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The Sex Toy Scuttlebutt spotlights adult delights plucked from trusted adult shops that feature the very best selection of clit buzzing, butt plugging, dildo pumping, g-spot gushing, penis rubbing, prostate nudging adult toys made of silicone, rubber, plastic, glass, wood, and stainless steel, high tech, look-ma-no-hands, and old-fashion classic elegance.

With so many intriguing products on display, selecting the best toy for your romp (or for your rump) can be frustrating. In the interest of your pleasure (and your credit card), we are here to help via the Sex Toy Scuttlebutt.

What’s New in the World of Orgasmic Delights

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Double Agent ViibratorSex Double Agent Vibrator – The Sex Double Agent Vibrator is a double stimulator designed to tickle your bits! The extra-long tail can easily reach your backdoor. The beaded tip is shaped to slip easily inside your rear with a slim tip. The textured shaft delivers additional stimulation for more thrills as you probe explore your backdoor!

While teasing your rear, you can give your G-Spot the same treatment too! The vibrator shaft features a large, curved tip to make finding your G-Spot a breeze. The thick shaft fills you up nicely for even more thrills.

The Sex Double Agent Vibrator features a low-pitched motor that delivers deep, rumbling vibrations to satisfy your innermost bits. The motor is both stronger and quieter than average to protect your privacy. There are 9 vibration modes for you to try, including multiple speeds and pulsating patterns to tickle your bits with a wide variety of sensations. Simply press and hold the button in the base to turn the vibrator on. Press the button again to change modes until you find one you like. When you’re done, simply hold the button down to turn the vibrator off.

The vibrator is waterproof so you can use it in the shower or tub for wet and wild fun. The watertight seal also makes it easier to clean for long-lasting enjoyment.

The Sex Double Agent Vibrator measures 1.5 inches wide by 7.5 inches long, with up to 6 inches insertable. The stimulating tail measures 0.75 inch wide by 8 inches long. The vibrator is made from soft and flexible silicone. Silicone is non-porous for easy cleaning and hypoallergenic, which makes it a body-safe material. The vibrator uses 2 AA batteries, sold separately. Unscrew the base of the vibrator to access the battery compartment.

The double stimulator vibrator is compatible with water-based sex lubes. Wash the vibrator in warm, soapy water or spray it with sex toy cleaner after each use.

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OctopussHot Octopuss Vibrating Duo Stroker for Couples – This multi-award winning male stimulator is the most inventive on the market in male stimulators using oscillations to pleasure him and now comes with a soft vibrating underside to pleasure her during foreplay. The Pulse III DUO from Hot Octopuss is designed with couples in mind and with all of the favourite features of its predecessor, but with 25% more power, magnetic charging and a super charged turbo function that takes you straight to maximum power, so there’s no need to fumble through the lessor functions if you don’t need too. This premium stroker has 5 vibration modes with adjustable frequencies and 9 speeds felt through the unique oscillating Pulse Plates.

The Pulse III can be used with or without an erection making this suitable for those who suffer from ED. Choose whether to use with lubricant and play as with a traditional stroker or without lubricant for static play and a prolonged orgasm. The flexible and expanding, yet sturdy ‘wings’ hold the penis whilst the oscillating plates provide incredible sensations direct to the frenulum. Easy to use controls and a state-of-the-art magnetic charging design for convenient, on the go fun for both of you!


  • For couples
  • 9 speed oscillator
  • 5 vibration modes with adjustable frequency
  • Remote control for couples play
  • Expanding wings
  • Oscillating PulsePlate
  • USB rechargeable
  • 1 hour running time
  • Travel pouch included
  • Waterproof
  • Silicone
  • ABS material

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We Vibe SyncWe-Vibe Sync

The First Ever We-Vibe That Adjusts To Fit Your G-Spot!
Protected by Adam & Eve’s Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy

The We-Vibe Sync Massager bends and twists to fit your curves like a glove… and you can even use it during sex!

  • Adjustable G-Spot stimulator & flexible shaft hug your body
  • Clit & G-Spot stimulators focus on your most sensitive spots
  • Powerful & discrete dual motors maximize your pleasure
  • Features 10 programmed vibration modes, including multiple speeds & options
  • Fully waterproof for fun in the shower or tub & easy cleaning
  • Insertable G-Spot stimulator measures 2.5 inches long by 1.125 inches wide
  • Made from body-safe silicone, a hypoallergenic & extremely durable material
  • Rechargeable vibrator can run up to 90 minutes fully charged
  • The next generation of couples’ vibrators is here! The We-Vibe Sync Massager boasts an all-new adjustable design, more versatile vibration modes, faster charging time and other great features.

Adjustable Fit
The Sync Massager has two adjustable points so you can customize it for maximum stimulation and comfort. The first adjustable point angles the G-Spot tip up or down and then holds it in place so you can position the tip just right. The second point bends the flexible shaft around your body so you can use it while you’re walking around the house or changing positions during sex.

Dual Clit & G-Spot Stimulators
The We-Vibe Sync features two arms for dual stimulation. The smaller arm is a G-Spot stimulator, while the larger arm is a clitoral stimulator. Both arms feature their own vibrating motor for the strongest possible sensations. And they’re lightly ribbed to create a soothing massage-like feeling as you use the We-Vibe. Directly stimulating your most sensitive spots makes it easier than ever for you to have a mind-blowing O during sex or by yourself!

Vibration Modes
The We-Vibe Sync Massager’s dual motors are quieter and stronger than average to discreetly maximize your pleasure. The Sync comes with 10 programmed vibration settings, including multiple speeds and pulsating patterns so you can experiment with a variety of sensations. The free We-Connect app offers even more options – including two brand-new vibration modes. Beat Mode vibrates the Sync in rhythm with your favorite music. Touch Mode allows you to control the vibe in real time and create customized vibration patterns.

How to Use the We-Vibe Sync
Start by inserting the G-Spot tip and see how it fits your body. Since every woman’s body is different, you might need to curve the adjustable tip up or down before you find your G-Spot. The We-Vibe’s natural shape leaves the clitoral stimulator sitting directly on your joy buzzer, while the flexible shaft helps hold it in place.

The We-Vibe Sync can be controlled multiple ways for your convenience. First, you can use the built-in button located directly above the two magnetic points on the clitoral stimulator. Simply press the button to turn the vibrator on and cycle through the different modes. Hold the button down to turn it off. Second, you can use the discreet remote. The top arrow turns the vibrator on. The side arrows change vibration modes. And the bottom arrow turns it back off. Third, you can use the free We-Connect app on your smartphone. Once you sync the We-Vibe to your phone, you can control it from anywhere in the world, making it great for long-distance relationships.

The We-Vibe Sync features a slim design that naturally hugs your body so couples can use it during sex. The extra stimulation is sure to drive you wild, while giving your partner a nice buzz too! But there are plenty of other fun ways to use your We-Vibe Sync. With its discreet profile and super-quiet motors, you can easily wear the Sync Massager during date night while your lover uses the remote control to drive you wild. Or you can use it for solo play just like your favorite rabbit vibrator.

Additional Information
The We-Vibe Sync Massager is completely waterproof so you can use it almost anywhere from the morning shower to a late-night dip in the hot tub or pool. The watertight seal also makes it easier to keep your vibrator looking and performing at its best.

The non-insertable clitoral stimulator measures 2.75 inches long by 1.125 inches wide, making it slightly larger than the insertable G-Spot stimulator, which measures 2.5 inches long by 1.125 inches wide. Both stimulators are made from silicone, a body-safe material prized for its special properties. Silicone is hypoallergenic and non-porous, which makes it completely safe for people with severe allergies or sensitive skin.

The We-Vibe Sync is rechargeable. The improved battery takes just 2 hours to fully charge and can run for up to 90 minutes. The Sync comes with a magnetic charging case with a USB cord that can also be used for discrete storage. The vibrator also includes a lube sample and detailed directions, complete with illustrations showing you how to use it.

The We-Vibe Sync Massager is compatible with water-based sex lubes. Spray the vibrator with sex toy cleaner after each use and rinse it clean before drying it with a lint-free towel.

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Club Vibe 3.OHClub Vibe 3.OH
Wireless Vibe Rocks Out To Music Or Your Remote’s Command!

Built in microphone lets vibe pulse along with your favorite music!

Or remote control the vibe from up to 20’ away!

Protected by Adam & Eve’s Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy

Rock out in all new and sexy ways with this sound-sensing remote-controlled vibe! Slip the vibrator into the included black lace thong and wear it at home or at the club to feel booty-shaking hands-free vibration. Three separate modes give you, your lover, or the music total control for total vibrating ecstasy.

  • Contoured wireless vibe reacts to sound and/or remote control
  • Velvety and firm vibe slips into panty for hands-free excitement
  • Sound-sensing remote works from up to 20’ away
  • Choose from three pleasure modes
  • Tease mode lets you send surprise pulses with the touch of a button
  • Groove mode lets you switch between 5 intense vibration settings
  • Club mode activates the sound-sensing mic for vibrations in time to music
  • No batteries required: vibe and remote are USB rechargeable
  • 1+ hour play time on a single charge, 1.5 hour charge time
  • Includes lace thong panty, charger, and storage bag
  • One size panty fits 2-12

Have the naughtiest vibrating hands-free fun ever with the new and improved Ohmibod Club Vibe 3.OH! This panty vibe’s strong vibrations and multiple vibrating modes give you so many ways to play alone or with a partner. Just slip the velvety-smooth vibe into the included panty and wear it at home or to the club to feel sinfully sensational vibrations.

To use, press and hold the button on the vibe for 3 seconds to activate it. Now do the same with the remote. Tap the arrow button to play with Tease mode. In Tease mode, tap the arrow button every time you want the vibe to pulse. Send one quick burst of pleasure, or tap out patterns that’ll keep you right on the edge.

Or if you’re in the mood for more satisfaction, press the middle button for Groove mode. This keeps your Ohmibod Club Vibe 3.OH vibrating. Tap the middle button to explore all 5 intense functions.

Finally, try out the volume button to activate Club mode. Club mode turns on the microphone located on the remote. When you hold it near music or in a club, the microphone senses the rhythms and sends them right into your vibrator – what a way to dance to the music!

Play all night, then recharge both the vibe and remote via the included USB charge cable for your next round of fun. The party never stops when you’re wearing this panty.

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Buck Dich Paddle DildoBuck Dich Paddle Dildo
Who Gets To Bend Over First For The Kinky Paddle With The Unique Dildo Handle?

This could be the first paddle that’s loads of fun –– for both the giver and receiver of spanks! By the way, “Bück Dich” means “bend over” in German. A good thing.

  • Bück Dich Paddle Dildo
  • Slightly flexible paddle attached to textured phallic dildo
  • Made from durable premium grade silicone
  • 12″ total length, 6.5″ long paddle is 5″ wide
  • 5.5″ insertable dildo with 1.25″ wide shaft
  • Base between paddle and dildo is 3″ wide
  • Dildo can be vaginally or anally
  • One side of paddle is lightly textured, the other side is smooth
  • Use with your favorite water based lube or gel
  • Can be used vaginally or anally, if anal, always add lube
  • Designed and made in Germany

Start with light taps and rubs, then see where your kink takes you. Once you’ve warmed up your bottom’s bottom with spanking, then introduce the ripple texture curved dildo to their G-spot or prostate. And the paddle’s flat surfaces feel heavenly when soothing red cheeks with some added lube.

There’s so much explore, so much to do with your Bück Dich Paddle Dildo. It’s designed and made to last a lifetime, so there’s no need to hurry — you’ll want to savor every moment.

By now you’re probably thinking about solo play with your Bück Dich Paddle Dildo. It’s good idea to practice spanking on yourself, just so you know how good it feels.

Have a “safe word” ready for couples play.

Even the most experienced kinkster can get carried away. Agree on a word either of you can say to stop the action, without actually saying the word “stop.” It’s more fun that way!
For individuals and couples who love spanking games, and/or dildo games, the Bück Dich Paddle Dildo is the perfect addition to your toy collection.

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TrystTryst Multi-Erogenous Massager
Miracle Massager Fits Every Body!

Great for men, women, and couples play!

As featured in Cosmo magazine!

Add exciting vibration to your next encounter with this multi-position vibrating wonder. The Tryst’s unique arms and triple motor system let you surround any area with 7 arousing vibration functions. It’s a simultaneous penis ring, clitoral stimulator, couples vibrator, and more. Can you discover all the possibilities?

  • Multiple position vibrator for men, women, and couples
  • Can be used for solo stimulation or worn during intercourse
  • Unique shape has three motors, one in each arm and one in base
  • 7 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation
  • Independent arm and base controls for mixing and matching
  • Firm with smooth silicone surface
  • Rechargeable; includes USB charging cable
  • Approx 90 minutes of use on a single charge
  • Protected by Adam & Eve’s Triple Guarantee

Make your next encounter into a super-racy Tryst! The Tryst Multi-Erogenous Massager is designed for every kind of stimulation. Seduce pinpoint spots like nipples or clit by gently squeezing them between the massager’s arms. Insert the arms for mind-blowing G-Spot or P-Spot stimulation.

You both can use this wicked and wild massager during intercourse. He can wear it as a penis ring with the base oriented up or down for optimal clitoral and testicle stimulation. To turn on, just tap the top button to activate motors in the massager’s arms and the bottom button to set the base’s motor buzzing. Press and hold either button to turn each end off.

Once you’re finished basking in the afterglow, charge your Tryst Multi-Erogenous Massager using the included USB charging cable.

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Rockin ChairFetish Fantasy International Rockin Chair

Get ready for the ride of your life with the vibrating seat that’s guaranteed to rock your world! The Fetish Fantasy International Rockin’ Chair is the ultimate vibrating sex saddle that’ll deliver intense climaxes and explosive orgasms.

The secret behind this purple pulsating pleasure device is the perfectly positioned silicone clitoral stimulator that delivers mind-blowing thrills right where you want them most!

Thanks to its super-discreet design, the Rockin’ Chair can easily pass as a hip new furniture or the newest must-have workout device! No one will ever know your little secret either way!

It’s ELECTRIC! Battery operated vibrators can be powerful, but they don’t come close to the incredible vibrations of our super-powerful, electric motor. The Rockin’ Chair comes with an extra-long power cord and an international adapter, so you can rock out wherever you like.

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50 Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Egg50 Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Egg — Build up to an intense finish with this naughty little vibrating egg plus remote control. Designed for pure pleasure, the Fifty Shades Of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg lets you feel vibrations discreetly – for all sorts of wicked games. Wear it and a blindfold in the bedroom, and surrender the remote to your lover for surprising sensations. You can even wear the egg under clothes for kinkier adventures.

Before use, charge the 50 Shades Of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg and its remote via the included USB plug. A dual-pronged plug lets you charge both parts at once to save time. In just two hours, you’re fully charged and ready for action.

To start, pair the egg vibrator with the remote. Press and hold the button on the egg until a light flickers. Now press and hold the remote control’s button until a steady light comes on. Push the remote control’s button again to start the vibrations. Keep pressing to cycle through all 3 vibration speeds, then continue on to 4 vibration functions including pulsation and patterns.

This vibrating egg and remote are fun to use alone (accompanied by your favorite 50 Shades Of Grey novel) or to recreate sensual and secret vibrating fantasies. Or hand over the remote to your lover and see what they’ve got in store for you.
Remove the egg at any time with the attached retrieval ring.

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Kgoal Smart Kegel ExerciserKgoal Smart Kegel Exerciser — Other kegel exercisers make promises, but the kGoal Smart Kegel Exerciser lets you measure results! This clever vibrating exerciser’s pillowy silicone bulb inflates or deflates to challenge your kegel muscles. Every time you squeeze, you’ll be answered by the kGoal’s pleasurable vibrations. When your workout is over, track your progress with the free smartphone app.

Strong pelvic floor muscles are the secret to increased pleasure for you and your partner! With the kGoal Smart Kegel Exerciser, you can strengthen your kegels, get real-time feedback, keep track of your progress over time — oh, and did we mention the way it vibrates as you train for an instant workout reward? Use the exerciser on its own, or pair it with your compatible smartphone and the free kGoal app to unlock even more fun.

Work out at your own pace with just the exerciser — or discover a whole new dimension of kegel excitement by pairing the kGoal Smart Kegel Exerciser with its free app, available for your compatible Bluetooth-capable iOS or Android device. Track workouts, strength, and get onscreen feedback. It’s like having a personal kegel trainer on call!

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Nipple Play PleasurizersNipple Play Pleasurizers — Adjustable rings & powerful vibrations rock your nipples, or your clit. The Nipple Play Vibrating Pleasurizers features two adjustable nipple rings. The rings fit comfortably around your nipples or clit, no matter how small or big they might be. The rings have a special cinch so you can adjust them for the desired fit. You can wear them just tight enough to hold the vibrators in place or you can pull them even tighter to pinch your nipples and keep them rock hard!

A small bullet vibe is attached to each nipple ring, providing vibrations that echo throughout the ring for a circle of super-charged stimulation. You won’t believe how good the vibrating rings feel on your nipples or your clit — especially if you give them a little tug now and then! The lightweight bullet vibes have two different speeds for you try. Simply press the button in the controller to change speeds and turn the toy on and off.

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Twisted Triplets Clit & Nipple Sucker SetTwisted Triplets Clit & Nipple Sucker Set – Thrill your pleasure points with powerful suction! Each 4” x 1” sucker’s clear cylinder tube fits around nipple or clit. Twist the top to deliver powerful suction that draws blood flow to the skin’s surface to get you erect and so sensitive! Silent and discreet for nipple or clit-pumping fun anytime. Set of 3 leaves every base covered.

With the Twisted Triplets Clit & Nipple Sucker Set, you’ll have all your hot spots aroused and tingling with suction. Lovers of clit and nipple teasing will love using and wearing these powerful, lightweight pumps. Get started by taking one of the suckers and fitting the clear suction chamber over your nipple or clit. Turn the screw-style twist top to the right to feel arousing suction. Use only a little suction, or keep twisting the top to increase the power.

Use for suction-tastic foreplay, for solo fun, and more. The Twisted Triplets Clit & Nipple Sucker Set is discreet and silent, so you can use them any time and any place the mood strikes.

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Apollo Premium Power PumpApollo Premium Power Pump – Pumping increases penis length and girth by creating a vacuum inside the chamber, causing your circulation to rush in and make penis erect. The Apollo Premium Power Pump has it all for a premium pump experience! Large (9.5″ x 3.25″) ABS plastic cylinder takes every inch you’ve got and makes it bigger, better and harder! It has a built-in ruler to measure your progress! Easy squeeze trigger handle creates suction — PLUS — the hose detaches for hands-free suction! To reduce suction, press cylinder’s quick release valve. Flanged base keeps silicone donut seal in place for tight seal.

Pumping has never been easier, or more effective. Each pumping session lets you see how much length you’ve gained, thanks to a built-in metric and standard inch ruler. Rest your pumping hand, or even get up to change the adult movie in your DVD player, just press the hose release clip on the cylinder for hands free suction.

Regulate suction pressure or remove cylinder with a press of a button, the pressure release valve on top of the see through chamber.
Use for suction-tastic foreplay, for solo fun, and more. The Twisted Triplets Clit & Nipple Sucker Set is discreet and silent, so you can use them any time and any place the mood strikes.

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The Perfect StrokeThe Perfect Stroke — Winner of the “Outstanding Innovation” at the “O” Awards! The Perfect Stroke uses a unique air suction chamber to pleasure both flaccid and erect members. Just squeeze the air out of the chamber, then place lubricated penis tip over the opening and let go of the chamber — this causes the penis to be sucked in and stay there. Thanks to its patented Accumulation Technology, The Perfect Stroke is designed to be pulled down and back, so a series of soft TPR textures inside the 5″ chamber can be used while flaccid or erect.

Among the textures inside your Perfect Stroke are lifelike rings that grasp the penis tightly, followed by Mini-Lotus textures that feature realistic vaginal sensations — and massage beads help create a stimulating canal to bring complete satisfaction to both erect and flaccid penises.

The Perfect Stroke sleeve rests inside an ABS plastic casing and removes for easy cleaning. The whole thing fits inside a discreet 12″ tall tin carrying case that stores and travels easily.

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Crystal Jellies Anal Starter KitCrystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit — From beginner to advanced anal fun in one fun kit. Play your way up from Small (3″ x 1″) to Medium (4″ x 1.5″), all the way to Large (5″ x 2″)! Start with a generous amount of water based lube, then enjoy easy wearability as the flat base keeps the plug in place. Phallic tip thrills its way in and flexible PVC/Sil-A-Gel material slides like greased lightning! Compatible with many O-ring strap-on harnesses.

When playtime’s over, just clean your Crystal Jelly plugs with warm soapy water, rinse and towel dry. Store away from other sex toys in a dry place. Or use a cleaner like Adam & Eve Pure And Clean Misting Toy Cleaner. Some folks prefer slipping a condom over the butt plug before insertion. When the party’s over, remove and dispose of condom, revealing an easier to clean toy.

The Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit is a complete anal sex toy experience in one easy, wearable kit. Satisfying your anal curiosity today and take your (or a lover’s) backdoor to new levels of ecstasy.

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Bouncer Silicone ShakeDildoBouncer Silicone ShakeDildo — Shake it, baby! This one-of-a-kind dildo design adds a new kind of motion to the ocean. Each of its pronounced curves houses a weighted ball that adds a pleasurable (and totally quiet) vibration-like tremor to the dildo whether it’s used by hand or in a harness — and the more thrusting you enjoy, the more the inner balls move and the greater sensation they cause. Velvety-smooth silicone surface is a pleasure to touch with a thin base that is easy to wear with a harness. The slight curve to Bouncer’s shape offers subtle G-spot and anal-safe prostate stimulation. Handmade in Germany.

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