no doubt be deeply embarrassed by her chosen genre. Aside from writing, travel is one of her most fervent passions. She has visited every continent except Australia, though she still has a long bucket list of places she hasn’t been. Currently she lives in Southeast Asia with her indulgent husband and two exceptional felines, where she pursues an alternative career that is completely unrelated to her creative writing.

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Rajasthani Moon by Lisabet SaraiRajasthani Moon/strong>
Steampunk BDSM ménage shapeshifter Bollywood erotic romance

Neither kink nor curse can stop a woman with a mission.

Cecily Harrowsmith, secret agent extraordinaire, is a woman on a mission. When the remote Indian kingdom of Rajasthan refused to remit its taxes to the Empire, Her Majesty imposed an embargo. Deprived of the energy-rich mineral viridium, essential for modern technology and development, Rajasthan was expected to quickly give in and resume its payments. Yet after three years, the rebellious principality still has not knuckled under. Cecily undertakes the difficult journey to the rugged, arid land of the Raj puts to determine just how it has managed to survive, and if possible to convince the country to return to the Empire’s embrace. Instead, she’s taken captive by a brigand who turns out to be the ruler’s half-brother Pratan and delivered into the hands of the sexy but sadistic Rajah Amir, who expertly mingles torture and delight in his interrogation of the voluptuous interloper.

Cursed before birth by Amir’s jealous mother, Pratan changes to a ravening wolf whenever the moon is full. Cecily uncovers the counter-spell that can reverse the effects of the former queen’s hex and tries to trade that information for her freedom. Drawn to the fierce wolf-man and sympathising with his suffering, she volunteers to serve as the sacrifice required by the ritual—offering her body to the beast. In return, the Rajah reveal Rajasthan’s amazing secret source of energy. In the face of almost impossible odds, Cecily has accomplished the task entrusted to her by the Empire. But can she really bear to leave the virile half-brothers and their colourful land behind and return to constraints of her life in England?

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As more women are slaughtered, always in kinky circumstances, the Professor finds herself in an exclusive world catering to the perversions of Bangkok’s wealthy and well-connected. Simultaneously looking for evidence and satisfying her own lusts, she doesn’t realize until too late that the power she’s used to wielding won’t save her from becoming the serial murderer’s next victim.

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Camp guard Rafe Cowell is H-negative. He figures the lust he feels watching prisoner 3218 masturbate on the surveillance cameras must be due to his loneliness and isolation. When he finally meets the young queer, he discovers that Dylan is brilliant, brave, sexy as hell – and claims to be in love with Rafe. Despite his qualms, Rafe finds he can’t resist the other man’s charm. By the time Dylan asks for his help in escaping, Rafe cares too much for Dylan to refuse.

Dylan’s plan goes awry and Rafe comes to his rescue. Soon they’re both fugitives, fleeing from militant survivalists, murderous androids, homophobic ideologues and a powerful man who wants Dylan as his sexual toy. Hiding in the Plague-ravaged city of Sanfran, Dylan and Rafe learn there’s far more than their own safety at stake. Can they help prevent the deaths of millions more people? And can Rafe trust the love of a man who deliberately seduced him in order to escape from quarantine?

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Each volume in the D&S Duos series combines two of Lisabet Sarai’s hottest BDSM short stories into one sizzling package. Book 1 includes “Body Electric”, in which a professor of engineering charms his female colleague into experiments on the erotic effects of electricity, and “Limits”, a tale of an established Master/slave couple pushing their relationship to next level of trust. Book 2 features “Never Too Late”, a tale of a middle-aged wife and mother who encounters the Master of whom she’s secretly dreamed all her life, and “Just a Spanking”. Book 3 focuses on femdom, with “Be Careful What You Wish For” and “Layover”. Book 4 will provide another blast of kinky heat, in early April!

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