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Crazy Little Thing Called Love
© 2001 by Wimzcicle

Harper watched Laura breathe in and out as she slept peacefully in his arms.

She'd dozed off after their most recent dalliance.  She'd discovered his arousal quickly once he'd begun to kiss her good morning just a short time ago and neither one of them could resist the other.

They were so alike in their sexual needs and wants.  The sex in the last twenty-four hours had been incredible, but he knew it was much more than that.  They truly enjoyed each other's company.  She was everything he had sought in a woman.  She was smart, sexy, funny and possessed far too many more positive attributes to even think about right now.  How'd he get so lucky to find her?

Just thinking of her at any time of the day could turn him on.  How was it that the uncaring lout she was married to didn't see in her what he himself could see? That bum didn't deserve her.

His own home situation with his wife wasn't cheery, but having Laura in his life made things a little easier to bear.  For now he'd have to make do with frequent visits here.  There would be no suspicion on his end.  In his business it was normal for him to be travelling often.

His fingers softly massaged her bare shoulders and fell across her neck and trickled into the valley between her ample breasts.  How he adored every part of her.  Soft, luscious and lusty from her top to her beautiful bottom.  He tickled the ends of her nipples with a fingertip.  She stirred.

She looked like some kind of sensual angel resting here beside him, her thick dark lashes feathered on the tops of her fair-skinned cheeks.  Her brunette locks fell in waves against the pillow.  How could he resist her? Truth is, he couldn't and he'd known it from the moment he'd seen her picture over the internet, two years ago.  He was as drawn to her then as he was now.

He must have her.  Harper bent to press his lips against Laura's.  Laura moved towards him in her half-sleep state and started kissing him back.  He chuckled to himself.  This lady is insatiable!

Harper broke the kiss first and sat up, suddenly remembering something he wanted to do.  Something he'd been looking forward to doing for months.  He looked straight into Laura's now awakened big blues and said, "Darling, I have a gift for you."

"Oh, I know you do Harper! You gave it to me all last night.  No wonder I'm so sore this morning.", Laura grinned, wide awake now.

"I'm glad you liked that gift, but I have a feeling this one will be very special too, darling.", he smiled.

Harper fluffed up the pillows on his side of the bed and asked Laura to scoot over and sit up.  He reached over to the nightstand and pulled the drawer open.  His hand dipped in and lifted out something that looked like a jewellery case, covered in midnight blue velvet.

He leaned towards her and caught her right hand in his, looked directly into her eyes as he whispered, "These, my love, are for you." He handed her the case.  When she hesitated, he insisted, "Open's for you Laura."

"But why, Harper? I've never asked you for anything.  I'm not the type of lady that requires you to shower me with gifts.  I just love you.  You know that, don't you?"

"Of course I know that.  I want you to have something you can touch and when you do, you think of me.  Something tangible I can leave behind that will remind you of me, once my plane has taken off this afternoon." Harper squeezed her right hand. "Here, let me help you."

He snapped open the case and Laura gasped.  There in a bed of royal blue satin lay nestled the most beautiful strand of cream pearls.  The gems in the center of the necklace were double the size of the ones at the ends.  The pearls gradually got smaller as they radiated out from the middle.  The necklace was about eighteen inches, Princess length with a brushed gold clasp.

"But Harper...! How did you know? How could you...I mean...we didn't...oh, baby they're beautiful!"

Harper began to chuckle. "Laura if you could just see how cute you are right now."

"Baby, no one has ever...I'm stunned...oh, I'm just tongue-tied.  I can't believe this.  How did you know I love pearls? I've never told you, have I?" She grabbed him around the neck impulsively and kissed him like a little girl would, on both cheeks. "Harper, I love them...but how can I thank you? I have no words."

"You don't need to thank me, the sparkle in your eyes right now is enough, Laura.  I knew that the pearl was your birthstone.  So I did some research.  Once I discovered the folklore associated with the wearing of one's birthstone, I just couldn't resist.  In olden times folk believed that wearing a birthstone would bring good luck and protection to the wearer.  I'm not superstitious Laura, but just in case there's some truth to the tale, then I want you to wear these."

He reached into the case and unclasped the strand of pearls.  Harper lifted the pearls to Laura's cheek, and ran the lustrous gems across the pink blush of it.  His lips brushed against hers and he spoke, "Now my darling, the second part of your gift comes.  Lie back and just feel...feel my love, won't you?"

He dragged the present across her neck and he felt her shiver as the pearls rolled across her skin in perfect time with one another.  They fell to her left breast and snagged on the ridge of her stiffened nipple and hung there precariously for a second while Harper pushed the sheets away from her lower body.  In one motion he crawled in between her legs, pushed them open and regained control of the exquisite gems.

He dangled them above her breasts and let the golden clasp tickle her rosy nubs.  He watched her eyes close.  He knew she was honing in on his touch, his movements.  He leaned over her, the pearls tickling and twirling about her nipples.  Just concentrate on how good it feels darling, he transmitted to her.

Laura moaned softly and her hips moved almost imperceptibly, but Harper felt them. "Patience, my darling, patience.  It's coming.  Don't worry."

His mouth covered a nipple and his tongue swirled gently round it as he let the pearls drift on their own across her tummy.  He sucked her nipple tightly into his mouth while his fingers massaged, pulled and stretched her other breast.  Laura gasped and cried out, "Oh god, Harper...mmm....don't stop...oh.."

He didn't.  Stop, that is.  He was aware how much she enjoyed him working on her breasts.

He continued sucking and nipping, nibbling and twisting her nipples.  Feeling her getting more aroused as he went along, his tongue insistently pushed her further along to orgasm.

Her moans becoming decidedly louder and more frequent.  She whimpered and moved beneath him.  A finger slipped down between her labia and came back up sopping wet.  He smoothed the slippery liquid from his fingertip over both nipples and pushed her breasts tightly together with his hands and tackled both nipples at once with his tongue.  While he sucked the sweet juice from her nipples, Laura went crazy beneath him, her breathing rate escalated and her hips rolled.

He let go of her breasts suddenly.  Harper's fingers moved downwards to her clitoris.  He rubbed it firmly with a broad thumb while his other fingers slipped back and forth between her sex.  Laura came suddenly in a huge moan and shudder.

He smiled.  That's one.

His longest finger slid between her soaking lips to find her vagina and sank deep within it, wiggling, searching to find and make love to her G-spot.  Laura's cunt fairly devoured his finger and she started to buck and move on top of it, like she was fucking his cock.  Suddenly she came again in a gush of watery liquid all over his hand.  It soaked the bed.

He smiled.  Yes, my darling.  Come.  Come again.

How he ached to shove himself into her right then.  His cock had hardened and was dripping ever since he'd first touched her with the pearls, but he wouldn't put himself inside her.  Not now.  This was her pleasure.  Her moment.

He withdrew his fingers from her pussy and recovered the necklace from between the sheets where it had fallen.  He looked up at Laura.  She was panting, heaving, sweating.  She looked so fucking delicious. "Laura, open your eyes.  I want you to see what I'm about to do."

"Oh, god...Harper...I...I...umm..oh baby, you're so good me..I...I...oh, god, what are you going to do now?"

He gave her his best mischievous grin and held the string of pearls up to his lips.  He began kissing them one by one, planting sweet kisses on their creamy surface.  Long whimpers escaped from Laura as she watched her lover in a state of high arousal.  His cock bobbed and swayed as the beads ran across his lips.  His tongue began to twitch as much as his cock did, in anticipation of his next move.

He sat back on his haunches, the soft white gems dripping off his fingers.  Carefully he spread her legs as wide as they would go, the two fingers of his left hand he inserted into her vagina, softly fucking her with them.

"What are you...? god, Harper! Yes!"

His right hand forefinger and thumb secured the large middle pearl of her necklace and began to push it slowly inside her.  Laura's sound became one of complete rapture, her gasping and moaning alternating between, "Yesss....", and "Oh, god!"

Her hips bucked and moved onto his fingers.  When the last pearl was buried within her, both ends of the clasp remained outside of her, dangling from the entrance of her pussy.

He withdrew his fingers, leaving the pearls deep inside and bent himself forward.  His tongue was anxious.  He gave it to her all at once.  A broad swipe of his tongue fell upon her from the opening of her cunt right up to her swollen clit.  She groaned between her calls for him and he sensed she was very near another climax.

His tongue concentrated on her hard clit, licking and sucking it between his lips.  Laura gyrated her pussy against his tongue.  He slid two of his fingers into her creamy cunt and began to finger fuck her again.  This time he had a firm grasp on the pearls and was pulling and pushing the necklace in and out of her already cum-laden pussy, along with his fingers.

That's it baby, c'mon! Come again.  Each ripple of his tongue over her hard clit, each bump and grind the pearls and his fingers made against her pussy walls, was driving her insane!

She came all at once in a flat out rush.  A come that felt to him like it shook her insides and rattled her brain.  He sensed her orgasm ricochet about her body, zooming back and forth from curled toes to clenched eyelids.  Her thighs squeezed Harper's head in a death grip.  He continued licking, sucking, fucking, pulling, pushing as she came in great floods upon his tongue, face and fingers.

His head in a vice, Harper could do little else but continue his performance of a lifetime.  His tongue licked more slowly now, circling her clit lovingly.  His fingers stopped.  He withdrew and cupped her pussy in his hand.  Laura was calming and relaxing her hold on him now.  He struggled to lift his head from between her thighs and breathed in a huge space of air.

He watched her body tremble and quiver as the last vestiges of her climax rode through her.  Ahh, there, there my darling.  All for you, yes.

One by one he pulled the pearls out of her.  As they bumped softly out of her she gasped and called for him.  He sat up, holding the strand of slick covered gems.  They glistened in the daylight, covered with Laura's sweet juice.  Harper licked and sucked the center pearl into his mouth.

He closed his eyes.  He savoured her tang and rolled the pearl against the roof of his mouth.  It was amazing how it felt like her luscious clit, all hard and covered in her come.

Laura's eyes were glazed, but open.  She was panting and looking quite ragged, yet beautiful.  He leaned over her, took the rope of pearl and let it drop into her mouth.  She closed her lips upon it and sucked.  He smiled and bent to kiss her.  He tasted her once more as his tongue gently caressed hers.

Silently he gathered the necklace up, moved away from her and padded over to the washroom.  He ran some warm water into the sink basin, soaped and gently washed and dried each perfect gem.

Harper came back to the bed, sat down beside a now sated Laura and said, "I've saved this for last, darling."

"From olden times a gift of pearls symbolized a happy marriage...." He placed the necklace around her neck and fastened the clasp. "...I am very happy with you, Laura...with us."

Laura smiled up at him.  She didn't speak—couldn't speak, just smiled into his eyes and drew him down to her lips once more.

He crawled back into bed with her and held her tight. It would be so hard to leave her in just a few hours.

But he'd come back for her.

Again, and again.

© 2001 by Wimzcicle  All Rights Reserved.

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