Introduction to the ERWA Email Discussion List

[Please note: The Erotica Readers & Writers Association (ERWA) email list is not a sex related chat room or a dating service. If you’re looking for cyber-action try Adult Friend Finder where anything can happen—and often does!]

The Erotica Readers & Writers Association (ERWA) hosts an active email discussion list—a community of people who enjoy exploring the provocative world of sensual pleasures, and the challenges of writing erotica.

There are no fees or qualifications involved. The list consists of 4 sections. Each section has a specific focus, ranging from an open forum with a social ambiance (Parlor), to author specific topics (Writers), and an informal workshop (Storytime).

The purpose of ERWA email list is two-fold:

  1. To encourage and support people who want to share their thoughts and opinions about a wide variety of personal, social, and relationship issues.
  2. To encourage and inspire writers interested in erotica and its many sub-genres.

To protect ERWA subscribers and discourage copyright infringement, everything, and that means every post, every story, every poem, every word that is posted to ERWA list is the property of the originator (the person who wrote it). It is illegal to use anything, in any form, that is posted to ERWA list, or appears on ERWA website, without written permission from the author(s) who wrote it.

Please note:

  • The discussion group is in the form of a private email list; this means discussions are shared privately, via email, among subscribers. There are no online boards, so privacy is insured.
  • Soliciting/marketing in any way, shape or form is not allowed on ERWA discussion list.
  • ERWA is an adult email list, restricted to adults only (18 years and over).

The information provided in the links to the left of the screen will help you decide which sections you want to join, how to participate, how to manage ERWA email, how to unsubscribe, and other important info.

ERWA has five separate email lists, each with a specific purpose.

ERA-ADMIN: This is an announcement-only list. We will post calls for submission and events to this list, so if you are interested in those, please sign up for this list. It is not a high-traffic list.

ERA-NEWS: This is an announcement-only list that currently goes out once per quarter with our newsletter that details site updates, new releases, and lots of great info.

ERA-PARLOR: This is ERWA’s main discussion list. This is an open-forum sort of list where we can chat about anything. Come join in the lively discussion!

ERA-WRITERS: This list is for discussion geared specifically toward erotica writers, including craft, marketing, submissions, publishing, etc.

ERA-STORYTIME: This list is very specifically geared toward writing craft and critique. It is a sort of informal workshop and has very specific rules (we’ve developed them over time and they’re in place to make everything work well!) so please read the rules before you post. If you submit something to Storytime, your work may be chosen to be featured in the Gallery. You may also be selected to be in one of our upcoming ERWA anthologies. All Gallery features are also cross-posted to Selena Kitt’s personal email list of over 35,000 members.

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