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A Stiff Neck
© 2003 by Jean Roberta

I didn't really know why I was waiting up for Raf. She was only a friend of a friend, and I was letting her stay with me until she could find her own apartment. Raf's fit, muscular body, her glowing, sand-colored skin, her dark eyes and her smoky voice had nothing to do with it, of course. I was just a good Samaritan, even though it didn't surprise me that her girlfriend had thrown her out. Raf seemed like the kind of woman who would drive anyone crazy.

The door opened, and she tiptoed in. "What—?" she asked, looking at me. A knowing grin spread over her face. "Aww, babe," she snickered before I could explain myself. In seconds, she was standing in front of me, pulling me up and holding me against the firm cushion of her breasts under a silk shirt and a sports bra. "You want me, don't you, Laurel?" she cooed into my ear. Her breath in my face was hot, smelling of beer and fried food.

My knees felt wobbly, and I wanted to cling to her heat and her strength. Instead, I tried to free myself. "You've been drinking," I complained.

Raf's response was to hold me tighter. One of her hands slid down to grasp one of my ass-cheeks, and I couldn't help squirming. "I'm not too drunk to know what I'm doing," she promised me. "Hungry little pussy. I know what you need."

My common sense told me to push her away, but my awakening clit told me something else. One of her strong hands slid over one of my breasts, found the nipple and rolled it between two fingers. I gasped, knowing that both my nipples were growing hard enough to show her how much I liked her attention.

She grinned smugly, running one hand through my long brown hair. I had left it loose, flowing over my shoulders, hoping she liked it that way. Obviously she did. "You like bad girls, don't you?" I was aghast. "Come on, honey, admit it. You let me stay here because you think I'm sexy and dangerous." Her voice sounded amused, but I could hear an undercurrent of anger in it.

This time I found the willpower to push her away from me, turn my back on her and walk toward the kitchen to look for something to eat or drink. I had only taken two or three steps when she grabbed me around the waist, dragged me to the sofa, sat down and pulled me face-down across her lap. My jeans felt tight across my butt as my wet crotch was pressed against her thighs. I struggled to get up as I felt her thigh-muscles tensing beneath me. She grabbed one of my arms and forced it behind my back, immobilizing me. The humiliation brought stinging tears into my eyes.

"I should spank you," Raf sneered. The thought of her hard hand landing on my vulnerable butt-cheeks assaulted my mind, and I wondered if I could bear it in silence. A worse thought followed: what if she pulled down my jeans and panties so I could feel every smack on my bare skin and she could watch the visible results?

"Raf," I muttered, trying to control my voice. "Please don't."

By a miracle, she let go of my arm, shifted her legs, and helped me to stand up. "You sure, babe?" she teased. "I think you want it." I prided myself on being an honest and decent citizen of the Amazon Nation, but for once, I couldn't think of anything to say that would be completely true. I knew that my clit was as swollen as a bee-sting, and my wet cutn yearned for something to fill it. Even the skin on my butt felt sensitive under my jeans, as though she had really given me a few whacks.

"I took you in," I reminded her. "You're staying in my house." This much was true.

Raf stood up and reached for both my hands. "Come here," she urged me. She sat down and pulled me onto her lap. "I don't want to hurt you, Laurel," she sighed into my hair. The smell of her breath was strangely comforting. She kissed my neck, gently stroking my breasts with one hand while she slid the other down the back of my jeans.

Her hot fingers slid over my sweaty skin before I reached behind me, grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away. "Why are you doing this?" I asked, avoiding her eyes.

Her arms held me close as she pulled my face to hers for a long, hot kiss. Her tongue pushed my teeth apart and entered my mouth. Her strong, tasty tongue flirted with mine. I moaned in spite of myself, and she held me tighter. A musky smell rose from her armpits and from the crack between her legs, where her own pussy was hidden beneath my butt. I breathed in the smell of an aroused she-wolf or lioness on the hunt.

Raf slowly pulled away so we could both catch our breath. "Why?" she repeated thoughtfully. "I've noticed you watching me. I know you don't really want to sleep alone in your room while I'm here, babe. You want it and I want to give it to you, hot thing." Her remark reminded me of the sweat that coated my skin.

Raf squeezed the back of my neck. "You need to open up," she advised me, brushing my hair aside. "Stop being so stiff-necked." I jerked away indignantly, and she snickered. "It's late, honey. Or early. You must have missed me while I was out with Andy and Bruce. Were you jealous? They're just friends, and they're not into dykes. They wanted to cheer me up and hear all the gossip first-hand. You know how queens are." Her hand on my neck slid familiarly down my back, tracing the curve of my spine, headed for the waistband of my jeans. I sighed.

"I bet you're wet, Laurel," she teased. "Did you play with yourself while you waited for me? Tell me."

"No," I moaned. "I didn't, um—"

Her hand was sliding under my clothes, down my ass. She was searching for the truth. "Go on," she warned me. I could feel the excitement in the laughter that shook her lungs. "Or I'll spank you until you can't sit down." I squirmed on her lap as her middle finger pushed against my anus. Without thinking, I shifted to give her more room.

"Mm," she commented as the tip of her finger pushed into a puckered opening. "Tell me, horny little wench. You can't hide anything now."

I took a deep breath as my sphincter clutched the invading finger. "I didn't know when you'd get home," I blurted before I could lose my concentration. "I didn't want you to catch me."

Raf suddenly pulled her finger out of me and pushed me off her lap. "Caught you anyway, didn't I?" she smirked. "Take your pants off, honey." I obediently unzipped my jeans and pushed them down over my hips, showing her my pale sassy ass-cheeks, my virgin butt that was waiting for the first thrilling, merciless slap from her hard hand. I realized that she wasn't planning to spank me yet. I was disappointed.

Raf briskly pulled my jeans and panties down to my ankles, then pulled my shoes off and lifted each of my feet out of their pant-legs. I pulled my T-shirt up over my head. While my arms were raised, she unhooked my bra and slid both her hands over my shivering breasts. She pinched my nipples, making me squeal. I pressed my butt into her crotch as she tormented my hard pink buds, pulling and stretching them until I wondered if I would come from that. I could hear my own breathing.

"You bad girl," Raf scolded. "You've got a double standard." I was alarmed. "Drinking alone isn't good for you." I hadn't thought she had smelled the wine on my breath. A feeling of shame surged up from the pit of my stomach.

"Just a glass," I muttered.

"That's how it starts," she warned me, tracing my lips with a salty finger. I sucked it into my mouth, making her laugh. "A little booze helps loosen you up, honey, but I

want you to promise not to drink when you're home alone." One of her hands trailed down my midriff, tickled my belly-button and continued south. "I'll be your sponsor," she joked. "Call me whenever you want a drink and I'll take your mind off it."

Raf tugged on my short and curly hairs. I was sure her fingers were getting wet, and I sent them a silent message of welcome. "I'm not gonna do this here," she told me calmly. "Will you invite me into your bedroom, hostess lady?"

"Gladly," I answered. "Let's go."

"Go ahead," she ordered. "I'll come in and ravish you when I'm ready." She lowered her head to suck each of my nipples. When she pulled away, they were wet and cool. Raf slapped my butt to send me on my way and give me a hint of things to come.

Walking into my bedroom, I caught sight of my naked reflection in my full-length wall mirror. My shape looked as girlish as usual, but my lips and nipples looked red and swollen like ripe fruit. The black ink of the bracelet tattoo on my right arm contrasted with my moonlight-pale skin. My light-brown bush looked as innocent as a spring plant, but the dim light from the hallway picked up glistening moisture on my curly hair. I felt like a woman about to be offered to a deity in some ancient ritual.

I crawled onto my bed and stretched out on my back. I could almost feel invisible fingers stroking me all over. I wanted to be taken.

Raf appeared in the doorway, naked and holding something that looked like a weapon. She seemed to glow, as the light lingered on her smooth curves. She was walking toward me with purposeful steps and a determined look. The nipples on her generous breast looked like little plums. The hair on her head gleamed raven-black, and a silver ring flashed from her hairless crotch.

"Hi, babe. You ready for me?"

"Oh yes, Raf," I asserted. I didn't really think I had a stiff neck, and I wanted her to know what a wealth of passion I could offer her.

I could feel her heat as she crawled over me, holding an empty wine bottle above us both. I felt myself blushing. She touched my cheek with its hard belly, and laughed when I jerked. The smooth, cold glass against my skin felt startling but refreshing. Raf had taken the bottle from my fridge and poured out the remaining wine. I hoped she had saved it in another container, but I was willing to let it go.

"Pillows," demanded Raf, my seducer. I had four within reach, including my decorative cushions, and I passed them to her. Raf piled them in the middle of the bed and pushed me onto them, face-down. My stomach pressed gratefully into soft fabric. I loved the suspense of waiting for her to surprise me from behind.

A possessive hand slid down the crack of my ass and spread my thighs farther apart. "If you lived in a dictatorship," mused Raf, "you'd get busted for breaking the law. You'd be handed over to women guards who would keep you handcuffed while they got drunk. Then they'd fuck you with the bottle." Two of her strong fingers slipped easily into my wet cunt as I groaned. "You couldn't stop them. They'd take turns." She pushed and withdrew in a gentle but persistent rhythm. "You'd still feel it for a long time afterwards. You'd be so corrupted, my dear. They'd make you crave it."

She held my cunt-lips open as she guided the neck of the bottle into me. She kept a teasing finger on my clit as she pushed the bottle steadily deeper, moving it in a subtle spiraling motion. The mouth of the bottle found my cervix and rubbed it hard. "Oh!" I burst out. I felt as if I could explode.

"Mm, you like that," she crooned in my ear. "Come on, my bitch, show me how much you love it. Come for me. I want noise."

Spasms ripped all through my lower body and erupted in my clit. As though hearing someone else, I heard near-shrieks coming out of my mouth as Raf continued to wield her bottle in my over-excited cunt. "Ohh, Raf," I begged, not sure if I wanted her to stop or continue.

"Until you're finished," she chuckled, speaking to me from a cool glass state of calm detachment. I felt like an animal, a bundle of uncontrollable sensations.

Time stood still as I came and came and came. Gradually, my spasms slowed and I slid back down to my normal state of consciousness. I became aware of Raf's hand on my hip, holding me in place. She gently pulled the bottle out and held it against my face, letting me smell myself and feel my own heat in the receptive glass. I could feel juice running down my thighs.

Raf pulled me off the pillows, threw them aside, and rearranged me on the bed. She curled up behind me, pressing her crotch into my ass. I could feel her ring nosing in between my cheeks. "Tired?" she asked.

"Yes," I sighed. "You wore me out. But I want to do you, honey." I wanted her to understand me. "When I have more energy." I took a deep breath. "I want to give it to you, not just to pay you back."

I could feel Raf growing softer and more compliant. "Cuffs," she mumbled into my ear. It took me a moment to understand what she meant. "I have cuffs for my hands and feet. And a strap-on I want you to use."

An image of Raf spread-eagled on my bed flashed into my mind. It was harder to imagine myself wearing the artificial cock and filling the role of a deliciously stern and greedy mistress, but the image was fascinating. In a burst of confidence, I knew I could tame the wildwoman in my bed, the one who had yearned so long to get as good as she gave. I wondered if the breakup of her last relationship had anything to do with unsatisfied needs. Whatever might happen between us, I didn't want to leave her empty.

We drifted into a deep, sweet sleep in each other's arms. I felt as if we were both rocking on an ocean of come, the lust of all women made visible. We could rest as long as we liked, knowing the ocean would still be there when we woke up.

Daylight oozed from between my venetian blinds when I opened my eyes and heard Raf snoring beside me. It seemed like the sound of her trust, and it made me want to protect her. I wanted to know everything about her that could be known.

Raf shifted, reached for my nearest tit and squeezed it. She grinned without opening her eyes. "Raf," I called her. "Is that short for something?"

"Rafaela," she mumbled thickly. "After my grandmother. Who gives a shit?"

This tickled my funny-bone, but I controlled my urge to laugh aloud. "Me, Laurel," I answered seriously. "I give a shit."

I raised myself up and positioned myself on all fours over her, holding her shoulders down with my hands. She jerked once as her eyes fluttered open, and I braced myself for a violent push. Instead, she looked up at me with a serene smile that I had never seen on her expressive face before. "What are you doing?" she asked as shyly as a virgin bride.

"You'll find out," I promised as I lowered my head to give her a demanding kiss. So will I, I thought, since I still wasn't sure what I was capable of. I wasn't worried. I knew that Raf's body would be a trustworthy guide to her feelings even if she refused me in words. "You'll get what you need," I promised her. So will I, I thought with growing delight, realizing how much I needed to possess the beautiful woman I had lured into my lair. For the moment, I knew we could both give each other all the shelter we needed.

© 2003 Jean Roberta. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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