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The Smutters Lounge: Open 24/7
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Smutters Lounge (erachat) is the place where ERWAers can meet up and chat about anything and everything.  Think of it as the Erotica Readers and Writers club room and it's open 24/7 year round.  We invite you to take advantage of Smutters Lounge to have unlimited discussions about character development, plotting issues, advice on publishing, and any other writing topics, or just meet up for friendly chatter and group discussions on whatever takes your fancy. Smutters Lounge is a good way to network, get to know each other better.


ERWA Smutters Lounge can be found on the ShadowWorld chat server,
channel, #erachat. Simply follow this ShadowWorld chat server link. On screen you'll see 'Connect to ShadowWorld IRC'. In the Nickname box, key in your name. Leave the channels box at #erachat, and click 'Connect'.

A chat text box will appear as a single blank line space at the bottom of your screen. To chat, type into the chat box, and hit enter.

Option for those who prefer a modern interface with way-cool functions:

Download mIRC, a popular Internet Relay Chat client, at the following URL:

Set-up IRC (MIRC) Chat for PCs

Set-up IRC (IRCLE) Chat for MACs

If you have questions or need help with ERWA chat, please contact Chat Coordinator, Karen (kahtt), chat coordinator at:

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