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© 1999 by James M.  Hunter


He heard his name softly and far, far away.  He felt the most gentle warm breath in his ear and the feather light caress of lips.  It was exquisite.
Then his name again, so softly, "Al-lexx."

Darcie began speaking in the same soft whisper voice against his ear, "I couldn't fall asleep.  Can I lay on you, and you rub back?"
"Yes," he whispered.
"Yea," she said.
When she moved over him he spread his legs so she could kneel between them.  Darcie pulled off her strap top tee and he reached up and caressed her breasts.
"Ummm, nippleberries."
"Nurse, please," she lowered a breast to his mouth.

Alex began the gentle movement of lips and tongue that made heat in her body.  When she started to pull back he sucked a seal against it so it made a little slurping noise when she broke free.  She whispered his name and lowered her other breast to him, caressing his lips with its nipple.  He teased it with the tip of his tongue.  She leaned on one elbow and pet the side of his head and ran her fingernails behind his ear.  Alex continued his softnoise nursing and turned his head in to her hand.

"Alex.  Alex," she whisperpanted, "That's sooo nice.  I hafta lie on you now." She started to pulled away from him, then leaned into him again, "A little more, a little more.  Yaaa." Then she did pull away and scooched down so she could lie on him.  She put a bunch of little kisses on his forehead, his eyes and his cheek as she relaxed on him with her mouth near his ear.  A hand found its way to the other side of his face and caressed him with fingers and thumb.

"Why cun' you fall asleep?" he whispered.  Alex began the light fingertip caressing of Darcie's back that calmed and distracted her.
"I don' know.  I was tryin' ta be plite an' not wake you, but you was sno-rin' an' made me jealous.  Then I wanted attention, so I waked you.  Do it higher, on my shoulder blades, k?"
"That was the bes' wakin' up I ever had."
"Tell me why, but you hafta keep whisprin'.  I love whisprin' with you like this."
"You was so quiet and gen'le, sayin' my name with your lips caressin' my ear, an' your warm breath.  How long'd it take you to wake me?"
"Not too long.  Before you was actin' like a little slut."
"What else was you doin'?"
"I was rubbin' your thigh.  Know what you did? You spread your legs jus' like a little slut."

He could tell by the way her whisperin' changed and the movement of her lips she was smiling. "You liked that, huh? Or do you jus' like callin' me a slut?" He started moving his hands down her back.
"Yes and yes," smiling again, bigger this time.  She kissed his ear, "bonner boy's here."
He whispered, "Mount me, Darcie."
"I'm tryin' ta get ta sleep here, Alex." She kissed him again and exhaled slowly into his ear.

His hands slipped under the waistband of her boxer shorts. "You know what they found out?"
"Whad they find out, Alex?"
Alex raked her ass with his fingernails and slowly separated her cheeks.
"They were able to figure out from cave drawings that 'cock' actually translates to 'sleeping pill'.
"They did not," she whisperlaughed.
"They did." He ran a fingernail lightly down from the base of her spine to just before her asshole.  Then back up.  Then down.

Darcie panted softly in his ear. "Whadya doin' Alex?"
"Tryin' ta make Darcie fall asleep."
She flashed his ear with her eyelashes, "It's goin' the other way." There was quiet.  Then, "Jeeze.  Alex?"
"Lick me first?"

Copyright 1999 by James M.  Hunter. All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.

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