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© 2002 by R.E. Buckley

It was the same stupid dream. Jessica took her usual seat on the bus, enduring their stares, gasps and titters. But this time it would be different. This time Jessica would take control of her dream. After all the money she spent on those sessions with Dr. Kraiterman, she had better take control.

So what if she was naked on a public bus? It was just a stupid dream. She was determined not to allow herself to be embarrassed, or ashamed, or uncomfortable in any way. Instead, she decided she might as well have some fun.

Funny that how in dreams everyone sounds like they're talking down a long tunnel. Jessica could hear their voices echoing from far away. The heavy-set driver was carrying on like a big protective teddy bear, warning a knot of young guys to behave and leave her alone.

Jessica giggled to herself. Guys could act like such jerks around naked girls, what with all their leering grins and high-fives. She decided to give them a show, and lifted her left foot onto the seat. She rested her chin on her knee and fingered her clit, all the while smirking in their direction. It didn't take long for the redheaded Archie look-a-like to respond, judging from the tent he raised in his crotch. His two buddies' jaws dropped; they were paralyzed like deer transfixed by a headlight.

Jessica became aware of an annoying buzz in her ear. A middle-aged woman was haranguing her, calling her all sorts of nasty things. Slut? Hussy?

The woman's husband, a roly-poly, pasty-faced guy with thinning hair, sat across the aisle, his mouth in a perfect 'O' and his glasses fogged.

Jessica wanted to tell the woman, "Yes, I am a shameless slut. So what?"

The driver was telling the woman to sit down and leave her alone, but it was Jessica's stop. She stood, a mischievous smile beginning to curl her lips.

Leaning over, she took the husband's hand and placed it on her breast, leaned in and flicked her tongue like a snake across his lips. The poor guy gasped like all his wind had left him.

The woman's voice rose in a steady stream of hysterical epithets, but she still sounded like she was shouting down a mountain valley.

Jessica shrugged and sashayed along the aisle to the front exit. She could sense all their eyes on her ass. She smiled at the driver, who nodded and opened the door. As she stepped off the bus and onto the curb she turned and blew him a kiss. She had decided he was a nice guy.

It was early downtown. The stores hadn't opened, but people were hurrying on their way to work. No matter how much in a hurry they were, they stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Jessica. She was enjoying all the attention. A mild breeze caressed her body and lapped her inner thighs.

The crowd's voices blended into an incomprehensible rush of noise, like surf spending itself on a beach. Their expressions ranged from open-mouthed surprise to undisguised lust.

Jessica had an idea. If she were really controlling her dream, maybe she could arrange for that handsome guy - the one who always brushed past her on the way to work - to make an appearance. She had allowed herself some pretty torrid daydreams about the stranger. He was tall with wavy blond hair and always impeccably dressed. He had to be some kind of executive, or maybe a lawyer, judging from the fat briefcase he carried.

Jessica's eyes tracked their way through the crowd to a nearby coffee shop. He'll be in there, she decided, and made her way through the throng. As she did, at least three different hands furtively touched her ass, thighs and belly. One tweaked a nipple. She just smiled.

A gasp rose as she entered the tiny coffee shop. One woman dropped her cup and blurted "Oh, my God!"

All eyes locked on naked Jessica, and she felt moisture begin to spread slowly from her pussy. This was so much fun.

Then she spotted him. He was bent over a counter sipping a steaming cup of coffee. He was slow to catch on to the commotion. But when he spun on his stool he too reflected utter amazement.

Jessica wasted no time. She sauntered toward him with head lowered, casting flirtatious glances at coy angles.

"I've been looking for you," she purred when she had stepped directly in front of him. She hopped on his lap and wrapped her thighs around his waist, then she pulled his head close for a kiss. Her tongue invaded his mouth and she nibbled his lips with her own. She felt a definite twitch through the fabric of his pants, but otherwise he was kind of non-responsive.

C'mon, love, you can do better than this, she thought, looking him straight in the eyes. She wetly kissed him again, and his hands glided around her shoulders. This was better, but not what she was hoping for. She made a mental note to herself to work on making people do exactly what she wanted in her dreams.

The whine of a siren startled her. The cops had arrived. Each time the cops arrived in her dream it ended when they arrested her. But she decided she was having too much fun and didn't want her dream to end so soon. She hopped off her lover's lap. She wanted to tell him to try harder next time, but couldn't quite make herself speak.

She dashed outside, running through the milling crowd as voices behind her called, "There she goes," and the officers called after her to stop.

Jessica ran down a convenient alley behind the big department store. Of course it was convenient. She willed it to be there. She could see store employees entering a rear door and ran toward it. As she stepped inside, she was met by an elderly security guard who grabbed his chest at the sight of her.

Jessica wickedly thought if he were forty years younger he'd likely be grabbing something else.

She ran inside the store before he could utter a word. Now Jessica had another idea.

A few days before she had bought a bracelet in the store. She remembered the girl who waited on her was exceptionally pretty; blonde, flawless skin with crystal green eyes. She rarely felt an attraction to another woman, but it did happen, and often she had fantasized what it would be like to make love to another woman. The salesgirl had looked at her in a way that made her suspect she may have been attracted to Jessica too. And then there was the delicate way she helped Jessica put on the bracelet that had made Jessica's tummy flutter.

Why not? She could do it safely inside her dream. Who would know?

She made her way to the jewelry counter unnoticed by sales staff busily preparing for the opening. The girl she was looking for had just left the jewelry counter to help another employee straighten a display. Jessica took the opportunity to slip behind the counter and hunker underneath it. She sat in a tight space, her knees drawn up under her chin and her arms tight around her legs.

Not long afterward the salesgirl returned and spotted Jessica immediately. At first, her face reflected total surprise, like all the other people in the dream, but then a sweet smile made its appearance.

"Oh my, what are you doing here?" she said, almost as a whispery sigh.

Jessica let her legs splay slightly and watched the salesgirl's eyes follow the line of the valley of her thighs to her glistening pussy.

The girl wore a clingy red sweater that complimented her smallish but beautifully shaped breasts, and a black leather skirt that lovingly caressed her curves. A zipper just off-center toward her left thigh was open just enough to create an enticing slit.

Jessica tried to speak, but it was useless. She pushed herself away from the counter and onto her knees in front of the girl, then sat back on her heels. She wrapped her arms around the girl's thighs and pulled her close. She ran her hands under the skirt and relished the touch of smooth warm skin above the tops of her stockings and over the bare cheeks of her ass. Her fingertips reached high enough to detect the flimsy string of a thong. The salesgirl moaned softly as the zipper began to separate giving Jessica even easier access to the lower half of her body.

Now Jessica could see what she could feel. Perfect skin like milk and peaches. She hooked her fingers around the thong and pulled it down past the girl's knees. Now before her eyes were the creamy blush folds of the girl's pussy, embellished with wispy blonde hairs. Jessica sealed her mouth over those folds, letting her tongue intrude between them, The girl's knees buckled and she tottered for a moment before Jessica realized she was supporting herself with her hands on the counter.

Jessica's tongue explored, savoring the taste and texture of pussy, seeking her clit and gently pummeling it and lapping the length of her slit. The girl was whimpering now, her thighs squeezing Jessica's face. Then Jessica felt a gush of fluid coat her nose and cheeks and dribble off her chin.

No, she can't be ... ejaculating? Do women really do that, Jessica wondered. Then she remembered. Of course they can, in a dream anyway.

The girl's thighs trembled as a tremor shook her body from above. Jessica was fingering her own pussy furiously and was beginning to feel that low-frequency hum rise from her womb. Jessica wondered if she would be able to come in her dream. Then with no warning the orgasm convulsed her. The dream faded.

A voice, Dr. Kraiterman's voice, was calling her from far away, insistent, annoying. It became louder.

"Jessica - Jessica!" She awoke with a start. Dr. Kraiterman's face, just inches from her own, reflected concern. Then there was a rush of noise like someone had turned up the volume of the world.

"What! - Wha ... what!" Jessica jumped and felt fabric slip off from her shoulders. Dr. Kraiterman quickly grabbed the edge of a plain gray blanket and pulled it tighter around Jessica.

Jessica's eyes darted frantically. She was in the store. What was happening?

"Jessica," Dr. Kraiterman tried to focus her patient's attention on her soothing, grandmotherly voice. "Listen to me. You've been sleepwalking. Remember? I told you the medication could have this side effect.

"But, no, I was dreaming ... the naked dream. I - I - I ... oh my god! It wasn't a dream. It really happened. Oh, gawd!"

Jessica tried to hide inside the blanket as Dr. Kraiterman tried to soothe her. "There, there ... It wasn't your fault. You weren't responsible for your actions."

"Responsible? Oh, no! The people on the bus ... the guy in the coffee shop. Garrrrrgh!"

She buried her face between her knees and pulled the blanket up and over her head. She could hear giggles and voices talking hurriedly. She heard one guy distinctly shout. "Hey, man, where's the naked chick? Did I miss her? Bummer!"

Jessica couldn't squeeze herself into a tighter, smaller ball.

She listened as the doctor said, "Officer, I'm Dr. Helen Kraiterman. This woman is under my care. I will take her home if you can clear our way through the crowd."

Dr. Kraiterman and someone else, probably a cop, helped Jessica to her feet. She wouldn't open her eyes, and let the doctor lead her, as if she were blind. They made it outside the store and the doctor guided her into her car. Jessica didn't open her eyes until the car began to move.

"Oh, my gawd. How can I ever show my face in this town again?"

"It's not all that bad, Jessica," the doctor said, again in her soothing way. "It's just a lucky thing that you got that medical alert bracelet."

"Huh? Bracelet?"

"The one you bought after we started you on the new medication? Just in case you had an episode like this? It was the salesgirl at the store who called after she read the bracelet."

The doctor handed Jessica a small envelope. "She put it in here for you. She had to take it off to read the phone number."

Jessica squeezed the edges of the envelope until it yawned open and probed it's interior with two fingers seeking the bracelet. Instead she scissored a piece of fabric and lifted it just to the opening. It was a black, satin thong. The heavier bracelet was beneath it.

Jessica closed the envelope, turned it over in her hand and discovered the note in delicate handwriting on one side: "See you in our dreams? Again? Please? - Stephanie ..."

© 2001 R.E. Buckley Not to be reproduced without permission of the author.

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