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Parking in the 60's
by Aspire © 2004

Parking? What do you mean ‘going parking‘? Does this generation even know the term, let alone walk the walk? I have a feeling they don't. Pity them, for they are missing out on one of the world's most romantic scenarios. As I recall dates always started early in the evening, just so there would be enough time left to go parking before going home. Finding the spot, the right spot, then remembering where it was so you could return to it. Fighting off black fly in the spring and mosquitoes in the early summer.

Two people all alone in their own little world while sexual tension filled the air. How far will they go? Correction how far will she let him go? Has there been enough wining and dining to move onto second and third base? Does the glove compartment contain a package of condoms? Each night was an adventure, as two people played out the game. You haven't lived until you've had the gearshift of a Volkswagen beetle pressed against your ass at midnight, bathed in a coating of sweat, while you hoped to God the condom wouldn't break!

Let the game begin.

It was a warm May night. Turning off the mud road Dale inched the car along the last few feet into the clearing in the woods and parked. The windows were open. When he shut off the engine it was so quiet you could hear yourself breathing. The spring peepers were chirping. The moon was almost full and already far up in the sky. Its light shone through the trees into the front seat of the car. It seemed to cast a glow over the polished dash. For a few minutes we sat there, enjoying the peace and each other's company.

The dance begins. Dale reached over and turned the key one click. He played with the radio dial adjusting it back and forth until he found our favourite station. He left it turned on low. A familiar love song played. Out of the corner of my eye I caught him looking at me.

"Nice dress."

I smiled my thanks at his compliment. The dress was brand new. I had just bought it that afternoon with my savings. It was a hot pink, braless sundress. I hadn't been braless since my mother purchased my first bra back in school. I was in bare legs so I had only a pair of panties on under it. They were my best ones with little blue flowers on them. I'd worn them just in case. All very daring attire for a small town 'nice girl' in the 60's. The dress made me feel wicked, sexy and in control.

He reached down between his legs and pulled a lever. The front bench seat went back as far as it would go. Then he moved over to sit close on my side of the car. His arm slid around my shoulders. I snuggled up loving the feel of his shoulder. I was already breathing faster and hoping he couldn't tell. No matter how sexy I felt, I couldn't indicate that to him. It simply wasn't done. It was my role to wait and let him make the first move. Only sluts ever showed any actual interest in sex. The rest of us did our best to act like it was a favour bestowed. It was agreed to because we loved the guy so much. We wanted him to feel good. Secretly, we sat there with wet panties and crossed fingers, hoping he would do something, anything, and hurry up about it.

My nipples were starting to tingle in anticipation. I knew how Dale would work this scene. We'd been dating for the better part of a year now. Colleges didn't allow boys in your room. They had to wait at the front desk until you appeared. Co-ed dormitories were thing for the future so you were left with the car. This made owning a car very, very important.

I wondered how much longer before he would touch them. He leaned down and kissed me, his tongue deep in my mouth. I could taste the chocolate sundae we'd eaten after the movie. Then his hand dropped down inside the top of my dress. He stroked and then gently squeezed my right breast. Dale always started off this way. I guess he was giving me a chance to say no, or to protest, or something. He never knew that that was the last thing on my mind. I made sure of it. After all I was a good girl.

I soon realized he wasn't going to, so I reached up behind my neck and unfastened the buttons that held the dress straps in place. That was a daring move on my part but the movement of his hand inside my dress was verging on tearing it. Maybe he didn't know how the straps fastened. Guys didn't know a lot about girls, it seemed. Silently the top of the dress folded down into my lap exposing both breasts in the moonlight. I looked down, loving the way they looked in that light. It gave them an iridescent glow.

Dale turned around and lay his head in my lap. I cradled him in my arms as his mouth found a nipple. He suckled, gently at first, and then increased the suction. I bit my lip as he moved to the other. The tingling sensation from my nipples had now moved further down my body. I felt my clit sitting up and taking notice. I wondered what it would feel like to have a man suckle it as Dale was doing to my tits. I couldn't ask him to do that. Nice girls didn't think those thoughts and nice girls didn't let boys put their mouths down there. I just knew that, without ever being told.

The skirt of my dress was all bunched up under Dale's head, as he lay on my lap. The movement of his head soon had my thighs bared and his hair tickled me as it brushed across my skin. He caressed my thigh with one hand, moving upwards until I felt his fingers lightly touching the crotch of my panties. One finger slowly worked its way under the leg elastic. Was he feeling my wetness? I wasn't sure if he would know what that was all about.

"Let's move into the back seat"

I opened the door and we both got out. The warm night air felt great on my hot breasts. As I was reaching for the handle of the back door a blinding light came out of nowhere. A voice demanded to know if we realized this was private property. I screamed and turned my back to the light as I fumbled with the straps to the dress. It was to no avail. In my panic I couldn't remember how they fastened. I turned around, using my hands to hold up the dress over my breasts.

A rather large man in a police uniform walked over to us and asked to see some ID. After much scrambling around and me losing my hold on the top of my dress, we each handed over a driver's license. Following a quick check they were returned. He waved to someone and the bright light went out. As we stood, almost blind in the dark beside the car, he gave us a lengthy, verbal warning about trespassing. At last he started to walk away and then he turned to face us again.

"Nice dress!"

2004 Aspire. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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