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Neighborhood Watch
© 2001 by Wimzcicle

"You're damn eyes are gonna fall outta your head, Elsie...starin' through them binoculars like that."

"Shh....someone'll hear you...Bea!"

"Lordy, sister, who are you lookin' at now?"

"Mr.  Henderson just kissed his wife goodbye.  She came out the door in nothing but her bathrobe.  I bet she don't wear a thing under that!"

"Well if anyone would know that, it'd be you, Elsie.  Geeze, Louise!"

"Oh, my...she just bent over for the newspaper! Someone oughta tell her that bathrobe's too short..."

"Yeah, I'll walk right on over there now and tell her myself. 'Scuse me, Mrs.  Henderson, but my nosey sister saw your twat when you bent over to pick up your paper, you better rethink that bathrobe ensemble."

"Go to hell, Bea! It's my only enjoyment of the damn day, think I wanna sit here and listen to you complain 'bout your arthritis 24-7?

"Yeah, sure....blame it on me.  That's a good excuse for your sick habit, woman.  You get down the row to that young Mr.  Thompson yet? Ain't he the one walks around in those silk boxers you are always oohin' and ahhin' about?"

"I'm gettin' to him.  He should be up and about any time now.  Oh, Lord....there he is! Good thing I took my blood pressure meds this morning....he's....he's....naked, Bea!"

"Oh yeah, right and Father O'Leary wants you to suck his dick too, Elsie."

"Well he did ask me once...."

"You're a sick woman.  I can't believe you're my sister, most days!"

"You gotta see this.  Oh hell...oh damn...ohh GOD, cmere Bea...cmere...hurry!"

"Yeah, like I can hurry in my condition.  Gimme a break."

"Seriously....Bea.  He's ....he's touching himself! That young Mr.  Thompson is really hung! Oh, if I was only a few years younger, what I couldn't do with that package...ohhh....myyy...oh geeeze..."

"Gimme them damn binoculars!"

"Jeezus Bea...what's he doin' now? You got the binocs, you gotta tell he gonna cum?"

"Oh yeah, he's cummin' all right....splashin' all over the damn window! Wait...he's holdin' something..."

"Yeah, I know...he's holdin' his prick! Tell me something I don't know...gawd woman, you're nuts...."

"No, really he's holdin' something up.  I think it's a sign.  Yeah, it's a sign.  Lemme read it. It says...Good Morning, Ladies! Have a nice day!'..."

Copyright 2001 Wimzcicle All rights reserved.

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