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What's erotic? Each of our winter Awesome Authors offers a different answer. A disembodied supernatural entity who can nevertheless elicit the most exquisite pleasure. An anonymous connection between strangers on a crowded commuter train. An outrageous offer too lucrative to refuse, even though it violates the law and conventional morality. A forced seduction by a randy sea god eager for an heir. The shameful thrill that comes from admitting your need for pain. Realistic or fantastic, sweet or gritty, lyrical or smutty — whatever turns you on — you'll find it here.
Lisabet Sarai, ERWA Marketing and Editorial Associate

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So, the festivities have come and gone at the speed of light and we're into a new year. Some of you will have made neat, bullet-pointed lists of what you'll have achieved this time in 2018, and others will be already deciding to give up your New Year's resolutions for Lent. For me, 2016 seemed to pass in a flash, but I was pleased to have checked off about three quarters of the things on my 'I want to be able to...' list. I've written quite few short stories and had some of them accepted for anthologies. So that's good. I did the courses I always said I wanted to do. I still can't reverse-park though, and as for my culinary skills, Nigella Lawson need not fear my competition in the kitchen quite yet... Whatever your aims for this year, I hope that one of them is to carve out more time for relaxing and reading, even if that does mean that you have to delegate a thing or two. I wish you a happy and relaxing New Year.
Sam Thorne, ERWA Editor-In-Chief

Editor-In-Chief: Sam Thorne
Fiction Editors: Daddy X, Michele Michael Rakes, Belinda LaPage
Flasher Editor: Ian Smith
Poetry Editor: Iris Perkins

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