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by Helen E. H. Madden © 2005

"I wonder if it's male or female?"

Joe Rose studied the alien sitting at the end of the bar, trying to decide on an answer to his question. There were maybe a hundred different species that came through the Staten Island transshipping station where he worked, and Joe knew almost nothing about any of them. Sure, he could tell a Latian from a Grizzt, and he knew enough to never shake hands with a Raelian—if you did, you got a palm full of green goop—but he didn't know shit about the intimate details of their biology. All he knew was that he couldn't tell the guys from the girls just by looking at them, and this particular creature sitting at the bar was no exception. It had a lithe, fur-covered body that curved in all the right places and luminous grey eyes with long lashes set above high cheekbones. Joe could almost swear it was female, but there was something about the set of its shoulders and the way it cradled its beer that just screamed male.

"Man, I really wonder," he muttered again.

"So why don't you go ask it, Rosie boy?"

His drinking buddy, Hank Lawson, punched him on the shoulder and grinned. A few of the other guys around them laughed. Joe growled and hid behind his beer.

"No fucking way."

"Why not?" Hank urged. His rough face split into a leering grin. "If you' re lucky and it's a girl, maybe she'll show you how they do it up there in outer space!"

Joe glanced back at the alien. He had to admit that would be pretty damned lucky. The thought of cuddling up to all that fur made his cock twitch, and he couldn't stop staring at the way her uniform hugged her body. Or was that his body? Christ, he wished he could figure it out.

"Forget it Hank, I'm not drunk enough to go ask."

"Come on, Rosie boy! You aren't scared of a little bitty alien are you?" Hank jeered. "Go ask it what it is, and then ask it for a fuck. I dare you!"

With a meaty hand he pushed Joe off the barstool while the rest of the guys cheered him on. Joe wanted to say no, but then Hank had said those three little words ­ "I dare you!" ­ and that was that. No way was he going to back down on a dare from Hank Lawson, especially not when the rest of the gang was watching. No fucking way.

So Joe picked his way through the mob at the bar, headed for the alien at the other end. Before he could reach her (him?), she turned and looked straight at him. The intensity of her gaze stripped away all his bravado and took his clothing with it. For an instant, Joe stood naked in the crowded bar, and the shock and embarrassment made him so hard he thought he' d come on the spot.

"Holy shit!" he muttered, unable to even move. Then the alien looked away. Freed from her paralyzing stare, Joe dropped his hands to cover himself only to discover he still wore his faded jeans and work shirt. He looked back at Hank, flustered. The big dockhand just grinned and flashed him a thumbs-up. The rest of the guys hooted and clapped as Joe squared his shoulders and went through with the dare.

"Um, hi there. Care for some company?" he said as he sidled up to the alien. She nodded and Joe slid onto the empty barstool next to her. "Thanks."

"You are welcome," she replied.

She had a nice voice, rich and melodic, one that sent shivers down his spine. It was a little too low for female, a little too high for male and the ambiguity had Joe squirming in his seat. Fuck, what if this thing was a guy after all and he pissed it off by asking about its sex?

"Come on, Rosie boy! You aren't scared of a little bitty alien are you?"

Scared? Him? Never. He stole a glance at the creature sitting next to him. She (he? it?) looked back expectantly, wide grey eyes mesmerizing him.

"Shall I pay for you?" she asked.


She (Joe decided it had to be a she, because his cock sat up straight every time he looked at her) gestured to the empty mug gripped in his hand. "What do you wish to drink?"

"Oh!" He flushed as he tried to decide. "Beer, I guess. Lager."

The alien called to the bartender and tapped Joe's empty mug with a long finger that ended in a neat, tapered claw. Like a cat's claw, Joe thought as his drink was refilled. She looked just like a great big house cat in need of some serious heavy petting. Here pussy, pussy, pussy. Then he swallowed as he noticed how long the claw was and decided she reminded him more of a tiger.

The bartender wandered off and Joe peeked at the alien again. The neon lights of the bar poured over her cascade of shoulder-length braids and polished the short nap of auburn fur on her face and hands to a velvet sheen. Her uniform covered up the rest of her—a fitted blue jacket cropped at the waist, skintight white shirt, and gray leggings tucked into kick-ass black boots with heavy tread. Geometric shapes embroidered the shoulders of her jacket, a sign of her rank he supposed, and a long line of swooping gold characters decorated her left lapel.

"Is that your name?" Joe asked, pointing to the script. His fingertip hovered over the spot where the characters curved over her rounded breast. That part of her definitely looked female. He wondered if it was covered with fur too.

"Kazen, Nashaetra clan, from Daesha. Navigator for the Torlance."


"Kazen," she repeated slowly. "Nashaetra clan, from Daesha. Senior navigator for the Torlance."

"Oh, Kazen." Joe pressed his lips together and nodded. "From the Torlance? Nice ship. My crew just finished loading your cargo today. I'm Joe Rose, by the way."

His gaze flashed back to Hank and the guys sitting on the other side of the bar. The big dockhand laughed at him and waved. Then Kazen shifted in her seat, pulling a twenty credit note from her jacket pocket. Joe decided he'd better act fast if he was going to go through with this.

"Say, I was wondering..."

She stared at him again with those eyes and his earlier feeling of nakedness returned. Joe felt a thrill of embarrassment mingled with a little fear and excitement as he imagined her stripping off all his clothing right there in the bar, just so she could take a good long look at what he kept hidden underneath. Man, he'd undressed some women with his eyes before, but he could actually feel her hand slip between his legs to cradle his balls.

"What are you?" Joe blurted out. Then he winced. Christ, that wasn't exactly the smoothest pick-up line.

"Kazen," she answered. "Nashaetra clan, from Daesha-"

"No, no, I got your name. I meant, are you, you know, female?"

She stared, unblinking. His heart sunk a bit and his cock deflated.

"Okay, are you male then?"

No answer but that startling gray gaze. Joe bit his lip.

"I just need to know, because there's something I wanted to—."



He frowned. What the hell did yes mean? Yes, she was female? Or yes, she was male? Before he could ask, she stood up, dropped the twenty on the bar and walked out.

"Go get her, Rosie boy!" he heard Hank shout. Joe grimaced, but his cock was straining against his fly again and Joe decided to follow where it pointed, out of the bar after the alien.

He had to run to catch up. If she was female, she was pretty damned tall, taller even than him, with her long booted legs quickly carrying her down the block to a nearby hotel. Joe saw her disappear inside the building and he sprinted the last several yards, barely making it through the door in time to see her step onto the elevator.

"Hold it!"

He darted across the lobby, ignoring complaints from the desk clerk as he ran past. Just before the elevator doors slid shut, the alien reached out to hold them open.

"Thanks," he said, panting as he stepped into the car. The doors closed and Kazen pressed a button. The elevator began its slow, rumbling ascent.

"So, Kazen." Joe leaned back against the wall to catch his breath. "I didn't get your answer back there in the bar. Are you a guy or a girl?"


He clapped both hands to his head. "Okay, I don't understand that. Let's try this. Can you have sex with humans?"

"We are compatible."

Joe's cock jumped at that bit of news. "That's good! Would you, and I mean you personally, prefer to have sex with men or women?"


Christ, did that mean she liked both? Joe shook his head, trying to figure it out.

Buttons lit up as the elevator continued upward. When it reached the fifteenth floor, the elevator rumbled to a halt and the doors slid open. Kazen stepped out and Joe quickly followed. "Perhaps I'm not making myself clear. Biologically speaking, are you male or female?"

The alien stopped in front of a door, room key in hand. "Daeshaen physiology is different from human physiology. This cycle, I produce eggs as a human female would, but I would need to transfer them into a potential mate for insemination and gestation. Does that answer your question?"

"Not really." Joe scratched his head. "I think you said you make the eggs and put them inside someone else to have a baby."

She nodded. "Yes."

"But you said this cycle. What's a cycle? And what did you do last cycle if you didn't make eggs?"

"A cycle is a breeding period. It lasts approximately forty-two Earth months. During my previous cycle I could receive eggs from a mate, fertilize them, and carry them to full term to produce a child."

"Uh, with humans, it's the males that usually do the fertilizing and the women who carry the kids."

"So I have been instructed."

"But you're saying Daeshaen males carry the babies and the females do the fertilizing?"

"As I said, our physiology is different. We are not male and female as you would understand it."

Joe tried three times to open his mouth and utter an intelligent reply to that statement. In the end, the best he could come up with was, "Look, do you have a vagina or not?"

Kazen nodded. "I have genitalia similar to a vagina. You're interested in examining it?"

Joe blushed and laughed at the same time. "Well, yeah I guess so. In fact, I want to do more than just look, you know?" He leaned closer to her and traced the lapel of her jacket with a finger. "I'd like to..."

Ask her for a fuck! Hank's voice echoed inside his skull, making Joe flinch. Hell, that was crude. He had his foot in the door. He didn't want to screw things up now by being vulgar. He took a deep breath and opted for a more subtle approach.

"Kazen, I'd like us to be intimate. You know what that means?"

For the first time she smiled, and Joe's heart started to pound. "Yes, I understand intimacy. The question is, do you?"

"If I don't," he whispered, leaning closer, "I'd be happy to have you explain it to me."

He had to rise up on tiptoe to kiss her. Kazen parted her lips and let him explore her mouth with his tongue for a few moments. She tasted like cinnamon and fresh oranges, he thought. Then she pulled back and said, "I' ll show you mine if you show me yours."

She sounded like a coy schoolgirl, but her face was dead serious. Joe wondered what she'd look like wearing that expression and nothing else and his cock started to throb.

"A little show and tell? That sounds good to me."

Kazen slipped the key into the lock and pushed the door open. Joe followed her in, blinking in the dim light of the room. It was a standard suite with a king-sized bed and two night tables, nothing out of the ordinary here. It seemed odd to him that he was about to have sex with an alien in a place so ordinary, but then Kazen seemed so strange that perhaps a mundane setting was best.

"Which of us is going first?" Joe asked as he followed her to the bed.

Kazen pushed him down onto the mattress and climbed on to straddle his hips. Her clawed fingers worked carefully, unbuttoning his shirt and stripping it away.

"Okay, I guess I'm first." His voice grew hoarse as he watched her reach for his belt. His fly was next, and it came open so fast Joe could have sworn it had undone itself. From beneath it swelled the bulge of his cock, imprisoned within the striped fabric of his boxers. A small wet spot already stained the elastic waistband. Kazen touched the wetness and sighed.

"You like that?" Joe breathed. He slipped his hands beneath her jacket, feeling for her breasts. "You like that I'm turned on?"

"Yes. The human sexual response is very intense, very pleasurable to share."

"Oh yeah? How many human sexual responses have you shared?" he asked, laughing.

Without waiting for an answer, Joe slid the jacket off her shoulders and began to tug at the skintight shirt she wore underneath. He peeled the garment away from her body and discovered the fur on Kazen's hands and face extended to the rest of her as well. Grinning, he skimmed his fingertips up her stomach and around her breasts, enjoying the soft fuzzy feel as he drew smaller and smaller circles around her almost human nipples.

"You feel so good," he said, looking up into her huge gray eyes.

"You feel so good..." The words echoed back to him in a woman's voice, and all of a sudden Joe was on top, looking down at a brown-skinned girl with curly black hair. His hands reached down to cup her full breasts, gently squeezing the soft, buttery flesh.

His hands.

His hands were covered with auburn fur.

"What the hell!"

Joe sat up with a start, his heart racing. He looked at Kazen and she gazed back expectantly.

"What just happened? I saw a woman, and I think... I think I was you!" Joe blinked several times. "You made love to that woman."

Kazen nodded.

"And somehow you showed that to me? Christ, was that telepathy?"

"We call it intimacy," she answered. "A sharing of memory and experience."

She slipped a finger inside the waistband of his boxers and started stroking the head of his cock. "You asked to be intimate. There are many, many experiences I could share, but I thought I should start with something familiar to you."

She found the slit of his cock head and pressed her fingertip against it, rubbing back and forth. Joe groaned and lay back on the bed. "In the bar," he gasped. "You looked at me and I felt naked. Same thing in the elevator."

"That was... a challenge. To show you how exposed you would feel if you chose to be intimate with me."

"You knew what I wanted even before I walked up to you?"

"I felt your curiosity, very strong. I was glad when you answered the challenge. Curious lovers share the best experiences."

Joe shivered, suddenly understanding. "You show me yours, and I show you mine?"

"Exactly." She pulled down the waistband of his shorts to free his cock, and began rubbing the sweet spot just below the glans.

"You do this with everyone you fuck?"

Kazen nodded.


She paused. "Why does it matter to you if I am male or female? Humans call it sexual preference but we call it alienation. You cut yourself off from potential lovers for the most superficial reasons ­ gender, race, religion, age. Then you isolate yourselves even further by failing to connect with each other when you do celebrate intercourse. In fact, you do not celebrate it at all. You let your bodies perform the mechanics, but your minds never touch."

Joe shook his head. "Humans can't do what you just did. I can't put my thoughts into someone else's head. We just don't communicate like that."

"How do you know? Have you ever tried?"

He bit his lip. "I wouldn't even know how to begin."

Kazen leaned forward and kissed his neck. "You said if you did not understand intimacy, you would be happy to let me explain it to you."

Joe groaned. Her tongue flicked over his earlobe and her fingers went back to teasing his cock. "I did say that," he whispered. "But this... this sharing thing, I don't know."

"Do you want to leave then?"

"Yes. No. I don't know." He squirmed beneath her, trying to decide. "Can I see it first? I mean, I know this is gonna sound really superficial after everything you've just said, but can I see what you look like down there before we go any further?"

Kazen sat up and nodded gravely. "Of course."

She rolled off him and settled back on the bed. Joe reached over, released the straps on her boots and pulled them off. Hands trembling, he reached for her pants. They slid down her hips and legs like silk. Underneath, she wore nothing but fur. The auburn down of her belly faded to pale gold between her legs. At first, Joe saw nothing there but an uninterrupted surface of skin. Then like an orchid at sunrise, everything blossomed. Four dark veined petals unfurled from the smooth exterior of Kazen's groin to reveal a crenellated bloom of moist flesh, tinted pale pink to dusky maroon. Its frilled edges pulsed and swelled, drawing his eyes down to its center where he spotted a small hard bud set above a narrow opening. Beneath that slit appeared a short fleshy stem that he could only describe as the stamen of a rare flower.

"You can touch it if you like," she said, spreading her legs a little wider.

Joe reached out a tentative hand and brushed the damp outer petals. They fluttered at his touch. Kazen moaned and he grinned like a kid on Christmas morning.

"It's sensitive?"

She nodded. "Just like the genitals of a human female."

"What about this?" His fingers grazed the bud. Kazen arched her back and gasped.

"That's very sensitive. As is this."

The stamen twitched and grew longer as he stared at it. Joe shook his head. "That's a lot more complex than what I've got. What do you do with it all?"

"Let me show you, if you really want to know."

Joe swallowed. If she showed him something, then he'd have to show her something. Did he really want to open up to an alien like that? Then he looked back down at the strange sensual flower burgeoning between her legs and reached out again to stroke it. Just before he touched it, the outer petals wrapped around his fingers, pulling them all the way in. Shivering, Joe imagined what it would feel like to bury his cock inside those petals! What had Kazen said? Curious lovers shared the best experiences? He certainly was curious now.

"Okay. Show me."

Just like that he was Kazen again, this time kneeling between the legs of another Daeshaen, one named Seera with silvery blue fur that shimmered beneath the glow of two moons. Seera, so sweet and gentle, wanted to spend one last night making love before they shipped out on different vessels. Joe watched Kazen's hands reach out and stroke the skin between Seera's legs until the outer petals of her sex opened up. Beneath the vision he saw his own hands following along, the memory of the blue Daeshaen superimposed over the real one lying on the bed before him. He continued to caress her undulating outer lips until both the remembered alien and the real one began to rock their hips and moan. Then Joe moved further inward, his fingers spiraling around the small bud of flesh he thought must be an alien clit. When he touched it, the bud released a pungent scent like ripe oranges. Mouth watering, he leaned down to taste.

At the first lick, Kazen cried out and arched her back. Just like a human female would, Joe thought, and that sparked one of his memories. The blue Daeshaen faded and was replaced by Cheryl, his ex-girlfriend. Twenty-seven and still a virgin, she'd arched her back the same exact way the first time he went down on her. Then she grabbed him by the ears and pressed his face to her pussy, demanding more. Joe loved the way she tasted, like rosemary and olive oil. Just like mom's Italian cooking, he joked with her later—sharp, fragrant, and delicious. But right now he tasted ripe fruit and he knew it was Kazen he was licking, not Cheryl. Cheryl left him two years ago because he wouldn't open up to her she said. He shut her out, alienated her because he wasn't good at expressing his feelings and even though he loved her so much it scared the s hit out of him, he was still young enough to play the field and here she was asking him about marriage and kids and the future and why didn't he want to settle down and spend the rest of his life with her? It was the same damn argument over and over and over again until finally he told Cheryl she was suffocating him, so she said good-bye and faded away as a thick blue gelatinous mass took her place on the hotel room bed.

He became Kazen again, a Kazen that shook with fear as the gel overwhelmed him, smothered him and covered every inch of his body as it wended its way inside him. It filled every orifice he had—his mouth, his nose, even his genitals—sending him into a panic attack.I can't breathe! he thought, but in the back of his mind he knew he could. Oxygen passed through the viscous being that held him, allowing him to respire without hindrance. His fear eased as he realized the gel wasn't suffocating him. It had simply submerged him inside itself to love him more completely. Within its fluid embrace, Joe felt endless ripples of electric current running over his body. His cock stiffened with each pulse, and the gel, sensing his excitement, wrapped more tightly around him, massaging and stimulating him until Joe thought he would pass out from sheer ecstasy. It was as if someone had taken his entire body inside their mouth to give him the ultimate blowjob.

Then he realized Kazen did have him in her mouth. Through the mirage of the gel he felt her lips glide over his cock. Gasping, Joe reached down to stroke her face. God he loved touching that velvet skin. It felt so smooth and soft, it reminded him of Hank Lawson's crew cut. Hank, the guy he played high school football with, the guy he went to college with, the guy who stumbled into his dorm room late one night while Joe was jerking off and said, "Here Rosie boy, let me show you how it's really done," and then he got down on his knees and started licking the head of Joe's leaking cock. He'd never felt anything so damned good as Hank's tongue running up and down the length of his dick, and when the big guy took the whole thing in his mouth, Joe thought he'd damn near explode. And he did, right inside Hank's mouth, but Hank just laughed as he swallowed and told Joe it was his turn and Joe said okay and he got down on the floor with Hank and went to work. Hank had a nice cock, longer than Kazen's stamen but that was changing because that little beauty just kept growing with every lick Joe gave it until it was just as long, though not so thick as Hank's cock, and then he was giving head to both Hank and Kazen and the sound of the two of them crying out his name as he sucked on them was like music to his ears. He and Hank made that music all night long, he recalled, but come morning they were both sober and the song was over and neither one of them could admit to what they'd done. The two best friends couldn't even talk to each other anymore so they went their separate ways, and Joe eventually dropped out of college his senior year and he didn't see Hank again until ten years later when he went to work at the Staten Island transshipping port and by then they were okay, they could joke and drink but damn they never could look each other in the eye. They were alienated, cut off from each other by their stupid macho pride.

Pride, pride, stupid pride. It was stupid pride that got Kazen into trouble, claiming she could steer the Torlance even though she'd never set foot on a ship that big before. Well she'd steered it all right, steered it so close to Raelia's second sun that she'd scorched the hull and now the captain sat white-knuckled at his command post, too shaken to even swear at her and the senior navigator, Orxtl, scowled at her so hard that Kazen knew she was going to lose her license but a little while later old Orxtl pulled her into his quarters and teased her out of her uniform, laughing all the while because he'd done the same damn thing on his first flight out long cycles ago, except his captain actually shit his pants from fear. Kazen laughed too and then she sighed as Orxtl coaxed open her sex and played his long white fingers over her stamen cock until she was squealing with frustration and then the old man opened himself up and slipped her right inside his flowering pussy and rode her hard and fast until she came screaming inside him and afterward as she licked him clean he told her not to worry about what happened that morning because everybody made mistakes the first time around.

And there's always a first time for everything but you never know how it's going to work out. The first time Mrs. Minnever invited him into the house, Joe hadn't expected anything more than a glass of lemonade. She was a proper lady, a fine lady Mr. Minnever told him, and she didn't care for rude behavior which meant if Joe was going to cut their lawn this summer he'd best mind his manners. So Joe watched his language and said please and thank you to Mrs. Minnever, and every Saturday he mowed and edged three acres of Kentucky bluegrass all for the bargain price of fifty bucks a week. It wasn't much but when you were flat broke and headed off to college every little bit helped. Then one day Mrs. Minnever invited Joe into the house and told him she would pay a hundred bucks if he'd just take off his clothes and let her touch him. Mr. Minnever was out of town, he was always out of town, and Mrs. Minnever was so lonely. Joe was a good boy, she knew that, a virgin she was willing to bet and when Joe blushed she laughed. Be a good boy for mama and take off your clothes, she said, and he did. Then Mrs. Minnever told him to undress her too, only he couldn't use his hands, he had to do everything with his mouth, and bit by bit he pulled off her clothes with his teeth to reveal that beautiful curvy body covered in auburn fur. Then Mrs. Minnever was pushing him back into a kitchen chair, placing his hands on her velvety breasts as she straddled his eager cock. Forty years old and still tight as a drum she bragged, and when the outer petals of her pussy reached down and grasped his cock and balls, he had to agree she was damn tight. She pulled him in deep into the flowery folds of her sex and rubbed her stamen against his prostate. I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come, he chanted over and over again, and Mrs. Minnever said there, there baby, come to mama, it's all right. When he was done she bent him over the kitchen table, pressed his face into its green formica surface, saying tit for tat, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, and he would have protested but the first dollop of lube had already hit him right between the ass cheeks and next thing he knew Mrs. Minnever, call her Barbara please, had two fingers inside him and it felt strange as hell but good too, and then she put something else in there, something long and hard that kept Joe rocking and moaning for all he was worth. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how he lost two virginities in one day and made a hundred bucks in the bargain. In fact he made a lot of money that summer, and never regretted how he earned it until the rumors started. Barbara said he shouldn't care about what people said. She was leaving Mr. Minnever anyway and twenty-two years age difference wasn't that big a deal, not when two people really loved each other the way she and Joe did. But it mattered to Joe, it mattered a hell of a lot what folks said and even though he loved her he lied and said he only did it for the money. Then Barbara screamed at him and slapped him and said she hated him and they were alienated from each other because he was too fucking scared of what other people would think.

And on and on it went, from Joe to Kazen and back again, an endless stream of memories flowing back and forth, each one triggering another as they hurtled along. They were connected, with Joe on top plunging his cock into Kazen's beautiful alien pussy and her beneath with her long velvet legs around his waist and her stamen, her cock, sliding into his ass. Joe felt it stroking inside him and he laughed. What the hell did it matter if Kazen was male or female? She was in him and he was in her, and he couldn't tell anymore where one ended and the other began. Their desire had fused them together into a complete circuit of trust, intimacy and love. And Joe did love her, he really, really did. Then they both shuddered and the petals of Kazen's flowered sex convulsed around Joe's cock while her stamen thrust into him one last time. Joe cried out and shot his seed deep inside her as he flew through the last of their shared memories to land safely in her arms.

*                *                 *

He walked Kazen to the docks the next morning and kissed her gently before she boarded the Torlance. Joe was back to being Joe and Kazen was Kazen again. They were two separate beings just like before, but connected now in a way he'd never known was possible.

"I'll be back in three weeks," she told Joe.

"I know. I'll be waiting." He pulled her close again for another kiss. "Thanks for last night. It was amazing."

She ruffled his hair and smiled. "You are welcome. Now share it was someone else?"


He watched her board the giant freighter and then turned to walk away. Hank Lawson waited for him at the end of the dock, a look of astonishment plastered on his broad face.

"Hey Rosie boy, what the fuck happened last night? You never came back to the bar."

Joe nodded. "I spent the night with Kazen."

"Kazen, huh?" Hank scratched his close-cropped scalp and chuckled. "Well, well, well. I guess you got an answer to your question then. So what was it?"


For the first time in years, Joe looked Hank in the eye. He gazed at his friend and called up the memory of a night they'd once shared a long time ago. The big dockhand blushed as though he knew what Joe was thinking, but he didn't look away.

"Hey, Earth to Joe? I said what was it? Spit it out. Was it male or female?"

"Yes," Joe answered finally, and he walked away grinning, knowing that Hank would follow.

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