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by Alice Gray © 2008


fan fiction"Alfred, is everything set?"

"Yes sir. I trust you will find everything to your liking."

"Excellent.  Send out the signal, if you would, Alfred."

"Very good, sir."  Alfred bowed and left to attend to his task.

Bruce Wayne knocked back the last of his Glenfiddich 40 Year, set the glass aside and rose from his chair.  A quick tug on a false book spine nestled amongst his collection of priceless, first-edition literary works sent the blazing fireplace sliding into the wall.  The cold steel elevator behind the false wall beaconed to him. The soles of his Ferragamos made no sound when they passed from the lush carpeting of the study onto the polished metal floor of the elevator.

A well-manicured fingertip punched the only button on the control panel.  'BC'.  The weightless rush of excitement was only partially attributable to the swift downward pull of the elevator car. The door glided open in a seamless transition from downward to forward motion. Dank subterranean air greeted his arrival.  Fifteen minutes at most. That was all the time he had to finish his preparations. Thankfully, there wasn't much to do.  Alfred had seen to that.

The quiet hum of tireless computing echoed around the rough stone walls of the cave. Bruce took no notice of it, other thoughts occupying his mind.  A quick turn brought him to the dressing chamber.

"Everything is going as planned?"

"Yes sir," Alfred replied.

"Help me dress.  Be quick about it."

"Of course, sir."

Alfred had already slipped Bruce's jacket from his shoulders and hung it aside.  The Italian loafers went next. Alfred's ancient deft hands made short work of the Forzieri tie and dress shirt.  The chill touch of the subterranean air puckered Bruce's nipples.  His cock grew hard under the warmth of Alfred's fingers drawing his trousers down over his hips.  The Bruce Wayne's of the world had no need for undergarments.

Alfred flicked his tongue out capturing the pearly drop at the tip of Bruce's cock.

"Would Master Wayne care for an appetizer?"  A runnel of spit glistened at the corner of Alfred's mouth.

Bruce thrust his cock between the eager lips before withdrawing.  "No thank you Alfred. I'm ready to dress."

"Very good sir."  Alfred smacked his lips before following his orders.

Gripping Bruce's cock in a greased palm, Alfred stroked it to shining readiness.

"Here you are sir," he said, slipping the metal ring over Bruce's cock.

Bruce groaned at the tight steel bite of the Red Kryptonite-studded cock ring.  Alfred seated the ring around the base of Bruce's cock and sat back.

"Is it comfortable sir?"

"Yes Alfred.  Please, carry on."

Alfred presented the leg openings of the leather suit to him.  Bruce stepped one foot in and let Alfred draw the leather up his thigh.  The struggle to don the suit took up all of the next five minutes.  The creaking of leather and lustful moans filled the cold air. Dressing always turned Bruce on and made him hard, something about the tight embrace of the leather over his skin.

"Will there be anything else sir?"

"No Alfred. Greet our guest when he arrives and show him to the proper chamber."

Alfred disappeared to await Superman's arrival leaving Batman alone with his mounting excitement.  Pacing the room in an attempt to burn off some of the energy only served to heighten his arousal. A thick seam of leather lay along the length of his engorged cock. Each step dragged the rough material against him.  Batman fought the urge to release his cock and stroke himself.  What was taking so long?

Quiet footsteps approached Batman.  "Your guest awaits your arrival sir."

"Thank you Alfred.  You may retire now.  I will call you when we are ready for you."

Alfred cast a hungry glance at the impressive bulge in Batman's suit.

"Very good sir."

A drop of sweat tickled its way down Batman's thigh inside his outfit. He slapped at the spot to relieve the itch, shivered once, and left the room.

Batman stood for a moment outside the heavy wooden doors of the second chamber, his cock throbbing against the metal ring cinched tight around his flesh.  Placing a gloved hand on one of the doors, he pushed it wide and entered the small low-ceilinged room.

He paused just inside the doors, enjoying his first view of what lay inside from the eye-holes of his mask.  A narrow aisle stretched in front of him, lined on both sides by three rows of wooden pews.  Every raised surface lay covered in fat black candles.  Their soft glow lit the small room but added no warmth to the air.

Batman passed down the aisle.  The front of the chamber rose up two steps and opened onto a wide altar.  Two large plates of stained glass adorned the left and right sides of the altar.  Hideous twisting forms danced within the glass, lit from behind by flickering candlelight. Between the fiery depictions of Hell, St. Andrew's cross stood bolted at an angle against a sturdy frame in the middle of the altar.  And, bound hand and foot upon the cross, stood Batman's prize wearing nothing but a red satin cape.

"You are late Superman." Batman ran his hand along the tight curve of Superman's ass and pushed the satin cape between his buttocks.

Superman let out a low groan.  Flashes of crimson glinted from the Kryptonite embedded in the leather cuffs binding Superman to the cross.

"I came as fast as I could," Superman panted.

Batman reached for the heavy belt around his waist and pumped some lube onto his gloved fingers.

"Wrong answer.  You are not allowed to come until I give you permission."  Ripping Superman's cape off his shoulders to expose his muscular ass, Batman spread the lube between his cheeks. "Recite for me the first rule."

"I am not allowed tooh fuck." Batman's leather-clad finger sliding into Superman's ass cut off Superman's words.

"The first rule, Superman." A second finger inserted itself drawing a huge shudder from Superman.

"I am not allowed to come without permission."

Superman sighed with pleasure and thrust himself against Batman's fingers.

"Very good." Batman slipped his fingers out of Superman and reached for his bat belt.

"The second rule."

"Rule number one is only for coming" Superman struggled to finish, squirming against the thick rod of smooth Red Kryptonite filling his ass. "quietly."

"Good." Batman reached around Superman's waist and gripped his cock. "Man of Steel, indeed."  Batman pumped Superman's cock and fucked his ass with the Kryptonite.

Superman struggled against his bindings to no avail.

Batman timed his thrusts of the Kryptonite with the strokes of his hand enjoying Superman's helpless groans.  Superman's cock swelled and pulsed against the leather glove.

"Permission to come please," Superman begged.

Batman continued his frantic pace.  "Permission denied."

The cords on Superman's neck stood out under the strain of holding back his orgasm. Every muscle tensed and rippled with pent-up excitement.  Loud cries of pain and pleasure escaped his mouth and echoed off the stone walls.

The crotch of Batman's suit grew slick with his arousal. His cock slid around inside the leather. The tight grip of the cock ring and Superman's struggles tugged hard on the reins of Batman's self-control.

"Please, permission to come loudly!" Superman cried.

"Permission denied. You were late Superman and so you must be punished."

Batman released his grip on Superman's cock and seated the Kryptonite butt plug deep in Superman's ass.  The strength leached from Superman's body and left him dangling by his wrists against the cross. A sheen of sweat coated his pale superhuman skin.  Superman lay moaning and writhing, trying to rub his cock against the cross without success.  It slashed against empty air.

Batman grasped Superman's balls in his hand and gave them a few fierce tugs.

"From the feel of it you are in need of a come Superman."

"Yes please."

"No." Batman released his balls and yanked once on a black silk rope suspended from the cave's ceiling.  He ached to have his cock stroked and sucked but he ignored it for the time being.

The wooden door of the chamber opened.  "You rang sir?"

"Ah, Alfred my good man.  See to Superman's cock while I dole out his punishment for being late."

"Very good sir."  Alfred licked his lips, eyes gleaming with arousal. He strode past Batman, made his way around to the front of the cross and knelt before Superman's cock. "Ready when you are sir."

Batman hefted his favorite paddle, the one with the little bat cutouts on it.  The handle felt good and solid in his hand.  Batman flexed his wrist to loosen it up.

"Alfred, if you will assume your position please."

The old butler puckered his lips and pressed them against the tip of Superman's cock.

The paddle whistled through the air and landed with a satisfying crack against Superman's ass.  The force of the blow plunged the butt plug deeper into Superman and pushed his thick heavy cock into Alfred's waiting mouth.  Superman screamed out his pain and pleasure.

Gripping Superman's hip, Batman pulled him back into the starting position, drawing Superman's cock out from between Alfred's lips.  The paddle whistled and cracked against flesh a second time loosing another scream from Superman.

"No coming yet Superman."

Superman mewled pathetically against the cross.

By the third strike of the paddle, perfect red bat symbols had risen along the taut flesh of Superman's ass.  Batman paused and removed one of his gloves.  He ran his bare hand over the reddened skin, savoring the feel of the winged marks.

The heavy silken weight of Superman's balls in Batman's palm cracked the last of his self-restraint.  Batman unzipped the front of his batsuit.  His engorged cock uncurled from its leathery confines. The constant pressure of the cock ring had turned Batman's cock a deep red, almost identical in color to the Kryptonite butt plug.

"Start sucking Alfred."

"With pleasure sir."  Alfred took Superman's entire cock into his throat in one smooth motion.

"Permission to come loudly!" Superman begged.

"Not yet."

The wet pull of Alfred devouring Superman's cock reduced the Man of Steel to a slobbering pleading mess.

"Please, please, please"

Quick fingers stripped the Kryptonite plug from Superman's ass. Batman guided his cock against Superman's anus but stopped short of pushing all the way in.

"You have permission to come loudly now Superman."

Batman thrust deep into Superman and squeezed his balls feeling them draw up in preparation to dump their load.  Alfred made hungry delighted sounds around Superman's cock.

"Oh fuck yes!"  Superman cried out and unloaded his superwad down Alfred's throat.  Superman's spasms cinched his muscles around Batman's cock like a vice.

Batman fucked him harder fighting against the resistance. He relished the strange tingling warmth the Kryptonite butt plug always left behind.  The heat surrounding Batman's cock continued to rise until it became almost unbearable.  Just when Batman thought he'd spontaneously combust from the cock outward his balls seized.

"Here it comes!"  Batman yelled and shot off stream after stream into Superman.

The frame of the cross shook and shuddered.

Spent and satisfied, Batman pulled his cock free and leaned over Superman's back.  "You always were a superfuck," he growled with affection in Superman's ear.

© 2008 Alice Gray. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

Bio: Alice Gray is a stay-at-home mother with a penchant for writing naughty stories. She loves cooking in the kitchen almost as much as cooking in the bedroom, although she could do without the cleanup for both. Alice also likes fast cars and slow hands. She lives in San Francisco, California with her husband and two young sons.

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